Funk, rut, meh?

So I’m feeling a little…off.

Sort of in a funk.
Or a rut.
Or just a little bit “meh.”

And I’m not really sure why.  And I guess I really don’t need to know the answer to “why” but the overthinker in me obviously wants to dig in and figure it out.

…I suppose it could be post-staycation blues and having a hard time getting back into a groove again.

…Or that my running this week (and last for that matter) hasn’t felt as awesome or as runners high-ish as I’d like. <–I partly blame this on the dark o’clock effect though, why does the sun not want to rise at 5am anymore, sad face!

…Or maybe it’s that the wine country three-peat is no more.

…Or that my blogging feels boring or flat lately, somehow. (I hope I’m not boring you with this post, even!)

…Or that I’m still looking for that dare to be great moment that I feel is just around the corner, just out of my reach. It certainly helps that I’m surrounded by some fabulous people (both IRL – the hubs! and in bloggy land) who are reaching for their dreams, throwing caution to the wind and just going for it. Or already have it, feeling settled right where they’re supposed to be.

And I guess I want that, too. Ok, I know I want that too. But what is “that” – for me? I’m not sure, but it’s been lurking more and more in the back of my mind lately. Call it the back-to-school effect of the pending fall season and the feeling of ‘starting fresh’ that surrounds us this time of year. Or call it that urge that always tends to burn inside me to reach for and set goals, of all kinds – personal, professional, fitness related.

Clearly, I’m still mulling this one over, and have largely used this blog post to figure out what’s going on up in this brain of mine. Call it a funk, call it a rut, call it just a case of the “meh’s” or the “blah’s.” Whatever you call it, I’m not a fan. And I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

If any of ya’ll have ideas on how to rid myself of this feeling – or can help me figure out what the “that” for me is in “I want that” – do tell.