Funk, rut, meh?

So I’m feeling a little…off.

Sort of in a funk.
Or a rut.
Or just a little bit “meh.”

And I’m not really sure why.  And I guess I really don’t need to know the answer to “why” but the overthinker in me obviously wants to dig in and figure it out.

…I suppose it could be post-staycation blues and having a hard time getting back into a groove again.

…Or that my running this week (and last for that matter) hasn’t felt as awesome or as runners high-ish as I’d like. <–I partly blame this on the dark o’clock effect though, why does the sun not want to rise at 5am anymore, sad face!

…Or maybe it’s that the wine country three-peat is no more.

…Or that my blogging feels boring or flat lately, somehow. (I hope I’m not boring you with this post, even!)

…Or that I’m still looking for that dare to be great moment that I feel is just around the corner, just out of my reach. It certainly helps that I’m surrounded by some fabulous people (both IRL – the hubs! and in bloggy land) who are reaching for their dreams, throwing caution to the wind and just going for it. Or already have it, feeling settled right where they’re supposed to be.

And I guess I want that, too. Ok, I know I want that too. But what is “that” – for me? I’m not sure, but it’s been lurking more and more in the back of my mind lately. Call it the back-to-school effect of the pending fall season and the feeling of ‘starting fresh’ that surrounds us this time of year. Or call it that urge that always tends to burn inside me to reach for and set goals, of all kinds – personal, professional, fitness related.

Clearly, I’m still mulling this one over, and have largely used this blog post to figure out what’s going on up in this brain of mine. Call it a funk, call it a rut, call it just a case of the “meh’s” or the “blah’s.” Whatever you call it, I’m not a fan. And I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

If any of ya’ll have ideas on how to rid myself of this feeling – or can help me figure out what the “that” for me is in “I want that” – do tell. 


24 thoughts on “Funk, rut, meh?

  1. Giiiiirrrllll, I’m feelin’ ya. I don’t know what’s up, but I’m feeling like I’m in a rut, too. I feel like I’m not as “organized” as I’d like to be right now…like my running and my schedule is all out of whack. I’ve gotten some great runs in, but everything seems so…weird.

    You’ve got a goal in mind…your next half marathon…and maybe it’s just that you need a “training schedule” of sorts? It’s so close compared to when you started training for your last one that maybe you’re feeling a little off-kilter? Or…maybe it’s that what you’re doing these days isn’t necessarily new to you…maybe having newness with a challenge is what you like?

    Either way, friend, I hope you don’t feel too in a rut for too long…I know I hate ’em!

    • I’m not alone in this funk/meh feeling going on.

      I honestly don’t think for me it’s running or workout related – I fully realize that my body needs time to get back to normal after running a half marathon and timing that with the whole dark at 5am thing, and it’s left me more tired than usual. So I’m actually ok with that. I know my running will come back to where I like it to be, which is funny – normally I’d stress over it. Who am I??

      I guess I’m good with where I am with physical/fitness related goals, it’s just the rest of life that feels like it could use a jolt. Maybe I’m just overemphasizing that feeling because my husband is embarking on something new and very different and it makes me feel like I need to/should be doing the same?? I’m not sure.

      See? this is my issue, too many thoughts going on up in this brain, I can’t even formulate a blog comment response properly LOL

    • It’s such a frustrating cycle sometimes…but then I remind myself that when I do reach that ever-elusive runner’s high again, all of those “meh” runs previously no longer matter. It’s all worth it in the end once we get out of that runner’s rut. Now getting OUT of that rut? Not always so easy, and I think it’s different for everyone. Sometimes I find that taking a few days off from running entirely is all it takes for me to get back into a groove. have you considered going that route?

  2. Girl we’re both on the same page. Definitely feeling blah-ish right now too. Not sure what’s going on. Can’t exactly pinpoint it. I mean, I have ideas, but no one single thing. And certainly nothing I can “fix” other than refocusing my attitude. Find the joy in those little things and to-enjoy lists.

    • Funny how we always seem to be, huh? You are absolutely right though…it’s focusing on those little things (that um, hello – I JUST wrote about yesterday, way to take my own advice, huh?) and that to-enjoy list is genius. I think I need to be more structured about those, it might help me snap out of it, ya think?

  3. Yep I’ve been having a lot of those funk moments recently and I’ve finally done something about it and set myself a massive challenge. I’m competing in a bikini competition in Vegas in November! I’m beyond scared about it but excited too, I’ve been humming and thinking about competing in an amateur competition for the past year or so and it was only this week when I was moaning to my sister that I’m working crazy long hours in work that she said, this is your opportunity to do the competition.

  4. I’ve been having the I don’t want to work mehs and can’t kick them. The only thing that has helped is thinking of the positive in each week and positive things that are happening in the future! Just one work day at a time. I’m loving weekends and relaxation right now and have been hardly productive at work. I know mine is mostly because of the heat and I’m so looking forward to cool crisp fall air and everything that comes with it! I hope you figure out your funk soon and if not, no biggie!

  5. Sometimes the “meh” is just because at the present moment, we can find nothing to “fix.” it’s like we feel like there should always be something to do/improve upon. It’s hard to just sit and idle.

    • Seriously, you are so perceptive. Y’know, the thought literally never crossed my mind that this funk doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to make these huge gigantic life changes. That this could really just be a temporary meh. See? This is the kind of advice you’ll soon be instilling on the sprout, you’re gonna be a phenomenal mama!

  6. I hate when I get in funks and ruts. Happens to me normally when I feel like I don’t have direction on something or am awaiting somethign to happen or turn out (like you mentioned). Whatever it is getting to you though, I hope it passes quickly. And love ya!

  7. I love jessica’s point, so true. But I know what you mean too. Sorta feeling that way too, hence my post the othersay. It’ll pass sis and I’ll help…with wine :$

  8. I get in these funks every few months! I am a total rockstar for like, 3 months and then some days I just want to call in sick and stay in bed. It is actually scary to me that I can feel this way sometimes. You’re an overachiever who is go go go all the time and this is your body’s way of saying, “RELAX!”. I think what you really need is some celebrity gossip magazines 🙂
    Hang in there! ❤

    • I am definitely in that camp – the funk that pops up every few months, what’s up with that?? I dislike, greatly. But maybe you’re right – my body is just trying to say calm the hell down, chill! I should listen more. 😉

    • You’re right – staycation blues are definitely coming into play. I think I ought to plan a quickie night away in Boston with Scott, that would be something super fun to look forward to. hmmm. 😉

  9. This was such a great post for me to read yesterday, because I was feeling the exact same way. But, just 24 hours later, my outlook is decidely brighter. Some days we just have to live the funk, live the rut and know we won’t always feel like this.

    • Guess what? Mine is so much brighter today too, who knew?? I totally snapped out of it last night during barre n9ne class and came home to a delicious dinner and a glass of wine with my husband. Perfect way to snap out of the blahs.

      You’re right…sometimes you just gotta feel it through before you can move on.

      So glad you’re feeling better today!

  10. I’ve been feeling the same lately. I’ve made some a couple major life changes recently, and have more to come, but organizing my thoughts and figuring out where to begin is bringing me down. It’s overwhelming! Not knowing where to go or what to do next. That and my next marathon is 3 weeks away, and I haven’t had any good long runs at all lately, so Im feeling zero confidence on reaching my time goal.

  11. When I was in my rut a few years ago, I started by just looking to see what the community colleges in the area had to offer. I found healing classes at north shore community college, signed up for nutrition and more classes there in the Fall. Excited to sort of find my way, but not totally. I was seeing an acupuncturist at the time, but my instant thoughts were, ‘It’s so awesome, but something I could never do…’ Then I looked at the website for the NESA, and everything just felt RIGHT. A feeling I had never felt. Ever. I couldn’t believe that people really loved their jobs. To me, it was something you had to get through, to get to the good stuff…but you’re job is such a big part of your life. When I made the final decision to become an acupuncturist, I couldn’t wait to sign up for classes and get started. A feeling of passion came over me, so strong, that I just knew this was the right decision.
    Sometimes we just keep going on the same path, because we think we should, because it pays the bills, because we don’t know what else to do. When I made the decision to go back to school full time, I was scared. Not that I made much money at my old job, but it still paid my bills. To have no income and totally rely on George was scary. But he knew it would be well worth it in the end, and was happy that I had found a career path to be passionate about…and I couldn’t stop talking about it.
    So my advice for you is to search for your path. I’m not going to tell you to find something to be passionate about, because I know you have so many things you love. Can those things transform to become your life’s work? Does it sound like something you could never do?
    Knowing you for the couple of short years that I have known you, I know you can do ANYTHING.

    • You are a main reason that I am finally seeing that following your passion CAN be a reality. I am so excited for you – I can see the passion and enthusiasm in everything you do as it relates to your acupuncture therapy journey. I love it…and it’s given me a lot to think about. Fo sho.

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