Why not say “thank you”?

One of my new years’ resolutions was to finally kick the negative self-talk habit for good. It was my new years’ resolution two years ago as well and while I made good progress that year, it definitely wasn’t a habit I’d successfully broken.

And since then, I’ve made a concerted effort to bash the negative self-talk as often as possible. Nobody needs such negativity in their lives, least of all negativity that comes right from within you and is aimed at you. Duh, how much sense does that make, right??

What’s equal parts interesting and exciting?

ExcitingI think I’ve finally broken the habit.
InterestingI have a hard time outright saying “you know what? I look good.”

The thing is – I feel confident today. I feel so comfortable in my own skin. I feel like the me I’ve always wanted to be – on the outside, but more so on the inside. This is who I’m supposed to be. This is me.

So why is this newly “refined” me having a hard time openly accepting compliments – from others, or even from myself, in my own head where nobody can hear it but me?

I think what it comes down to is this: it’s actually more acceptable in our society to talk ourselves down in front of others versus lifting ourselves up.

But why? Is it arrogant and cocky to look in the mirror and actually like what you see? Is it obnoxious to say “thank you” when someone says they like your haircut, or how your top accentuates your shoulders? Why brush off a compliment that was offered up out of an honest appreciation for something someone else views as beautiful?

Of course, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogant, but I think that line needs to be toed more often. I think we, as a community of beautiful, healthy, strong bloggers need to more openly share the things that we love about ourselves, about eachother.

Because guess what? We work hard to be the healthy and fit people that we ALL are so why not celebrate that hard work we put in to how we look and how we feel (more importantly)?

So this is me – accepting that I am beautiful. That I like what I see in that mirror. And I’m not afraid to admit it.

There. I said it.  

And here’s a picture to prove it…me at my most confident, with my gorgeous husband by my side…

So next time you hesitate when someone tells you how great you look, or how confidently you hold yourself, why not say “thank you?”