8.3 miles later

8.3 miles. 

That’s the equivalent of how far we “ran” yesterday during my sister’s big move into her new apartment with M.

And let me tell ya, my body is feeling every single one of those 8.3 “miles” after the fact. Moving is no joke.

But what this weekend’s big move showed me? That I am kinda really strong. (of course I’d relate the moving party back to fitness somehow LOL)

But seriously – we spent almost 8 hours doing the following:
Packing up all of Jo’s goods into the moving van. Out of her apartment, down the steps and into the van. Repeat many times.
Packing up all of M’s goods into the moving van. Again – out of his apartment, down the steps and into the van. Repeat many times.
Unloading the cars (that were all packed to the brim) and the moving truck at their new digs. But not just unloading, no, not so fast.
Unloading into an elevator, up to the third floor, and down a long (very long) hallway to their unit at the very end of that very long hallway.
Pushing, shoving, lugging those boxes down the hall – there was a lot of shoving done on my part – low to the ground, pushing from my glutes and shoulders and driving that box down the hallway (worked well for the particularly heavy boxes that were too awkward to carry in my arms)
…Being on the caboose end of the two-team carrying of Jo’s couch (times two!) down the hallway. Scott was on the front end, I was on the back (TWSS??).
Repeat process many, many, many times. Until the elevator was empty and every single box and piece of furniture made it safely into their new place.
…And THEN, returning back to Jo’s old apartment to take apart her bed and bureau and kitchen table that were all coming to my house (yay for “new” furniture!). Packing it all into the moving truck and off to our house where we promptly unloaded it all, up the stairs and into the spare bedroom and down the stairs into the basement.
…and then, we were done.  

Woof.  We were all sweaty, smelly, tired, and hungry. Thank god for the big bowl of irish oats/chopped apple/pb I had for breakfast around 6:30! By almost 3pm, I was ravenous, to say the least. I guess that’s what 8.3 miles worth of moving will do to the appetite. 😉

So yeah, it was a long day – but it was so, so, so worth it. The look of glee on Jo’s face when she showed me her new digs was priceless. Her eyes were shining, her smile was so big and proud. I LOVE this for her. She is embarking on a whole new phase of her relationship with M (future BIL, I swear!).

And if I ended up with a killer “accidental” workout and a nice reminder that this body is built for endurance, isn’t a bad after-effect either. 😉

When was the last time your strength or endurance or power surprised you? Kinda nice, right?