Dear 13.1

Dear 13.1,

I think I’m addicted to you. I’ve been thinking about you ever since we met last. On Sunday, August 14. Around 10:15 or so in the morning. To be exact.

I just might be infatuated.

Can we meet up again?

Perhaps on Sunday, October 23 around noon-ish? In Newburyport, maybe?

I’d really love to see your face again.

…and maybe even sooner than last time.


Hello dear,

I’ve missed you, too. I’d LOVE to meet you on October 23. My calendar is free and I’ve just blocked the entire morning for you.

I’m free right at noon, so please try not to be late, ok?

I’m dreaming of a gorgeous fall day. A crisp chill in the air.

And you, “meeting” me, your favorite 13.1, at the “Finish” – our favorite meeting spot.

With a huge smile on your face.

Right at noon.

It’s a date.


<Editor’s note: if you couldn’t read between the lines – tee hee – my husband and I are officially signed up for the Green Stride Half Marathon on October 23!! And this week marks the official “restart” of half marathon training. So, so, so excited. And yes, I realize I’m a gigantic dork for writing this post. Carry on. 😉 >

38 thoughts on “Dear 13.1

    • You should definitely consider signing up for one if you’ve even remotely been thinking about committing to a half. This one sounds like a great one (from what I can tell) for all runners – and would be a fun goal for you to work towards next year!

  1. So exciting! That is going to be an excellent 1/2!!!! I love Newburyport, it’s my dream town. And you are not a dork at all – running is a life long love affair! It has it’s ups and downs, but road and your feet will always be there for you. I think it’s fabulous that your husband will be there to enjoy it with you! Happy training!

    • It is SO gorgeous there so I’m excited for lots of scenery – and a really flat course- to race! It’ll definitely make the race that much more enjoyable, I think/hope! Can’t wait to start training some more with my husband – tomorrow AM we’re off to the races! 😉

    • Whoa! You are totally right! My blogoversary IS the day after the half. How the heck did you remember that and I totally forgot?? Oh yeah, that’s right – our bloggy birthdays are so close together!!

      LOVE that you signed up for another half – where does it take place?? Fill me IN!! (and of course, now I wish I could run it with you LOL)

      • I remember b/c it’s the bday of a dear friend. I have a weird memory about bdays and relating them to other events. Don’t ask LOL.

        The race is in a city about 30 mins from here. Everyone says it’s a great course, not as hilly as the Little Rock course.

    • I never thought I’d be “that” girl that suddenly signs up for another race – least of all a half marathon – so close to my last one, but I guess it’s true what they say about the “bug” biting you, huh? I can pretty much guarantee the same will happen to you!! Can’t wait for yours either!

  2. Fun post, the half marathon in Newburyport looks great, it looks like a pretty place to run. Plus I’m guessing the weather conditions will be good, it won’t be too hot or uncomfortable for the run.

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  4. Sorry for the late comment here 🙂

    I’m so impressed that you’re going to run another half AND jealous! I’m thinking about doing another half and as much as I want to run in Newburyport I think my body needs just a little bit more rest.

    Can you tell me how you started training again? How far was your first long run for this training cycle? Just curious.

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