Vroom vroom, beep beep

Vrooooom. Vrooooom

…yes, that was the truck that backed over me a few times between last night and this morning. (metaphorically speaking, of course, tee hee).

Apparently this week’s workouts have kicked the crap right out of me and without me even seeing it coming (kinda like that truck backing up…). In particular, last night’s double session at barre n9ne was way more killer than usual and I’m not really sure why. Perhaps all that focus on form and staying present during barre n9ne is kicking up those workouts a notch (or ten) on me, hmm?  I’m thinking that would be a big fat “yes!”

Fast forwarding to this morning…alarm blares in my ear, signalling the morning has arrived and with it, a planned 8-miler to get back on half marathon training plans. Rolling out of bed, and I instantly knew my legs weren’t nearly as happy as they were the other night during that speedy seven. I told myself that it was indeed “long run Friday” and to just “suck it up, Sally” as my lovely husband would say. 😉

But once we got out there, setting out on our “pretty run” path with the extra loop to make it a full 8 miler, I knew that 8  miles was just not gonna happen. Legs were moving but not in that happy-yay-we’re-running-let’s-move way. It was a much less happy pace, not grueling…just not quite so happy. So I made the executive decision to cut our long run back to 7 miles and was really happy with that decision. The miles ticked on by, kind of like the nice cool breeze that surrounded us. And it ended up being exactly what I  needed. Tired legs and all. We made it all 7 miles.

But what it *does* remind me of is that listening to your body always ought to come first, no matter what was on the “plan” originally. The world will not end because I ran one less mile today. I call that progress in the guilt-be-gone project I’m embarking on.

It also reminds me that this long weekend is much, much needed. This girl cannot wait to plant her butt right here for the duration of the weekend:

Happy long weekend friends – live it up, get your workouts in (if you so choose!), rest up, be present, and be a little disconnected if you can. I sure plan to be. 🙂 

24 thoughts on “Vroom vroom, beep beep

  1. Nicely done on the 7! I’m sure that last mile would have been tough if you tried to do it anyway, and whenever I end a run not as good, then it makes me a little anxious for the next one. I’d rather end on a high! Can’t wait for Maine-tastic-ness with you guys!

    • You’re right – I probably could have eeked it out but it wouldn’t have been pretty and there certainly would NOT have been any sort of runner’s high to be found. So I’m glad I stuck with 7 and am feeling really good about that. YAY for Maineeeee!!

  2. Well done!!! Very impressive after a 7 mile run the other day, followed by a double session of Barre N9ne!! And way to stay in check with how your body is feeling!

    One of the things that I love about barre workouts is that they are always difficult – they never seem to get easier over time. I think CF is one of the reasons why I have dead legs when I run… BUT, I know that come race time (I don’t usually do CF the week before a race) my legs will know how to run when fatigued.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

    • The thing that really has helped my running is barre n9ne classes – I’ve never had stronger legs, never felt more in control when I run, am even using my core WAY more when I run than I ever did before so the effort put into those classes is really paying off. I do avoid taking classes when I have a race or really long runs on the schedule but last night is one of my favorite double sessions ever, I just couldn’t resist (and knew I’d pay for it today!). Was worth it though. 😉

      Great point about CF (and b9) in that your legs do learn to run even when really tired, it’s great conditioning!

      happy weekend to you too!

    • Thanks friend! Amen to that…sometimes I don’t want to listen, but I’ve learned to always trust it and listen (NOT listening has definitely bitten me in the ass one too many times LOL)

  3. Good God, woman! 8 miles after killer classes the night before! I felt the same this morning. I taught my regular 2 classes last night and went for a 5km run this morning. Legs = NOT HAPPY. It felt like I had run a half marathon by the time I finished. Hmph.
    ENJOY your weekend 🙂

    • Ha yes, I’m a little crazy sometimes that way, no wonder the legs weren’t happy with me after all that!! They are much happier today after the long weekend, nice and refreshed 🙂

  4. Ooo gosh I am impressed you made it 7 i probably would never have made it out the door lol. I know this morning though I should have just not worked out but I just did because I wanted to get my training in. It is soo hard to keep that balance but we have to keep listening and trusting our bodies. Have a wonderful long weekend! Btw, October 15th party is all ready and set, would love for u guys to come!

    • I always feel better after I run, even if my legs feel heavy during the run itself. So I’m glad I did it – made the rest day that followed it this weekend SO MUCH more enjoyable!

    • isn’t that feeling the worst? almost worth just turning around at that point…though, this time the run did at least stretch my legs out so I guess it was worth it in the end 😉

  5. Too true, the body tells us a lot and it’s important to listen to it but I know I don’t always. Happy Labour Day, hope you’re having a good break.

  6. Way to listen to your body! As you already know I had a similar experience this weekend!

    I ALWAYS put listening to my body ahead of everything – I know now that I am at a point in my training where I can accomplish what I want to accomplish without pushing myself to the point of brokenness.

    • I think that’s a great observation – trusting that your body is conditioned enough to do what you want it to do, training-wise, that listening to your body vs. sticking to that training plan no matter what, is most important and will NOT hinder your training plans whatsoever.

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