Outtakes from last weekend

I was flipping through Scott’s iPhone the other day, looking at some of the pics we took while lakeside last weekend and was totally struck by one particular stream of pictures. Scott took them rapid-fire while we were sitting on the dock, prosecco in hand, right before dinnertime.

I was struck not just by the beauty of the scenery behind us (ohh Mousam Lake how I love thee!) but how much this stream of pictures showcases our relationship in full effect. We are complete dorks when it comes right down to it, but we also love eachother deeply, madly, even. As I scrolled through these pics, I spy a smile on my face and a glint in my eye that only Scott can bring out in me. I don’t think a camera has ever quite captured that love, that glint, that smile the way Scott captured it that night on the dock. That’s look is true love…me beaming back at Scott – the other half to my whole. And I’ll cherish those moments, those “outtakes” from last weekend, always.

Take a look for yourself…

ahh prosecco… 

Just one pic, ok fine… <there’s that look of love…>

and the antics begin…another pic, babe??

now you’re just being silly, stop taking pics! 

omg again? put down the camera! 

you crack me up babe…seriously… <only he can make me laugh this openly, this widely, this freely…>

ha, my turn with the camera, watch out! 

aha! tables are turned! 

you can’t hide behind that prosecco glass, Sutera… 

Ah, that’s better… 

…ok maybe this is more fitting for us, the goofballs that we are… 

Happy Friday ya’ll…reminiscing on last weekend is *really* making me eager to kick-off this weekend like *rightnow*. Just a few more hours until wine thirty, am I right? 😉


25 thoughts on “Outtakes from last weekend

  1. I LOVE these pics! And um, how funny that M and I did the SAME THING that next night at the lake? Remember? they are so funny! And you look fab sis as always 🙂

    • That’s because M and Scott are cut from the same cloth, I swear. Not surprising since we’re so close in everything we do too. 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment, too – see, I’m accepting compliments now, not brushing them off. Score one for me!!

    • That’s what struck me about these pictures – we actually don’t have all that many of us that capture us in such an open and “real” forum where our love is that utterly apparent. I love this string of pictures because it’s truly us – real, raw and open.

  2. I love these pictures. It captures how much you love each other, the lake, enjoying time relaxing (which you deserve!!) and being silly 🙂 Great post and thanks for sharing with us!

    • Thank you Ms. Tanya! I am pretty sure I’ll be flipping back to this post OFTEN this winter when we’re surrounded by snow and ice. These pictures capture the beauty of summer and the beauty of the lake so perfectly!

  3. Those pictures are what life is all about!!! I LOVE the photos. Isn’t amazing how transforming love can be? It’s a special thing to find someone who can bring out the sparkle…it requires being truly open. It’s a beautiful thing to trust and love someone so deeply that you feel safe enough to be that open.

    • Totally. To be able to be that open and vulnerable around the one you love is so important, but it’s also very hard to achieve that willingness to be so open and raw and real. Granted, we’ve been married 7 years and together for almost 10, but we’re still working on maintaining that closeness to this day. I consider that a work-in-progress in any relationship.

  4. Love this so much! It’s fun to see the smile on your face as it progressed to laughing. 🙂 I feel like Billy is the only person who can make me laugh like that, too. And it’s the best feeling! Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. xo

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