Core Fusion: revisited.

So, as I alluded to earlier this week, yesterday *may* have included a surprise visit to Exhale Spa to take a Core Fusion class with the one and only Fred Devito. My sis and I have taken two of his classes before and each time have been totally impressed with his calm, open demeanor and the way he can push you to try harder, focus more, work harder, in his classes.

And last night’s class was no different in that regard.

Fred was great, total class act, and definitely gave us the sweatfest we were looking for.

But what was different for us last night?
Two things, really.

First – how we felt in class. The last time we took one of Fred’s classes was just before we started the barre n9ne 60-day challenge. Both my sis and I were in fairly low places, body confidence wise at that point. Little did we know what the next four months was about to do for us, in us, around us. Transformative. That’s how I’d describe it, as I’ve said about a million times by now! 😉

And last night? We both walked away feeling like we held our own. Like we belonged. Like we did our best to own the barre (trust me, it owned me plenty of times, too!). We felt confident. Happy. Strong.

Second, though? We walked away from class having an even bigger appreciation for the barre. After taking countless barre n9ne classes in the past four months, we’ve grown used to lots and lots of time (literally) spent at the barre. Much more so than what we got out of last night’s Core Fusion class.  I actually (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) found myself sort of bummed when the barre work was essentially over after 10 minutes during Core Fusion last night.

Shocking – we actually LIKE more time at the barre versus less, who knew?? <—do you hear that Tanya? Does this mean I need to brace myself for the next barre fusion or barre method class I take??

In all, I really loved getting back to Core Fusion and having a chance to see Fred again. Especially given how changed I feel today versus the last time we took one if his classes.

What it also reminded me? That I utterly and totally have the barre running through my veins.

Yes, friends. It’s official:

Hi, My name is Jessica and I am a barre (n9ne) addict. 
That is all. 🙂

30 thoughts on “Core Fusion: revisited.

  1. Hi, I am Jolene and I am a barre n9ne addict. 🙂 I am glad we brainstormed this post together on our ride home. Felt like an epiphany moment, didn’t it? Barre n9ne or go home! New motto?! 🙂

    • I highly recommend you try one of their virtual classes since you can’t get to one physically – all you need is skype and you’re good to go. It is the BEST class ever. Not that I’m biased 😉

  2. I’ve been intrigued by Barre N9ne since I started reading your blog. I finally got around to reading about it on the webiste, and it sounds intense! I think I’m going to have to check into one of the virtual classes! I really think it’s something I could get into, and you and your sister sound like you have gotten so much out of it!

  3. Oh my gosh, this post just made me even more excited to checkout a Barre N9ne class. I can’t wait to experience a different barre workout so I can compare. I agree, CF has minimal time at the Barre – really, just the thigh work and sometimes (although not always) the seat work.

    I don’t care what I have to reschedule at work, the next time Fred is in town I will be there!

    • I can’t wait for you to try it!! especially since you’re currently a CF addict, I think you’d LOVE barre n9ne…especially if you are looking for even more barre work – you’ll get it at barre n9ne!!

  4. I love your post. I have yet taken a class with Fred but its in my to do! I love what you have found from your own experience with the barre. It’s amazing how fast it can shift from practicing it consistently. Our bodies crave the barre- so true

  5. Aw, great that you got to take a Fred class. I too enjoy his demeanor. That being said, I think core fusion is too easy now…is that terrible to say? I think it needs to be longer…those 5-7 min thigh and glute sessions just don’t do it for me anymore, which makes me sad because I really love Exhale. Do you find barre n9ne harder? Is it longer?

    • HA! You are a seriously core fusion addict if you’re now finding the class not challenging enough, look at you go!! I think you’d like the approach in barre n9ne in that case – there is a lot more barre work (in a barre n9ne method class there’s probably a good 20-25 mins worth? And in barre fusion, I’d say closer to 15-20 mins of straight barre work) than you’ll see in a typical core fusion class and a TON of reps involved in the upper body work. Kinda killer if you ask me.

  6. Jess I think this is an awesome recap and a great way to let your followers understand how barre n9ne® is different. It’s easy for people to think all barre classes are the same and that is not the case. Each Owner/Founder adds something special and unique to their method and that is why I love that I am able to share my passion with you and others. My dance background has allowed me to develop a method that encompasses all of the isometic ballet movements that are crucial to changing the shape of your body- without needing any dance experience. Thank you for being a barre n9ne® addict! 🙂

    • Exactly. Even I was guilty of that before I tried out different styles/approaches to barre workouts. It’s an easy assumption to make if you think about it. What it comes down to is finding the right style of barre workouts that work for you. For me? Barre n9ne is my true love, though Core Fusion will always hold a special place in my heart as the first barre workout that got me hooked in the first place. 🙂

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