The fit truth

I’m all about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth these days.

I routinely own up, confession-style on this blog. If you don’t believe me, check out some previous confessions here, here and here.

So when I saw Ms. Tina’s takeoff on Fit Bottomed Girls “Fitness Truths,” I just knew I had to steal borrow the idea for my own list of Fit Truths…

…if I could live in my coveted Lululemon groove pants and bliss top 24/7, I’d be one happy (fit) camper. I feel beautiful in my workout gear. Sweatastically so.

…lifting teeny tiny 2 and 3 lb hand weights are my favorite form of strength training torture fun. I’ve done my fair share of strength training routines, but those teeny little weights are what makes me feel fierce and strong. Tiny. Sure. Fierce. Definitely. Don’t hate until you’ve tried it.

…I tweet. I blog. Because I love to share my love of all things sweaty. But I also blog and tweet for accountability. Sure. I love to sweat like nobody’s business. But even I need a little accountability now and then. I’ve been known to tweet my intentions the night before a workout just to make sure I don’t re-neg on it when the alarm blares at 4:55am (like it did yesterday morning…*yawn*).

…running still scares me. Or should I say – racing does. At least the first few minutes before the race starts and even into the first couple of miles. The runners around me throw shadows of doubt into my mind. But I think that’s why I continue to do it (hello third half marathon on Oct 23…I’m coming for you!). Because it (sometimes) scares me. Because it keeps me uncomfortable. Because I can. And I do. And I will. 

…I eat for fuel. (hello giant bowl of irish oats mixed with sauteed apples and peanut butter – I HEART you so!!). But not always. I wouldn’t classify m&ms or a bite or three of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie that I made for my husband “fuel.” But I love chocolate. It makes me happy. Ditto (x1000) goes for wine. So I eat(or drink) it. I don’t fuel by it (though, the thought of a handful of m&ms mid-half marathon is just as good as a gu, right??). But I heart it so. It still has a place in my healthy and fit lifestyle. And it mostly certainly fits into my fit truths. Wine + chocolate = happy Jess. Happy Jess = balanced and healthy and fit Jess. 

26.2 intrigues me. Fit. Truth.

…staying fit, active and healthy is effing hard work. As I sit here typing this post, my eyes are drooping ever so slightly. It’s been a long week of hard work. My body feels worked. I dig it. But don’t ever for a second believe that if you saw me walking down the street, that maintaining a healthy fit and active lifestyle is easy for me. It’s work. Every. Single. Day. But it’s worth it. Because I’m worth it.


22 thoughts on “The fit truth

  1. You know I’m loving this. Racing scare me too – actually, sometimes just a plain old run can get me anxious. You just really never know what to expect from a run. 80% great, but then there’s that 20% to contend with 😉 As for the 26.2….you’re crazy! But I love you anyway.

    • That’s a really good point – the 80/20 ratio is spot-on! I’m *really* hoping the 80/20 tomorrow is more like 90/10 so I can kill the long run in the AM! At least the weather ought to be perfect – chilly and fall-like. Oh boy! 😉

      And um, crazy huh? Takes one to know one 😉

  2. I love this sis! And I am with you on every single word…except perhaps 26.2 😉 And I am glad you do still get nervous for races…you are human after all (and it’s not just me!). mmm oatmeal…had mine today too. And my body feels worked too!

    • Of course I still get nervous, you’d have to be a robot not to be!! It’s taking that nervous energy and turning that into running energy that’s the key. Took me about 2 miles during the last half to get that nervous energy into running energy, and hopefully it’ll take less than that for the next one. Fingers. Are. Crossed.

  3. I’m with you too, on everything except for 26.2 (although I will admit I did think about it for about 5 minutes last weekend). But I think you can definitely do it and I’d follow you every step of the way! Weeee!

  4. Ok couple of things:
    1. Lululemon grove pants are the BEST!!! How did we live before lulu?
    2. And while eating for fuel is excellent…what would life be without a little indulgence? I agree!!!!! When I was training with TNT my coach told us that if gu or chomps bother you then try things like min-snickers bars during long runs. Really, your body just needs calories and sugar in a form it can handle. I haven’t tried it, but it seems like it would be kind of yummy and a fun little treat 🙂
    3. I thinking getting nervous before races is natural. I’m constantly running to the porta potty or feeling like I have to. But it is kind of exciting and addicting all at the same time.
    3. GO 26.2!!!!!!!!! You should totally do the Vermont City Marathon with me next spring!!!!!!!!

  5. Do it! (The 26.2, I mean!) I love these posts…I saw Tina’s today, too!
    I love that blogging helps to create this community that connects all our similar interests…and it does, indeed, help with accountability. I mean, I have to go run if I said I was going to on my blog or on twitter, right?! 🙂

  6. Once again, I am so with you. When I see people for the first time in sometimes years, they think this weight magically disappeared or that it was/is easy for me. It’s not, but it’s something that I committed to and once I made that commitment there was no choice in my mind. I was just doing it. I just want to say, ” it’s not easy for anyone so if that’s the excuse you’re telling yourself you’d better go think of a better one”

  7. “26.2 intrigues me. Fit. Truth.” Do it. Seriously. Find one, tell me about it, and I’ll do it too. Seriously. (again – this is serious LMFAO)

    Yes, I love this. I still get scared at the start of every race too! Even 5k – I think, can my legs carry as fast as I want? It’s a quest to be your best – I think without nerves and a little fear we wouldn’t push ourselves as hard.

  8. You have a great list! (I’m out of the loop, though, so I haven’t seen what this is all about.) I was wondering when the 26.2 would pop up in your blog. 😉 They say…after 10 miles, it’s that much easier to add another one on…and another one…and another one. 😉

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