A workout-y week

***First things first – THANK you for such awesome words of encouragement and excitement at the prospect of me committing to 26.2!! I was totally bowled away by all of your comments on yesterday’s post. I heart you all and PROMISE you’ll be the first to know when I sign up for my first marathon. <—notice I said “when” not “if”??***

Yes friends, “workout-y” is a word in my dictionary. Right there next to puke-worthy and sweatastic. 

But yes, I am deeming this week a “workout-y week” in EatDrinkBreatheSweat land. I mean, it usually is a pretty workout-y (let’s see how many times I can use this word in one post!) week up in here, but this week I’m focusing on it a little more than usual. For a few reasons.

Mainly to keep myself motivated while my sister is off gallivanting among the vines, on the epic wine country three-peat that I’m missing out on this week (sad face). But also to keep myself from getting blue, particularly early on in the week when I start to want to roll into “can’t wait for the weekend” mode.

Working out, sweatfests – they keep my mood up, my spirits high, the smile on my face. Last night’s barre n9ne method class was exactly what I needed after a rather “meh” Monday (complete with 3 hours spent in the car…I swear it’s a form of torture in most countries). 

And after reading Lindsay’s post on her “mon” day – I totally took what she said to heart. About taking back your (mon)days, making them “mine” again, and finding joy in them, even on a “meh” day like yesterday. 

So I’m focusing on what makes me happy this week – workouts, workouts with friends, a long run with Scott on Saturday, and hopefully a little epic-ness of a weekend in the Sutera household despite missing out on wine country. We haven’t quite figured out what we’ll do to make this weekend *almost* as fun as if we were in wine country, but you better believe I’ll be back to report on our shenanigans afterwards. 😉

But I digress – you wanted to hear about my workout-y week, didn’t you? (well, even if you didn’t, I’m sharing it anyway, because that’s how I roll if you hadn’t noticed by now!): 

Sunday – fabulous rest day spent celebrating my niece’s first birthday. Here’s a picture of her cuteness – check out those cheeks:

Monday – a fantastic 5 miler on the DREADMILL no less; barre n9ne method (legs were shaking, loved it!)

Tuesday (today!) – 6 miles on the dreadmill (yeah baby!); barre n9ne lean & tone

Wednesday – a ‘date” at the barre with my friend Michele, testing out her barre studio in the city, I’ll report back dutifully, of course. There *may* be sushi involved afterwards (yum).

Thursday – rundate with Steph (finally!); barre n9ne legs and barre n9ne fusion

Friday – rest!

Saturday – 11 epic miles followed by lots of epic-ness with Scott (epic-ness TBD at this moment in time…how many more times can I say “epic”??)

Sunday – barre n9ne INTENSIVE (not even sure what this will entail other than 90 minutes of barre work with a huge focus on form, but I can hardly wait for that shake!!); football Sunday with this girl, a bestie for sure.

See? Just writing this all out totally lifts my mood right up there. Lots of sweatastic workouts, lots of fun “dates” and a peek into the weekend tells me that this week ought to be a good one.

Just gotta make sure I keep focused on the “mon…” (thanks Linds, what would I do without you??)