A workout-y week

***First things first – THANK you for such awesome words of encouragement and excitement at the prospect of me committing to 26.2!! I was totally bowled away by all of your comments on yesterday’s post. I heart you all and PROMISE you’ll be the first to know when I sign up for my first marathon. <—notice I said “when” not “if”??***

Yes friends, “workout-y” is a word in my dictionary. Right there next to puke-worthy and sweatastic. 

But yes, I am deeming this week a “workout-y week” in EatDrinkBreatheSweat land. I mean, it usually is a pretty workout-y (let’s see how many times I can use this word in one post!) week up in here, but this week I’m focusing on it a little more than usual. For a few reasons.

Mainly to keep myself motivated while my sister is off gallivanting among the vines, on the epic wine country three-peat that I’m missing out on this week (sad face). But also to keep myself from getting blue, particularly early on in the week when I start to want to roll into “can’t wait for the weekend” mode.

Working out, sweatfests – they keep my mood up, my spirits high, the smile on my face. Last night’s barre n9ne method class was exactly what I needed after a rather “meh” Monday (complete with 3 hours spent in the car…I swear it’s a form of torture in most countries). 

And after reading Lindsay’s post on her “mon” day – I totally took what she said to heart. About taking back your (mon)days, making them “mine” again, and finding joy in them, even on a “meh” day like yesterday. 

So I’m focusing on what makes me happy this week – workouts, workouts with friends, a long run with Scott on Saturday, and hopefully a little epic-ness of a weekend in the Sutera household despite missing out on wine country. We haven’t quite figured out what we’ll do to make this weekend *almost* as fun as if we were in wine country, but you better believe I’ll be back to report on our shenanigans afterwards. 😉

But I digress – you wanted to hear about my workout-y week, didn’t you? (well, even if you didn’t, I’m sharing it anyway, because that’s how I roll if you hadn’t noticed by now!): 

Sunday – fabulous rest day spent celebrating my niece’s first birthday. Here’s a picture of her cuteness – check out those cheeks:

Monday – a fantastic 5 miler on the DREADMILL no less; barre n9ne method (legs were shaking, loved it!)

Tuesday (today!) – 6 miles on the dreadmill (yeah baby!); barre n9ne lean & tone

Wednesday – a ‘date” at the barre with my friend Michele, testing out her barre studio in the city, I’ll report back dutifully, of course. There *may* be sushi involved afterwards (yum).

Thursday – rundate with Steph (finally!); barre n9ne legs and barre n9ne fusion

Friday – rest!

Saturday – 11 epic miles followed by lots of epic-ness with Scott (epic-ness TBD at this moment in time…how many more times can I say “epic”??)

Sunday – barre n9ne INTENSIVE (not even sure what this will entail other than 90 minutes of barre work with a huge focus on form, but I can hardly wait for that shake!!); football Sunday with this girl, a bestie for sure.

See? Just writing this all out totally lifts my mood right up there. Lots of sweatastic workouts, lots of fun “dates” and a peek into the weekend tells me that this week ought to be a good one.

Just gotta make sure I keep focused on the “mon…” (thanks Linds, what would I do without you??) 

16 thoughts on “A workout-y week

  1. and what about missing your sister? is that on your list too? cuz I will miss you like whoa while we are in wine country. You are doing the workouts I won’t be…though I am going to get some good runs in, come hell or highwater when I am out there!!

    • *sniff* I’m going to miss you SO MUCH while you’re gone, wahhhhh. 😦

      So I’m doing the workouts you won’t be which means you MUST drink as much for me as for you while you’re there. Sample as many of those grapey wines as you can, ok????

  2. Ha – I also got a lot of “me” time in the car yesterday. Gotta love it 😉

    Your week sounds FABULOUS!!! What Barre studio are you going to? I know they just opened a Bar Method on Newbury Street. I was planning on trying the Bar Method Studio while in Texas next week, but the studio in Plano isn’t opening until October 😦 I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • I’m going to that very studio actually – my friend just started going there a month or so ago since it was closer to where she lives/works than barre n9ne. So I’m off to check it out tomorrow night. I’ll let you know how it is!!

      You still have GOT to try barre n9ne though…must pick a date for that 🙂

  3. I love it!!! I took back my Monday by taking a break from work (working from home) when my husband came home and went for a run with him. In actuality it was more me chasing him trying to keep up, but how else am I supposed to get any faster?


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