So. 26.2 is *still* very much on the brain. We haven’t chosen our marathon <yet> but we’re in discussions, Scott and I, yes we are. 😉

While mulling something as monumental as a full marathon over, I got to thinking about the “why” behind my desire to face down 26.2 very long miles.

And honestly? It’s pretty simple:

I want to do something that the vast majority of the universe will never, ever accomplish. I want to say yes, I *did* just run 26.2 miles and yes, I *know* how rare that is and yes, I realize how lucky I am to be *able* to push my body that far.

The second reason? I’ve been completely blown away by the incredible drive, motivation and ambition of so many of my fellow blog friends and runners alike. And there are a few in particular that have been my total runspiration of late.

**Now, let me preface this by saying that I almost didn’t even write this post for fear that I might hurt someone’s feelings by not listing them as one of my runspirations. Honestly? There are SO SO SO many of you out there that inspire me, not just as a runner, but just as little ‘ol me. I am constantly impressed and inspired by each one of you and really? Maybe I ought to celebrate you all a little more often on this blog than I have up until this point. Hmm, this could become a regular feature ‘o mine…brain is churning over here. 😉 **

Again, I digress! Back to the task at hand – runspirations.

Ali @ Ali on the Run – She’s facing down her first-ever full marathon this weekend and is running it for a very special cause, one that also happens to be near and dear to my heart as well (one of my best friends faced colitis as well so I know just how difficult it can be to manage the disease day in and day out). She’s running it for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation because it’s a disease she battles every single day and a disease she has told straight out: “you will not beat me.” Even after her doctor told her to stop running and to get the idea of a marathon out of her head, she didn’t listen. Instead, she’s been bound and determined to prove him wrong. And guess what? She’s done an amazing job and WILL cross that finish line with a smile on her face, and maybe wearing her “I heart sweat” t-shirt that I personally cannot wait to wear (been checking the mailbox like a crazy person!!).

Angela @MyPinkyToes Another first-time marathoner, but this girl has already rocked all 26.2 miles and has done so for an equally good cause: Girls on the Run, an organization dedicated to health and wellness education for young women (3rd through 8th grade girls). Angela is a “Sole Mate” which meant that all proceeds from her fundraising efforts went directly back to Girls on the Run – whose mission is awesome if you ask me. There are so many health issues associated with unhealthy eating habits and lack of fitness or wellness activities in our lives as Americans that to see an organization like Girls on the Run tackle the issue is awesome. But back to Angela…she raced with SUCH heart, and trained with even more heart. Every time I read one of her posts as she faced down longer and longer training runs, my heart soared for her. And, it was after reading her marathon recap, with tears in my eyes, that I knew I needed to experience 26.2.

Samantha @Because I Can – This girl? What can I say? She is the one that *really* got me thinking about a full marathon after I “met” her recently on twitter and in bloggy land. I’m amazed we hadn’t “met” sooner because her background, particularly her running background, is pretty similar to mine. Neither of us are self-proclaimed “natural” runners but we’ve both worked hard to chase after that ever-elusive runner’s high and well? She just raced her second marathon and I’ve just been struck by her approach and style to running from the start. Especially her mantra that she does all of this today simply because she can. She is able to. And she does not take that for granted. Neither do I. Not for a second.

So  yeah, totally runspired today by these ladies, but also by all of you. For your dedication, commitment, joy and zest for life that I have the privilege of reading about everyday on your blogs. Yes I heart blogging, and bloggers, yes I do!!

And 26.2? Still scares the sh*t out of me, but intrigues me so much so that I’m ready to do something that scares me – every single day of the sixteen weeks it’ll take to train myself into 26.2 miles.


26 thoughts on “Runspiration

    • You are awesome Ali! I include you because it’s true – YOU inspire me to be a more awesome version of myself. And if that means running 26.2 miles, then gosh darn it, I’m gonna RUN 26.2!

  1. Dear Jess,

    I ❤ you. 🙂 I never in my life thought of myself being inspirational to anyone, and what you wrote about me honestly brought tears to my eyes.

    You're driven, you're a hard worker, and like me, when you get the idea of something it your head it doesn't leave. I see you running 26.2. And you will kick it's A$$!

    I cannot wait to follow your journey to 26.2 😀

    • Aw friend, no tears!!! I write from the heart – and you and Ali and Angela ALL have inspired me in such unique ways, I am so so so grateful to have “met” each of you in this amazing blogging community of ours and have NO DOUBT that you’ll each be rooting me on when I commit to my own 26.2 mile journey.

  2. the blogging world really is so full of runspiration!…reading about other peoples tales on the road is what helped me finally click the “register” button for my first marathon!

    • Seriously, we are all so lucky to have this community around us. It’s like getting a giant bear hug everytime I write a post and receive a comment, or write a tweet, and receive a response (or vice versa). Incredible.

  3. Ya know? these stories of these women and their drive and running mojo is SO inspiring. Gives me hope that maybe, just maybe,, I am not broken and I can come back from my own mental issues and breathing issues too, and feel like I can accomplish 13.1 again…and who knows what else. I do know this: if you do 26.2? I can’t wait to run some of these long runs with you. That way we can share in some of your journey together, even if I don’t run a marathon myself. XO.

    • This means the world to me, sis. Truly. I know you are struggling to find your mojo again and that it is hard for you to see me running along the way that I am, but you’re still supporting me and I love you EVEN MORE for it. I also have SUCH faith that you can find that mojo again – and for good this time. I promise.

      As for the marathon, even if we don’t share this experience together in its entirety, I’d love nothing more than to share the training runs with you in any shape that takes. Either running side by side or having you there at the finish to feed me carbs. 😉 But seriously, no matter what – I know you got my back and I got yours. Always sis.

  4. I love you girl! I can’t believe that you included me in this post, but I am sooo glad that you did! Thank you thank you thank you! I also can’t believe that I am in the company of those girls, too! They are awesome, just as you have described them!
    …and I totally recommend that you go for it!!!

    • Even more reason why I heart you ladies – that you’re all honestly surprised that I included you as my runspiration ladies! You truly have no idea how inspiring you are, do you??

      Regardless, I cannot wait to start my own 26.2 mile journey and I thank you for helping to inspire me to commit to it.

  5. I agree totally – those fearless ladies are pretty unbelievable!!! I LOVE the marathon stories, every one of them makes me cry, and can’t wait to hear yours!!! And it’s extra special that you’ll get to do it with your hubby (ps. My vote is still for VT City next spring…not because I’m selfish or or anything 🙂 ).

    I’m so new to the blogging community and have found such inspiration here – there are so many strong, intelligent, beautiful kick-butt ladies out there to draw strength from!

    • For what it’s worth – the one in Vermont City is on our short list! There are SO MANY good races to choose from, a fun problem to have, for sure. 🙂

      SO GLAD you joined this amazing blogging community, isn’t it just amazing??

    • HA! I love it Lee. I’d totally do that one but I soooo don’t think I could train during the winter for a full marathon. Whooooa too much snow and ice!!! I’d love to do a race with you someday though, how fun would that be??

  6. The one thing I love most about the marathon experience is learning who I am and what I am capable of. Each training cycle brings about new experiences and findings about myself physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Can’t wait for you to experience it yourself!

    • I totally get that – for me, I’ve learned so much already with each half marathon I’ve trained and raced for and I can only imagine that I’d learn about a million times more about myself and my abilities when training for a full marathon. I am TOTALLY going to need to pick your brain when the time comes!

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