In one month, 13.1 (again)

In one month from today, I’ll be meeting up with my dear friend 13.1 once again, and I’m really hoping that I’m smiling as big as I was after yesterday’s sweatastic 5-ish mile #rundate with Steph:

(Melissa – ask and ye shall receive! Me in all my sweaty “I heart Sweat” glory, Ali – I’d like to put in a request for one of these in every color you have. They are amazing!!)

Honestly? It’s crazy how good and strong I’m feeling right now.  If it’s possible, I feel even stronger and more confident with one month to go before the Green Strides half marathon than I did just before the YuKanRun half marathon.

I’ve approached this “training cycle” (if you can even call it one) so differently. Mostly because I was already conditioned for higher mileage having just come off the half in August that really, the past month or so has been about sustaining the momentum more than anything. And this training cycle is also different because, well, all training cycles are different, right? And in my case, I “train” by my own rules, by a loose training schedule – four runs per week, averaging between 5-7 miles to upwards of 10 or 11 miles, with intervals mixed in for speed.

And I honestly think these two things combined are what have given me such a happy, confident outlook on running lately.

And a main reason why I’m all about finding a marathon to own in 2012…
…because I’m happy and confident.
…because I’m learning to “just run.”
…and I’m finding such joy in that. 

I even noticed more strength and endurance during last night’s series of barre n9ne workouts – particularly during the first class,  long & lean legs. A class that kills me everytime but that I love dearly because it *does* kick my ass everytime. I was able to go deeper in the moves (TWSS moment??), hold each poses longer and more effectively, allow the shake to happen.

It felt a bit like a turning point. I felt – and feel – like an athlete. A phrase I’ve always admired – in others – those that I’d define as “athletes.” But me? An athlete? I never thought of myself that way. Until now.

It’s all of these things combined – the confidence, the happy (and strong)  runner in me – that’s making me really excited for this 13.1

I’m not nervous.
I’m not anxious.
I’m looking forward to October 23.

The day I meet my 13.1 (again). 

25 thoughts on “In one month, 13.1 (again)

  1. I would like a shirt in each and every color, too, please. They’re seriously amazing!
    You are a total ATHLETE! And a rockstar athlete, at that! I get it, though, I still have a hard time calling myself a “runner” sometimes. And I’m totally a runner!

    • For some reason, the term “athlete” always intimidated me. I was NEVER into anything fitness related when I was young (think high school and even part of college) so to sit here and freely call myself a full-fledged athlete is pretty huge, ya know??

      PS. you are TOTALLY a runner!!!

  2. Love, love, love the t-shirt and am so bummed that I didn’t buy one. Ali needs to start her own business with these t-shirts!

    I agree with Heather, you are an athlete…an Athlete that is kicking some serious booty!!

    You are where I want to “be” after this next round of 1/2 marathons. You are giving me lots of inspiration. I want to sustain high mileage going into marathon training. No more injuries and losing fitness in-between…it’s so hard to recover from & is so frustrating. I maintained high mileage my first 3 years of running & it made such a big difference…time to get back there!

    • Seriously, I bet Ali would make a killing if she sold these shirts all the time!! I heart mine so much!

      This is exactly what my goal was in signing up for another half so soon after the last one. To prove that I can indeed keep my fitness and endurance levels up. Which gives me great confidence that even without a race looming (after this one in Oct), I can still keep my endurance up throughout the fall/winter. It just may take a more concerted effort once the snow arrives and such, but I’m committed. It’ll be SO much easier to get into (gulp) marathon training if I have a good base to work from, ya know?

      • I agree, for some reason, going up to 14,16,18 doesn’t seem so intimidating with a base of 10 or 12. I actually really like running in the snow…it makes me feel bad ass 🙂 And I have a comfy pair of lulu leg warmers that I put on post REALLY, REALLY, hot shower. Sleet and ice are a whole different story though – fingers crossed – this winter will be snowy, not sleety.

      • This is true – running in snow is the total epitome of badass die-hard runner! I’ll be right there with ya this winter. You’re totally right tho – running in slush is AWFUL. Feet freeze from all the cold ice seeping into your sneakers. Blech! Ohhh leg warmers, now THOSE I do not own but now that you mention it, I think it’s high time I gave them a whirl!

  3. Sounds like you may have officially reached the point where endurance running, and/or running in general, is a lifestyle – not a chore 🙂 You’ll own that 26.2, whenever you’re ready for it!

  4. We just started following each other’s blogs, and I have to say that I like your style. Don’t doubt it for a second, you’re totally and athlete. It’s an amazing feeling when you get that confidence boost when you have good runs. I like how you divide your training in cycles, you train smart, and only good things are going to happen! You’ll own this 13.1 !!!!

    • I totally agree – you have a very similar approach, I dig it, dude!!

      Thanks for the compliment on my approach – I often feel “left out” of running convos online because I’m not following a certain training plan or whatever, but in the end, I’ve figured out what works for me and really, isn’t that was this is all about anyway?

  5. Absolutely an athlete sis!! So proud of you for going for this half, and quite frankly, proud of me for not getting hung up on not doing this one with you. It feels so much better to be the proud sis and hopefully one day, I’ll be back at it with you. For now, I run to run. Can’t wait tp cheer you on!

    • I am proud of you too, sis. SO proud. You are getting back to running joyfully and that makes ME so happy and proud of you. And it means the world to me that you’re ready to come out and cheer me on, on race day. Maybe I’ll annoint you team photographer if mom can’t make it. Or, better yet – you’re in charge of the mimosas at the finish line. 😉 xoxo

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