Snippets of “haven”

So, most people have just one thing they’d consider to be their “haven.” The place they go to feel safe, happy, content – all is right in the world in that little haven of theirs.

For me? I prefer snippets of “haven” depending on my mood. Yesterday? There wasn’t just one thing that became my “haven” — there were snippets of “haven” throughout the day that seemed to catch me at just the right moment:

Got up to face down the ‘mill yesterday morning and the second the alarm went off, I groaned. Not in the mooood. Yet, I’d tweeted out my intentions the night prior (hellllooooo twitter accountability!!) and I knew a good sweat would get me ready to face Monday. And then it hit me – I have new SNEAKERS to take for a spin! Immediately – I was over-eager to hit that treadmill. And hit it I did – a good sweaty 5-miler in my new sneaks (Brooks Ghost 2 – my first pair of Brooks…I do believe I’m in love!). 

Look at these bad boys – hot, right?? <—“hot” in a nerdy runner sorta way…

new sneakers = snippets of “haven”

After work, scrambled to get to barre n9ne for one of my favorite classes of the week – barre n9ne method. Lots of barre work in this class, which I LOVE as we all know! And last night? I was super-psyched to test out all that I’d learned on Sunday. I focused my ass off during class last night, oh yes, I did. I was a sweaty mess by the end, but had the hardest time wiping the big geeky grin off my face knowing that I left it all on the barre (TWSS??), worked as hard as I could and I’m pretty sure my form was kind of awesome.

barre n9ne method after a long-ass Monday = little snippet of “haven” 

After class, I was all set to pick up some sushi on the way home for dinner. Was thinking about it all. day. long. Call up my favorite sushi place near my house. Guess what? They’re closed on Mondays. Fail, fail, FAIL!! After whining to myself (and to my sis via text), I went home and whipped up a rather tasty breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, basil and goat cheese (swoon!), a cinnamon raisin bagel thin with peanut butter and jelly and sliced strawberries on the side. It wasn’t sushi, no. But it *was* damn* tasty. (I would have left ya’ll with a picture of dinner but there was no time, stomach was talking up a storm by 8:30 last night!). 

Dinner fail becomes dinner success? = a final little snippet of “haven” on a Monday night. 

That and a giant hug from this guy when he got home from bowling. Just what I needed – his arms are the best haven of all. 😉

(from his first day of teaching a couple of weeks ago, huge-ass grin on his face. LOVE! <3) 


20 thoughts on “Snippets of “haven”

    • NOTHING like a new pair of shoes – I bought a pair of shoes this weekend to replace a favorite pair of mine that I wore into the ground and was thrilled to find a pair that was very close to the style of the ones I already had. Was SO excited to find them and to see that they were only $40 bucks! SCORE!

    • I do breakfast for dinner pretty often too – very easy after a late barre n9ne class to whip up and plus, I have a huge love affair with breakfast foods, haha!

      And YES – my sis and I are going on a sushi and barre n9ne date tomorrow since I missed her so much while she was in Cali this week. So missing out on sushi yesterday was clearly part of the plan, I just didn’t realize it yet!

  1. Ahhh, I love the hug being a haven…it is for me as well. Nothing gets better than a big hug from my hubby at the end of the day!

    Seriously, new sneakers or any new running gear is beyond exciting! Even just getting my nuun last week made me excited to run the next day. I always treat myself to something that has to do with working out 1x per month – it may be as little as some new gu, but aways something. It keeps it interesting!!!

    • Seriously, with just one hug, all the stress, all the frustration, all the everyday little annoyances just melt away when I’m in his arms. It’s so comforting.

      I love the idea of a once per month treat that is workout related – a new outfit or sneakers or even gu is all I need to get EXTRA motivated. Love it!!

    • Haha I’m not sure what other colors they come in – all I care about is how freakin’ comfy they are when I wear ’em!! You are a riot with your flashy color comment, Love it. 😉

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