Seeking motivation mojo?

Last night, I was trying to amp myself up for a run with my husband. By now, you all know how much I love our rundates…I just tend to love them MORE when they happen in the morning before excuses have a chance to settle in.

So what did I do?

I turned to twitter for a little motivation mojo

Jess Sutera
JessFit654 Jess Sutera
T-minus 30 minutes until my run. Must. Wake. Up. Someone tell me to run like the wind tonight! I need to get excited about this! #runchat
And you, my friends, responded with just the right words, as usual!  
Melissa Burton
@JessFit654 Run like the wind! Run for me (since I can’t right now)
Roz Griffiths
@JessFit654 Run like the wind! Run like you stole it! Run for the hills! Run!! 🙂
Jessica Bold
@JessFit654: run like the wind! You’ll wake up once you get out there. 🙂
Stephanie Greenough
@JessFit654 Take that light, fit little body of yours and have a successful fun run before dinner with Scott!!

Now really – how could I *not* be amped up to get my run on after such motivating tweets??

And amped up is exactly how I’d describe our run last night. Holy speedy legs! Even my husband – who is most definitely a fast runner (but runs my pace so we can run together, what a guy…) – proclaimed our run was a fast one last night.

I was feeling particular good – perhaps because I was taking those fancy schmancy new sneakers of mine to the road vs. the ‘mill for the first time. Or perhaps because the weather was awesome for a rundate last night – a little warmer than usual, a slight breeze, a bit of sunshine left at the tail end of the day. We ran a good pace, caught up on our day and were feeling really good. Especially towards the end of our run, when we saw Scott’s best friend Justin drive by us. In true Justin form, he yelled out the window “RUN!!!” So I used that as my cue to run extra hard that final half mile. Which resulted in a nice sweaty runner’s glow…as you can see here:

(my husband doubles as my personal photographer…he indulges me, we’ll say that, haha) 

So, the moral of this story? In similar fashion to twitter accountability for early morning workout motivation, twitter for motivation mojo works wonders, as exhibited by last night’s fabulously sweaty 6.5 miler.

Give it a try sometime – twitter for accountability, or for motivation mojo – I promise it’ll never let you down. 🙂

31 thoughts on “Seeking motivation mojo?

  1. It always makes me feel accountable when I post my intentions somewhere – be it fb, Twitter or the blog.

    Way to go on the speedy legs! It was raining here last night, but I still did my 4.5 mile run during my kiddo’s soccer practice. Feels so good afterwards!

    • Totally!! No matter what, the second I hit “send” on a tweet or FB post, I know that I will NOT skip out on a workout, or even light up on that workout because it’s out there for the world to see, keeping me uber accountable!!

      Nice job on your run last night!!

  2. Love that the new sneaks were all you wanted and more!!! Whenever I get new sneakers it reminds me how good they feel and that I need to be super diliigent about replacing them frequently.

    I haven’t gone down the twitter road…I’m afraid that it would stress me out and I may feel like i can’t relax. I have significant twitter fear 😉 However, I always express my workout intentions with my hubby..he always checks up on me and ask me how the work-out was. And I do the same for him. Generally, if I don’t feel ilke working out and I really can’t rally myself to do it, I just relax – it may be cue that I need some rest.

    • I think if you approach tweeting like you do blogging, you’d be just fine. Just like everything else in life (social world and ‘real’ world) — it’s about balance. Not getting sucked into tweeting ALL THE TIME or blogging ALL THE TIME but actually living life too. In the moment and all that jazz. 😉

      I have found twitter to be an awesome place to make connections and to grow friendships. I love it. But seriously, to each his or her own. If twitter isn’t your thing, I know I can always find you in bloggy land. 🙂

  3. I definitely do that on twitter and it does help. My favorite response was when a shoe store told me to run and then go to their store and buy new shoes!

  4. I’ll be honest my only reason for joining twitter was to connect with other runners for motivation. You can always rely on the kindness of strangers 🙂
    Then twitter wasn’t enough so I started blogging, so everything is still new to me, but I’m loving the motivation and support that I can give and receive.

    • I think it’s so interesting that you started tweeting before you started blogging! Sort of like a testing ground for the “real thing” huh? But seriously, this blogging and twitter community is amazing – filled with inspiration at every turn.

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