From the “do one thing that scares you everyday” files

Remember how I said that my 32nd year would include doing at least one thing that scares me everyday? And, that I’d work on being much more spontaneous than this Type A-er typically is?

Well – let’s just say that Sunday’s activities firmly belong in the “do one thing that scares you everyday” files.

This girl? Well, she found herself ziplining this weekend.
Yup, me – high up among the trees on top of the mountains in New Hampshire.
…hanging from a zipline.
Completely. Out. Of. My. Control. 

Exhibit A: yes, that *is* me waaaaay up there among the tree tops!

Exhibit B: Proof that Scott made it out alive (as did our favorite friends who were responsible for getting me way out of my comfort zone and out ziplining to begin with!) — and he’s the one with the fear of heights! Go babe, go! 😉

I have to say – despite the very last zip which was um, scary as sh*t (hello backwards freefall????), the entire day was exhilarating. Freeing. Spontaneous. Fun. So worth feeling like I was going to pee myself from fright all day.

Amazing what happens when you do something that scares you, and spontaneously, even. One point for me on the 32nd year “bucket list” – and many, many more scary “things” to go, I’m sure. 😉