An open letter to…You.

An open letter to…You

To whom it may concern <ahem, that would be You>:

It’s time to embrace who you are today. Instead of hoping, wishing, can’t-waiting to be *that* someone you don’t think you are today but somehow think you ought to be, in some shape or form, tomorrow, in two weeks, six months, a year…

Take just one minute out of your day – every day – to look in the mirror. Really look in that mirror. Tell the person you see that you love them…and why. If you’re strapped for time, just pick one thing about that person in the mirror that you love and tell them. Out loud. Every day.

Accept the things you can control, and push aside those that you cannot. Quit wasting time letting your mind cycle through those out-of-your-control things and accept who you are, where you are, what you are. Acceptance is a beautiful thing. Learn it.

And above all else? Be your own best friend. Not your enemy. You’d never tear down your best friend. You’d praise them. You’d never judge them. You’d encourage them. You’d never doubt them. You’d have full confidence in them. You’d accept them for who they are, right where they are. Always. 

With much love, 

50 thoughts on “An open letter to…You.

  1. I needed this right now. I have spent the past half hour thinking about whether the dress I’m wearing is smaller than it was last year when I last wore it. Who cares, right? And for the record, I think it fits the same.

    • Oh I am SO glad this helped you!! Look in that mirror and smile and say “I look great” in that dress. It is *not* too small. It fits perfectly. And you are beautiful just the way you are. (and strong, too).

    • I think it’s an important practice to get into the habit of doing – I’m great at complimenting others, praising them, etc., but not so great at doing that for myself. Goes back to being your own best friend, right?

  2. Love this!! And it’s SO true for me, now, since I’ve lost all control over my body…I have to just accept – and love – me for me…even though it’s hard sometimes.

    • Yes, yes you do, my dear. Love your body for that beautiful child it is growing and nurturing inside your belly. Praise it for being strong and healthy and able to carry the sprout so safely!

  3. Love this sis. And ya know…I kind of did this this morning in the mirror and surprised myself, given where my mind was yesterday. Very well put. XOXO

    • Aww, and I’m so glad YOU are in my life!! I’m thinking I ought to trek out to the Cleve in the near future to meet you and the other fabulous bloggers in the area, you’re surrounded by some goodies 🙂

    • I think I might print this and stick it on my fridge or mirror or somewhere I’ll see it everyday (maybe my closet door??) and will remember to be my own best friend, no matter what.

  4. Thanks, that was a great boost for the day! It is true though, we need to stop being so rough on ourselves and give ourselves a break now and then.

    • I absolutely agree. And I just did this very thing today – I looked in the mirror and I told myself that I look good. And it made me smile. That’s all it takes sometimes.

  5. I heart this so much, Jess. You know…I’ve noticed a lot recently that you have this way with words that really motivates people. You’re the type of person that should do motivational speaking. Not in the cheesy sense, of course. Some of those can get out of hand. 😉 But you just have this sense of empowerment in your blog “voice”.

    PS: Thanks for the shout out. 😉

    • Aww really? I honestly just write from the heart every time I post a blog – and to be honest, I wrote this particular post on a whim, and in about five minutes. But in those five minutes I found myself with tears in my eyes, because what I had written really hit home for me, and I was actually surprised that it seemed to come out of nowhere. Funny how sometimes the best messages or thoughts appear as if from thin air sometimes…

  6. During a workout, I often find my mind wandering to the next workout I have scheduled and I always think of your post on “being present” to reel my mind back in. This will be another post that I think of often. I haven’t blogged some of the more personal growing experiences that I had recently, but “embracing” who you are definitely falls in line with it. Wonderful, wonderful post!

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