Chasing 13.1

It’s getting to be about that time.

Racing time!

And I am quite honestly the MOST excited I’ve ever been to chase 13.1: 
…I feel ready.
…I feel strong.
…I feel happy.
Because I know I’ll cross that finish line proudly.

Know what else is *totally* exciting me about race weekend? 

The weekend forecast, for starters – could that *be* any more perfect running weather??

The fact that I already have my race day outfit all picked out. 
I heart sweat– obvs.

(paired with these which I’m totally buying later today!)

The race course, which I’m DYING to run – it’s in a beautiful area, with lots of gorgeous views, annnd it’s wicked flat:

The sheer fact that I’m running this race on my two year (whoa!) blog birthday is pretty unreal. Very fitting if you ask me. What’s also fitting? That I’ll be seeing one of my oldest blog friends, Alicia, this weekend for a sushi date with my sister! Also fitting? That my even longer time blog friend, Heather, is celebrating her two year blog birthday on the same day of her second half marathon, just a week after me. Stars aligning…must mean something, yeah??

And finally? It’s making me so happy to know that I’ll be seeing familiar faces on race day my sister and M will be there as our cheering squad (and may even hop in for a few miles!), and my mom – team photographer. Means the world to me to have them there. More than they probably know. That and the fact that I’ll be running side-by-side with Scott, my #1 fan and favorite running partner ever. We’re gonna rock it, babe. ❤

…and someone else I’m super-excited to see on race day? This girl! She is so frickin’ inspiring – I can’t wait to meet her in real life, especially now that she’s moved back home and wouldn’t ya know, that “home” is wicked close to where I live. Small world!

So yeah, all sort of excitement going on for me today. I’m ready for you 13.1. Ready to kill it.
…Yeah, I said it
. 😉

40 thoughts on “Chasing 13.1

    • I’m honestly amazed at how perfect the forecast is – the previous two half marathons I’ve run have been um, less than ideal race weather conditions. One race had us running in 80+ degree heat (in September no less, totally unexpected!) and the other had us running in SUPER muggy, SUPER hilly conditions. I am so excited to run 13.1 on a sunny, gorgeous, calm day like Sunday will be. Unreal!

    • I am really excited to run a flat course after my last half with all those damn hills at the end that nearly killed me!
      But seriously, you are ready, you are conditioned, you will roll right through those hills. I know it!!

  1. Yay!!! I can’t wait sis, you are going to rock this! And I am looking forward to running a few miles here and there too, for sure. So funny, I dreamed about this half marathon ALL night last night. Alicia was in it too, must be cuz of our sushi date tomorrow! You are going to do awesome, I’m very proud without even knowing your time, cuz it doesn’t matter, what does is that you are doing this.

    • I love that you dreamed about the race last night – I think it means you definitely ought to hop in for a few miles (or 13.1…lol). You are the best sis, thank you for being so supportive and proud, means the world to me. xoxo

    • You’re comment made ME smile like a dummy, you are so sweet! I wish I was running this race with you but I KNOW you’ll be there with me in spirit!! I promise to text you as soon as I can after the race – or maybe I’ll have Jo do it since she’ll have easier phone access at the finish line 😉

  2. Perfect running weather, chic running outfit, flat course, awesome training, and a great attitude?! Sounds like a recipe for success my friend! Best of luck! I am looking forward to reading all about it:-)

  3. Have a great race Jess!! That weather report is amazing! Nice change from the muggy mess we ran in August. Also, love the running tights (capris?) are you sure you won’t be too hot?

  4. Yayayayayay!!! Good luck girl…I just KNOW that you are going to do unbelievably amazing!!! I can’t wait to here all about it! Can I be your virtual cheerleader? Yeah!

  5. yippeeee! This makes me so very excited for you and I wish I could be on the sideline cheering you on! But I’ll be cheering for you from Dallas. PERFECT weather…and I sure do love that flat course. 🙂

  6. My Google Reader is bursting at the seams as I’m about a week behind on my blog reading. You’re probably running right now, but I still wanted to say good luck and I am thinking of you this morning! I can’t wait to read a full recap!

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