Snapshots and snippets from 13.1

Well. I’m *still* grinning like a fool (as my blog bestie Heather would say!) over Sunday’s race day PR.

I *still* can’t quite believe we ran 13.1 in 2:05:32. 
*OR* that we ran it at a 9:35 average pace according to the official race results.
…does that mean I am speedier than I thought?!

Who knew. Apparently my body was waiting to surprise the sh*t out of me on race day, and surprise me it did.

Now that I’ve had a bit of time to digest this fact, I’ve been reliving portions of the race in my mind (which makes for quite a distracting Monday, lemme tell ya!).

So I figured I’d share some snapshots and snippets from the race on Sunday since it’s basically the only thing I can think about right now!

…it’s mile 10! Right around the time that my body totally took over and my mind let go. I have never run the last 3 miles of 13.1 that strongly. Unreal.

…giving mom the thumbs-up, feeling good, feeling strong, feeling proud!

…and now it’s back to business, game face on, about to round the bend towards mile 11.

around the bend we go (um, wtf is up with the guy in the orange vest? Just noticed that..haha)

my sis and M, running strong. GO YOU!! Love the unofficial racers, running strong. Proud sister alert 😉

and DONE! 13.1 strong! (if you look really close, you can see the wiped look in my eyes, beneath all that pride, of course 😉 )

Just looking back at these pictures from yesterday makes my heart soar with pride. And…it makes me want to run another half, and another and another…and then 26.2. Which is now really weighing on my mind (in a good way)…but that’s a blog conversation for another day. For now? I’m basking in runner’s high/PR glory for as long as I can. I hope you don’t mind. 😉

…but before I go, I’ll leave you with a few funny snippets of things overheard while running 13.1

“I heart sweat! Keep going, you’re not sweating enough!” (says the guy practically taunting me to run harder after he saw my super cute “I heart Sweat” shirt ala Ali).

“I heart sweat! Now you’re sweating! Keep going!” (says the same dude at mile 10, guess I proved that I was indeed sweating hard enough for him!)

“Remember that time, we were driving with Bob…and he was totally tripping on acid…but didn’t realize it, so we kept asking him if he was ‘feeling it yet’ and he kept saying no, and then we asked him again and he finally started laughing when we asked him if he was tripping…” (says some random woman re-living her Dead Head days…um what? acid?? seriously? Is this really race day fodder??)

“5k to go! 5k to go! 5k to go! 5k to go!” (says the woman at the mile 10 marker who made me smile SO BIG knowing that we’d gotten to that ever-elusive final 5k of the half)

“Just 300 more yards, looking good!!” (says the guy 300 yards from the finish line…this is when it hit me that whoa, we’re thisclose to being done, PUSH IT!!)

46 thoughts on “Snapshots and snippets from 13.1

  1. I get comments every time I wear my I Heart Sweat shirt, too! I love it!
    Congrats again – I love the pictures. You look happy AND beat at the same time – the sign of a good race. 🙂

    • It was really funny recalling what I heard along the way – it’s still coming back to me today, like little instant memories from that day. I’m so happy that I’m having such good/fond memories from the day, it’s giving me such confidence that I can continue to run this way (strongly) and that 26.2 may not be all that far off for me. Can’t believe I just said that!

  2. You ROCK! Seriously, your PR is amazing 🙂 I love that guy who updated his comments regarding your shirt. It’s always fun to wear something memorable for the spectators to comment on. You’re inspiring me to really step up my training plans for the RnR DC Half in March.

    • That guy was so funny, can’t believe I saw him twice *and* that he commented twice on my shirt.

      you can SO rock your RnR half in March, own it every single time you get out there to train!!

  3. First of all, I love that your mom takes pictures of you guys while you race…so sweet – Go Mom!!!!

    Second of all, you should feel proud, you rocked it. I love the jet propulsion feeling at the end of a race. Racing is so much more fun than training…I’m hoping to do a lot of racing while getting ready for the big 26.2.

    • Isn’t she the best? She was such a trooper trying to find good spots to snap pics from (the course was closed for a lot of it so she couldn’t get around very easily to find me) and got some great ones of us at mile 10, when I REALLY needed a boost of confidence, ya know??

      I’m so excited for your 26.2!! I have to say, I love training and racing, and I never thought I’d ever say it…but I already miss training. Hmm…what’s next??? 😉

  4. Great snapshots! I ran my fourth half marathon on Saturday and am contemplating the BIG 26.2, but I feel so comfortable with the half… eek! I’m anxious to hear about your debate between getting into a full and training. My PR is only 2:28, but I’m thinking that before the big 3-0 in December of 2012, I might need to take the challenge! (Unless the world ends, of course.)

    • I feel strong and ready as a runner to take on a full. It’s as simple as that. my running confidence is there and my body feels like it could handle the training that comes with 26.2 That’s why I’m contemplating it. My body is telling me yes.

  5. I am so proud of you. SO PROUD.

    Funny story: on my run Saturday morning before I met up with you and your sis, I ran into a girl wearing that exact same “I heart sweat” shirt. I stopped her and asked if she was a blogger – she wasn’t but read Ali’s blog! Too funny that you then wore the SAME shirt the next day!

  6. Great run! There is very little in the world better than finishing a race feeling strong, AND getting a PR at that! Glow on girl!

  7. These are great race pictures! Isn’t it funny how you remember the little things about a race (and so funny that you saw that same guy twice?!)
    You should be SOOO proud, because we are all SOOO proud of you, too! It is precious how proud your sister is (I read her post and saw her tweets to you!) I LOVE IT!

    • It totally is – almost comes back in “flashback” mode, oddly enough. I love it!

      I love that my sis was tweeting while I was racing, it made me smile so big when I saw the tweets after! She’s the best 🙂

  8. I love the random conversations on the race route…and the fun people on the sidelines. They both make racing that much more fun!

    And I love your pictures!! You two looked fantastic and strong!

  9. Love hearing your thoughts (and the funny things you overheard!). You definitely rocked that race and I’m so proud of you! Glad you have some great photos for documentation. 🙂

    • HA!! The only time that those call-outs aggravate me is when we’re only about halfway in and they’re like “halfway there!!” — it only reminds me of exactly that. I’d rather be blissfully oblivious until mile 9 or 10, haha.

  10. Congrats lady you totally rock!! you are inspiring! i thought of you on the treadmill today and your mantra, just could not remember it lol. thank you for the reminder!! can’t wait to see what you will do next

  11. I got chills reading the last bit about getting close to the finish line. ❤ Reminds me of the time Herrick met me at the last 400 yards and ran it with me. 🙂 Or my first 5K when he did the same. Hehe. Something about that last push that makes you feel like you're on top of the world.

    • Aww. I had them too. It was so surreal to suddenly be in the last 300 yards of the race after having bouts of “is it *ever* going to end” around miles 7-9! But once I heard that guy shout that there were just 300 yards to go, I tried to push as hard as I could – with lots of urging by Scott, of course – and to cross that finish, to see that 2:05 blazing on the clock was unreal. Totally and utterly.

  12. Loved your post. You and Scott are inspirations to anyone who wants to beat their PR. Not just in racing but in life. Shouldn’t we all be trying to be our PR… running, in relationships, at work, in life? I was glad to be there with all of you.

    • Thank you M! LOVED that you two were there on Sunday, it really did mean the world. You two are the best, so happy to have you guys in our lives!!

      I love the idea of a PR for life, in everything we do – it should be our driving force, no?

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