So, 26.2.

Yes, I’m* still* riding runner’s high from Sunday.
(hope you don’t mind…) 

And no, I haven’t run since then and don’t plan to until Saturday.
…just like I promised. (running smart, my new mantra…)

But, I have to get something off my chest.

I can’t stop thinking about 26.2.

Sunday’s race showed me that my body *is* capable of much more than I ever thought or ever trusted it to do.

Before Sunday the sheer thought of 26.2 miles sent my heart racing and my palms sweaty.

Now the thought of it excites me and energizes me, drives me.
…to continue strengthening my body.
…to continue to build my endurance.
…to continue to run smartly, proudly, happily.
I’m ready to conquer 26.2.

But now the question becomes – which 26.2?

I’ll be honest and say that there is one race that’s on my shortlist right now.
And it’s Chicago.

And here’s why.
…it’s the weekend of Columbus Day (so the hubs won’t have to worry about time off from teaching).
…it’s the day after my 33rd birthday (whoa).
…it’s nearly a year away, plenty of time to train (in the summer especially).
…and my mom has already agreed to RV it to Chicago to cheer us on, act as race day photog, *and* provide me with my own personal bathroom on the course. (HUGE bonus!)

It’s destiny, no?
(I can think of at least one, two, ok – three people who are probably really excited that Chicago is on the shortlist).

So now what?
Do I call Chicago “it” and start preparing (i.e. “training”…my way)?
Or do I really have to wait until February when sign-ups open to throw the gauntlet down on 26.2?

I’m thinking the former….whatcha say? 😉

…347 days and counting.

52 thoughts on “So, 26.2.

  1. Shut up. My sister and I just agreed to run this race together next year!!!!! We can all run together………..wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! We’ll have to talk training. 🙂

  2. Sis, like I told you…you’ve already decided and committed in your brain. you ARE running a marathon and it almost certainly will be Chicago. The stars are aligning! I can’t wait to come too!!

    • LOLOLOL you kill me. Sure, call me “sid” all you want, it cracks me up.

      And I am NOT on the fence, I’m TOTALLY doing this! Going to scour that site for registration updates!!

  3. WAHOOOOO…Chicago sounds like a great race…and your mom being your own personal porta potty…amazing. I think I’ll probably just pee my pants – or squat on the side of the road (one huge benefit to running in VT – green space) 🙂

    Having a year to train is excellent…plenty of time to get physcially & mentally ready.

    • Seriously – having my mom there with the RV will be freakin’ amazing!! The icing on the cake 🙂
      A year feels so good, training-wise. It makes it feel far less scary and far more approachable knowing that I don’t have to jam it all in, I can take my time and figure out a training plan that will work for me. SO excited.

  4. OMG This post seriously brought tears to my eyes AND gave me goosebumps ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

    And looking at the comment right above the one I’m typing, Tina too? Holy crap. We could turn this into a serious blast/race/party/you name it.

    I’ve wanted to run Chicago for 2 years now, next year is DEFINITELY it for me. To have you, and your sis, and everyone else there too would be SO AMAZING.

    I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement right now!

    Can I say OMG again? yes

    OMG! Im trying to calm myself down, but I can’t, this is WAY TOO EXCITING!

    Oh, and… if you’ll have me – I’d love to run the entire race WITH YOU. I would so love to see you through your first 26.2 (Holy Dr. Suess, enough with the rhymes).

    • I am CRACKING UP over here. I kept seeing your comments coming in on my other posts (love how you catch up, you’re the best) and knew you’d freak out when you saw this post from today. I LOVE you!!!

      I cannot freakin’ wait to start planning and figuring it all out with you!! And I would be HONORED if you wanted to run at least part of this marathon with me – but please, you are FAR faster and more seasoned at this than me, I’d fully expect you to run your own race too. As long as we have a deal on that, then I’d love it if you joined me on race day :):):)

      PS. love the OMG’s in this post, tee hee

      • I always do my best to catch up! Maybe one day my life won’t be so hectic????? I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOO! 🙂

        Okay, we absolutely have a deal. But, the way you’ve been kicking butt lately, I so SO see you gaining more speed and more endurance and getting faster and better ALL THE TIME!

        P.S. Registration is in early February. I like the Facebook Page and Follow on Twitter – and you know, Coachy is in the know since he lives out there!

  5. Heh, heh, Mark says “make the plan”, he’s in. Course driver to Chicago, *pb* on the way to the 26.2 on 10/7

    *personal bathroom*, no less. you rock.


  6. When you decide to register, and you do the “click” that makes it official? Just wait. That feeling is totally worth it 😉

  7. Chicago, eh? It’s nice and flat, so it should be good for your first one! I made all kinds of mistakes in choosing my first full. There were a lot of factors I didn’t even think to consider, but it was definitely a learning experience in determining what kinds of races I like to run in.

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  9. I have been in your boat before! Where 26.2 is a crazy unfathomable thing, some crazy fantasy. 13.1s are amazing and fun, but I agree that when you do them, you get the feeling that you can do more. Good luck and good on you for setting that next goal! And the bragging rights are fun to have too, after doing a marathon 🙂

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