Virtual #rundate Saturday, anyone?

<tap tap tap tap tap>

That would be the sound of my antsy feet tapping away, just dying to get out there and run again. Dutifully, I kept my promise to myself to go run-free after the half on Sunday to give my joints a rest – well, to give my whole body a rest really. (not that the barre n9ne classes I took this week are “restful” or anything, but they *are* far better on the joints!)

But now that it’s Friday, I’m getting a ‘lil antsy to get out there and run my ass off! But then I got to thinking — sure I’m all uber-motivated *now* to run but what happens in a few weeks when it’s colder and I’m tired and my motivation isn’t quite where it is today? Why not start virtual #rundate Saturday so I can “run” with all of you and thus, I’m being held accountable to get out there and run *and* I get to “run” with all of you.

Genius, right? 

Plus, tomorrow is race day for my blog bestie Heather and I figure she might want a little bit of company tomorrow while she’s out there killing 13.1.
(Edit: How could I forget?? Must also cheer on Heather and Stephanie who are both running the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday, go ladies, GO!) 

Sooooo – whose with me? 
C’mon, you *know* you wanna. 😉

I’m actually hoping for one of those run without thinking, with no distance in mind, just running to run, kind of days tomorrow. It’ll be a little chilly but that’s what cute running gear is for, right?? Plus, it totally counts as badass (in my book and a certain MommaSunshine’s book too, I dare say).

So tell me – will you join me tomorrow for virtual #rundate Saturday *and* will you cheer on Heather with me??

Happy Friday ya’ll — holy wow am I in a chipper mood today. Good thing it’s not Monday or I might be accused of being like that chick in Office Space (the “jUst a moment, chick). hehe 😉

27 thoughts on “Virtual #rundate Saturday, anyone?

  1. YES! Love the idea of virtual rundate Saturdays!!!! I could use another run, I’ll join you! I have a “course” in mind that I haven’t run in a while, not sure how long it is…I kinda like that! 🙂

    Better get the run in before the winter storm takes over!!!! 😦

  2. I’ll join! pick me! pick me! 😉 I can’t promise it will be outside though (wuss like whoa!), but I am going to do the same, run without a number in mind, and just see how it flows. And will channel my inner bad ass, super speedy Heather as she conquers her second half marathon 🙂

  3. I won’t be out there on Saturday…I’ll be happily wrapped up with my wonderful man all weekend, but if it makes you feel anybetter (and validates my badass-ness) I’ll be out there bright and early on Monday morning!!! 😉

    • YAY for a weekend with CBG!!! Totally allowed to skip this rundate in that case, I’ll letcha 😉

      And yes, your badassery is still intact – running early on Monday totally counts!!!

  4. I don’t know why, but this made me tear up. I wish I had a bestie to run with me tomorrow. My race starts at 8 so that means you gotta start your run at 9 😉

    And I am soooo not looking forward to the cold cutting into my running mojo either.

    • Aww friend!! I heart you! I know how much you’d love a companion tomorrow and since I can’t physically be there, I thought at least virtually was better than nothing, right? 🙂
      You’re going to ROCK THIS RUN (notice i didn’t say “race”)!!!

  5. Count me IN!!!!! I’m running 15 tomorrow morning……..and be thinking you’re with me! I’ll try not to talk to you, though, b/c the people around me might think I’m crazytown. Lol.

    • HAHA I love it! I think you SHOULD “talk” to me during your run, why not let everyone believe you’re in crazytown, more fun that way. Plus then you can be thinking about that and how you’ll report back on our “conversation” afterwards, vs. thinking about the miles you’re clocking. 🙂

  6. I’m in. I’m doing a 5k tomorrow. This 5k is meaningful because it’s the first one I did last year after taking several years off of running. I’m hoping to beat last year’s time by 5, yes 5 minutes, and I won’t settle for anything less.

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