A wicked “smart” workout

This would be the smile of a girl who just put herself through a wicked “smart” workout:

And this would be the waaaay creepy version of the same girl…trying (rather unsuccessfully) to capture the post-wicked-smart-workout “afterglow” in the car after class:

(totally creeptastic, right?)  

But back to the moral of this story – that wicked “smart” workout of mine last night.

I say “wicked” for two reasons…
1 – I’m from Boston and say “wicked” instead of “really” (i.e. instead of “really awesome”, in Boston it’s “wicked awesome” — don’t knock it till you try it…)
2 – Last night’s double session at barre n9ne was wicked hard.
but it was wicked hard because I was working smarter.

After Sunday’s intensive and the (rather humbling) smack of reality that I could indeed work smarter in class for even better results and even more of a burn, I was all about focus. Focus on quality, focus on intensity, focus on the burn and the shake.

And holy sh*t did the working smarter thing kick the crap out of me last night. But funny story? I LOVED every single second of the ass-kicking. I was practically beaming through the pain — talk about creepy, right?

It’s a good thing the first class I took last night was an “express” version of the barre n9ne long & lean legs class I normally take because 45 minutes of leg work was about all I could handle — the intensity was SO SO SO high given the focus I put on the moves.

Another good thing? The second class I was taking was an hour later — as in, I had time to zip home, eat a quick dinner, and zip back to the studio for round 2.

And round 2 was what did me in – it was the barre n9ne signature class: barre n9ne method. Hands down my favorite class of all.

After the warm-up and upper body sequence (which included an awesomely killer plank series, thank you Julianna!!), we went straight to the barre. Game face on, I was ready to embrace the shake and to stick each move for as long as I could…without losing good form, of course. I was amazed. It was almost like once I fully succumbed to the shake that I was able to really get into the zone, to push deeper into the plies, to tuck a little bit more, to hold on just a little bit longer.

And after all was said and done? I walked (rather sorely) away from that barre with a huge grin on my face. I tried to contain myself leaving the studio, but once I got outside, it was like I was walking on air (or perhaps, on cloud n9ne, hehe).

This, my friends is what I’d call a barre n9ne high — as close to runner’s high as you can possibly get without actually running….annnnd reason #5,678 why I heart barre n9ne. (not that I needed yet *another* reason or anything…)

20 thoughts on “A wicked “smart” workout

  1. Brave girl, no way would I show my hot mess after a class. Not creepy, you look quite cute.

    The only way you make gains is to push to the point of breakdown, awesome stuff.

    We say wicked all the time here, embrace it’s diversity, haha.

    • Haha, I seriously almost didn’t post it but figured why not, you guys have stuck around long enough to know what a goofball I am!! 😉

      I LOVE that – the only way to make gains is to push to the point of breakdown, amfrickinmen, sista!!
      PS. I knew I loved you for a reason – you say “wicked” too!!

  2. You looked wicked good while you were working wicked hard!! I love this post because you are celebrating yourself for how hard you worked! Too often we don’t congratulate ourselves, and it is so important!! You are awesome!

  3. THAT is awesome! I felt exactly the same in Express last night. It felt 10X harder and it’s ALREADY a hard class. I can’t wait for barre fusion on Wednesday to see if I can ’embrace the shake’ a wee bit more 😉 (and uh, yea, those pics are creepy – just kidding. kind of.)

    • Hmmmmm – maybe you need to think WAY outside your comfort zone and try something more stretchy and easier on the joints liiiiiike (wait for iiiiit) pilates or something?? I wish there was a barre class near you, you’d LOVE IT!!!! Pairs so damn well with running, tooooo.

  4. What a feeling and what a high! There is something about a good hurt that can’t be replaced 😉 You are making me miss core fusion big time. I can’t wait to get back to class after my 1/2s. It’s been a month and at this point I don’t think my legs can handle a return to CF and a big amp up in running.

    • Oh man, I’d totally miss barre n9ne after a month! Hell, I’d miss it after a week!!! You’re smart to choose your battles right now, especially with TWO half marathons this month!! Two races I know you’ll kill 😉

  5. I love love love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the definition of working smarter- seriously! I have seen you improve each and every class at barre n9ne – since may 12th 🙂 never have you slacked, never have you look bored, zoned out or unfocused. You put in 110% each and every class and Sundays intensive was no different. I’m not surprised that you applied what you learned to class the following night- but I am very proud 🙂

    • You have NO Idea how much you saying that means to me!! I’ve been working so hard at staying focused and strong during class and for you to notice that is huge. I am more in love with barre n9ne today than I was allll the way back on May 12th! Cannot believe we’re coming up on the six month mark — an amazing ,life-changing six month period in my life. And much more to come!!

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