Just move.

So after a whopping 6+ hours of meetings yesterday, along with a couple hours in the car, I. was. so. sick.of.sitting.

And it reminded me just how much I value being able to just move. 

It also made me wonder – and fear – that my post yesterday was sort of misconstrued in a way. Many of you weighed in (with great comments, I must say!) and, in seeing your reactions, it made me wonder if I came across wrong in my post. I really hope that I didn’t. I re-read my post and wondered if maybe it sounded like I didn’t appreciate and value the sheer ability to just move.

Whether due to injury, illness, or “life” in general, I know not everyone has the downright luxury of working out whenever, whereever, however they want. I promise you I recognize that.

I appreciate and honor the fact that I am able. 

And I think that’s why I place so much emphasis on it in my own life and why it’s shaped my relationship with Scott so much as well.

…not just because I can do these things to stay fit; and these “things” that I love so much – sure, they keep me happy, energized, centered, “me.” But I also value them because I am able and I respect that. So very much.

After today’s marathon of meetings (and knowing that I have another day like that tomorrow), I was driving home last night and it dawned on me even more so than before, that I appreciate being able to just move. In some shape or form. Every single day.

It also reminded me that although I know I’m bound to feel entirely worn out, I need to get my butt on the treadmill before heading into the office tomorrow (er, today; yes, I’m writing this before bed tonight, total blogging accountability over here!) .

I just want to move.
…to sweat.
…to grab a few endorphins.
and appreciate the fact that I can just move, that I do own my own treadmill, that I have easy access to tools and things (like fabulous barre n9ne studios) to keep me motivated and moving.

So yeah, this week? I’m feeling downright honored that I’m able.
I cherish it. I respect it.  
(((Just move)))