Just move.

So after a whopping 6+ hours of meetings yesterday, along with a couple hours in the car, I. was. so. sick.of.sitting.

And it reminded me just how much I value being able to just move. 

It also made me wonder – and fear – that my post yesterday was sort of misconstrued in a way. Many of you weighed in (with great comments, I must say!) and, in seeing your reactions, it made me wonder if I came across wrong in my post. I really hope that I didn’t. I re-read my post and wondered if maybe it sounded like I didn’t appreciate and value the sheer ability to just move.

Whether due to injury, illness, or “life” in general, I know not everyone has the downright luxury of working out whenever, whereever, however they want. I promise you I recognize that.

I appreciate and honor the fact that I am able. 

And I think that’s why I place so much emphasis on it in my own life and why it’s shaped my relationship with Scott so much as well.

…not just because I can do these things to stay fit; and these “things” that I love so much – sure, they keep me happy, energized, centered, “me.” But I also value them because I am able and I respect that. So very much.

After today’s marathon of meetings (and knowing that I have another day like that tomorrow), I was driving home last night and it dawned on me even more so than before, that I appreciate being able to just move. In some shape or form. Every single day.

It also reminded me that although I know I’m bound to feel entirely worn out, I need to get my butt on the treadmill before heading into the office tomorrow (er, today; yes, I’m writing this before bed tonight, total blogging accountability over here!) .

I just want to move.
…to sweat.
…to grab a few endorphins.
and appreciate the fact that I can just move, that I do own my own treadmill, that I have easy access to tools and things (like fabulous barre n9ne studios) to keep me motivated and moving.

So yeah, this week? I’m feeling downright honored that I’m able.
I cherish it. I respect it.  
(((Just move))) 


20 thoughts on “Just move.

  1. oh your post yesterday was great, I totally got it. Just made me think about reality, and that can be a good thing. We can still be active with MOVEMENT and PLAY. Love it!

  2. I totally connected to your post yesterday, you were honest and on point.

    I completely agree with getting out there and moving and appreciating being active.

    Nothing zaps you like marathon meetings.

  3. Love this. I think it’s normal to take running/moving for granted at times, simply bc we can. Even better is when we realize how lucky we are that we CAN do it.

  4. I don’t think it came across negatively at all. I think anyone who reads your blog and knows you, recognizes the fact that you do appreciate the ability to be able to move. It also brought up great points about making sure you have balance as well. I mean, as much as you enjoy exercising, you do enjoy those free days as well.

    • Thanks friend, I guess I needed to hear that more than I realized. I try so hard to always stay real and grounded and honest and me. So I’m glad that came across in my post more than I thought it did after re-reading it.

  5. I think everyone just has a different connotation to what you had to say, and that’s not a bad thing! And just moving is a great ability too. Absolutely.

    • I had a paranoid polly moment last night about it, don’t even know if any one comment did it, but I guess I just wanted to NOT come across as ungrateful. Ever, ever, ever.

  6. I totally got your post yesterday, and I totally agree with you today too.

    Surprised? 😉 I’m not.

    I love having the ability to run, to workout, to just move – I often think that to myself when I’m griping about a hard workout or a long run, I say, “At least you can…”

    • Exactly…easy to start complaining about “having” to get a workout in, but when you spin it around and remember that “at least you can…” it brings entirely new meaning to that workout, right?

  7. I don’t think you came off ungrateful at all yesterday. And Amen to moving…it’s such a blessing. I hate how tight I am at the end of a long day or after flying. Even just stretching makes all the difference.

    • Well I’m glad I didn’t come across that way — I guess I got paranoid for a minute, and also just really wanted to drive home the point that I never, ever take ability for granted. So important to have perspective like that, you know? Such a blessing is right.

    • Exactly – sitting around stagnant (much like I’ve been today ASIDE from the dreadmill jaunt this morning) is just sooooo hard for me to do. I wasn’t meant to sit behind a desk all day, I’ve decided. Too bad I didn’t realize that back when I was choosing my career path, ha!

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