Community: defined.

Until recently, I never really thought of myself as “community” kinda gal.

I sort of equated anything “community” related as something you feel like you “have” to get involved in, like community service, and stuff like that.

I realize now how silly I was to equate “community” to something so very unappealing (to me).

Last night right before barre n9ne class started, I suddenly recognized that the wonderful, happy, excited, energized women around me is my community: defined.

In the relatively few months that I’ve been part of this community with my sister, I’ve seen it absolutely flourish into an amazing phenomenon. One that I’m not quite sure what I’d do without…it’s become such a passion of mine, not just my own personal growth since starting the barre n9ne challenge in May, but to see other women get involved in the challenge has been nothing short of amazing.

That is community to me. Encouraging eachother to work hard, play hard, and celebrate every single success along the way. Just last night, I was talking to one of the newer challengers who was absolutely bubbling over with pride at the inches she’s already lost just one month into her personal challenge journey. To see her eyes sparkle with pride and confidence and with a huge smile on her face? Awesome.

And then to get a text from my fit friend Steph with her most recent challenge results (which are amazing, she is HOT !!), and my heart soared for her. She finished her text with “happy!” And that made me ridiculously happy for her
…and for all of the women in this beautiful community of ours, who are putting their health and fitness first.
…who are making time for themselves and not feeling guilty for doing so.
…and are becoming confident and happy and in love with who they are today.  Amazing.

So now when I think about “community” — my definition is quite different.  It’s about finding common ground. Above all else. Kind of like this amazing fitness and healthy living community that I am damn proud to be a part of. A beautiful phenomenon…another community where I’ve made friendships that I cherish, with awesome women (and even a few guys!) who I’d never ever have met if not for this blogging thang.

((Community))…it’s a beautiful thing, and something I value so much more than I ever thought I would. 


17 thoughts on “Community: defined.

  1. So SO true sis! I felt it big time last night. That and the bigger studio and all the excitement. Everyone is just there because they are dedicated, they love it and it’s FUN. You can’t find that combo very many places at all.

  2. Community just seems like a feeling of connection to me—in whatever form that shows up as!
    Studies show that people who feel like they have “community” are happier and even live longer… makes total sense to me!
    Virtual communities, fitness communities, and all those other things (like community service focused that you mentioned)…they all count! I always tell my clients not to try and fit a mold or expectations, but instead find their own communities to thrive in and be comfortable with!

    • Well, I firmly agree with those studies – I am happier and feel more connected than ever before. I feel lucky to be part of such beautiful communities where the focus is so positive and inspiring and motivating!

  3. Recently, I have finally felt what it is like to be part of a community and it has made me feel so much happier and at ease. Love this post as it makes me even more thankful for the things in my life right now.

  4. Great post Jess, I too agree that the fitness community is so supportive and from my experiences of it from the Cathletes, Cathy Savage Fitness and in the gym here, people are so supportive of living a healthy lifestyle and doing our best to keep fit.

  5. I am so with you on this one! I’m not generally a community person either, but this blog one and the running one in NYC has blown me out of the water in the past year!

    • Isn’t it amazing? And to think back to before you were part of either community? Doesn’t it almost feel like a different life? I don’t know what I’d do without the various communities in my life today. Truly.

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