Racing towards 26.2

After following along while so many fantastic runners took to the NYC streets yesterday for the ING NYC marathon, thoughts of my own 26.2 plans were not far from my mind. I’m already starting to mull over how I want to approach this ginormous goal of mine — and finding a way to make this marathon training my own.

…making it (26.2) mine is so important to me. 

I fully realize that this is going to be both an incredibly rewarding experience but also an incredibly hard road towards 26.2. The “hard” part I’m totally ready for, but I also want this to be fun. It’s also something my husband feels pretty strongly about — making sure we’re having fun along the way, and not getting too caught up in running and racing and nothing else. <Expect a few more posts on how we plan to approach training for 26.2… there’s just so much I want to say…!>

One way I think we’ll make this whole thing more “fun” is by picking a few really great races to weave into our training plans for next year.

So far, these are just a couple of the ones we’re mulling over — and in some cases, we’re going to have to decide pretty quickly given when registrations open for a few of these! (nothing like planning ahead, right??).

May 27, 2012:  Boston’s Run to Remember — I’ve always wanted to run in Boston and this might be our best shot of doing just that. Plus, this would help us both ‘stay honest’ with our running endurance over the winter months…knowing a half marathon is on the schedule for early-spring and all. And, this would be a great way to officially kick off our marathon training — by running a killer 13.1 (no pressure or anything?!) and starting full training with a nice base to go on.

July 15, 2012: Napa to Sonoma wine country half marathon…remember my “half marathon bucket list” race in Healdsburg I have been dying to run? Well, that one isn’t until late-October which is *after* the Chicago marathon, but this one? It fits *way* too perfectly into our training schedule to not at least consider it. Plus, this would quasi-qualify to me as a bucket list item checked off the list. And it would kind of make up for missing out on the wine country three-peat this past fall. A colleague of mine has run this one twice and LOVED it. C’mon, any race with wine at the hydration stops the last few miles is an *awesome* race in my book. **This one fills up fast (shocker) and registration opens on Nov 15…I’m thinking we just HAVE to do this one, can I get an amen on that??

Hmmm…that’s two “training” races which feels about right. *But* I loved the Green Strides half marathon so much this year that I definitely plan to run it again. The 2012 date hasn’t been announced yet but I’m hoping it’s either earlier this year so I can run it before Chicago…or that it’s later in October so we can run it *after* we run Chicago. Either way, it’s on my 2012 race list ‘fo sho!

Other than that, though, I’m not sure if we’ll sign up for many other races — I sort of want to run a 10k at some point, mostly because I’ve never run that distance in a race before and like the concept of breaking down 26.2 miles into two 10ks and one 5k. So that’s lurking in the back of my mind, too.

But what’s really lurking in the back of my mind? Just how excited I am to run the Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2012 — with my best friend by my side. Racing towards 26.2, having as much fun along the way as we can. We got this babe, yes we do. 🙂

40 thoughts on “Racing towards 26.2

  1. you’ll do awesome in Chicago and I can’t wait to follow your journey! I have the goal of running a half every month next year. I’m also already scheduled for two marathons, one being my first (eeek!) and aiming for an ultra by the end of the year. Here’s to our goals, I know we’ll get there!

    • Oh AWESOME!! I’m excited for that one too, have never really run in Boston even though I’ve lived in the area my whole life!

      I’d love it if you signed up for Chicago too – sounds like the right one for a first timer or a veteran marathoner. I’m so excited!!

  2. Some great races here sis. I am glad that Scott is also very big on making this fun and not all about racing and training, but making a schedule that works for you but is still fun. I would LOVE to do the Napa one. I guess I wouldn’t register, I would just come and try to run some of it with you, but would like to do the Green Strides one too.

    • Totally — because if we aren’t having fun, what’s the point? life is too short to be stressing over training, running, etc. I want this to be a fun, amazing, awesome experience. I’m really, REALLY excited about it. I’d LOVE it if you came to Napa (duh, of course you’ll be there!!) and to run Green Strides again would be awesome –such an awesome race!

  3. My BF ran Chicago last year (and DC this year)…and he said Chicago is a fantastic course, compared to the Marine Corps and others—so it sounds like a great choice!

  4. The Napa half sounds amazinngg! What a great excuse to escape, to run and drink wine! I’m training for my first full next year as well, seems so nerve-wrecking but I’m sure everything will be fine. It’s also great that you’re running with your hubby, you guys will be able to push each other like no one else. Look forward to read about your training!

  5. Wow what a challenge running the full marathon and how cool to do it in Chicago. I was out in Chicago after the marathon and the Cathe texas roadtrip last year and I was sitting on the subway when the race was over and thinking to myself what an achievement to run this long and challenging race. Amazing, looking forward to hearing more.

    • Why am I not surprised your friend loved it?? It’s wine country, right?? haha. I am wicked excited and really just want to throw caution to the wind and sign up even though it seems so far off to already be registered for a race for NEXT summer. But this is my hear to be more spontaneous and to do more things that scare me everyday, right??

      And you are right …I am a very lucky girl to be able to run beside my husband. He is the best. 🙂

  6. So excited for you lady. I have done Run to Remember. Honestly, not my favorite all time race but a good one none the less. I am thinking Quincy half in march. Potentially NJ marathon or Vermont marathon in the Spring. And then Chicago (if not NY) in the fall. SO many races to little time. As per a 10K, hmmm well if you were not doing Chicago i like tufts 10k but i know there is a BAA 10k, first official one was last year, and that was in june…

    • Soooo tell me what you didn’t love about the Run to Remember? I mostly picked it for the time of year and because it’s in Boston but I’m not 100% married to these two races yet. Fill a sista in!! I am SO excited you want to run Chicago next year too!!

  7. I did Chicago this year (my first!) and the Rock n Roll Providence Half fit in perfectly with my training schedule and was a great race (despite the downpours). I also liked the Yukanrun series around here-I did their 10 mile race at the beginning of the summer and it was very casual and a good way to get the miles in 🙂

    • Ohhh this makes me excited to know that your first was also Chicago! Interesting you mention the RnR in Providence – I need to check, are they doing that one again next year? I’ve always wanted to do an RnR race!

      Also – I didn’t know you’ve run the YuKan series before, small world! I ran the half marathon in August – ridiculously muggy and too hilly for my liking, but not terrible scenery-wise, love the north shore!

  8. Those are two amazing races to have on the schedule!! A California run is definitely on my bucket-list, too 🙂 Hard to resist..

  9. Oh my goodness! Yay!!! You are doing a marathon!!! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! You will do amazing…and you’ll do amazing at all the other races you plan on next year! I wish that I lived nearer so that we could meet and run races together! (Creeper stalker-ish maybe…I don’t know…) I think you already have a great plan on how to approach training…it has to be FUN and it has to be meaningful! Yayayayayay you!

    • You are seriously the cutest!! NOT creepy stalker-ish at ALL!! The feeling is totally mutual! Would LOVE to train together, perhaps we can at least get some virtual training runs in together. How fun:)

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