Running with(out) purpose

Kind of ironic that just yesterday I was blogging about the start of my “plan” for running 26.2 miles next October, and today I’m blogging about running with(out) purpose. 

Here’s the thing. I think as runners we can so easily get sucked into training plans and races and splits and everything else that comes with running.

But it’s because of all of that running “stuff” that it becomes way too easy to lose sight of “just” running. Running to run vs. running with a plan lurking in the back of your mind. To “just run” is easy to forget how to do. 

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot now that I’m not currently “in training” and am “just” running. Seems I’m not the only one thinking this way, a brand new (to me) blog friend Jenn (at a Runner’s Road) just posted about this the other day and it totally got my thoughts churning.

It’s time to spend some time running with(out) purpose. 

Sure, I want to keep my running endurance up in the next few months before I launch myself back into training mode. And I can certainly keep that endurance up by keeping some “long runs” on tap. I also want to work on my speed. So maybe I’ll throw some intervals in there to keep me going (some from this post, most likely!). BUT, I have moved into an anti-schedule when it comes to running, I’ve noticed.  Week-to-week I just want to get out there and run. As much as I (smartly) can. In any shape or form that may take. Running for speed, running for endurance, running for fun. Just running. 

Just this past weekend for example – Scott and I set out to run on Saturday morning. We bundled ourselves up and headed out the door to run. But we didn’t run with a distance in mind. Nope. We started out along one of our regular routes and decided to see where it took us. And where it took us was an awesome (albeit chilly!) 5 miler. It was perfect, though. Completely unplanned. We ran with(out) purpose. We just ran. 

So this is me – with an urging to all of you runner’s out there. Training or not. Please. Get out there and just run. Run with(out) purpose now and then. Remember why you run.

That is all.