Sooo…”cross training”

This is one of those posts I mentioned on twitter that I had been mulling over. I needed to let it “percolate” if you will, lots of back and forth going on in this brain of mine.

The topic? “Cross training”

I put it in quotes because I think part of my problem with the concept of cross training is that I was trying to jam it into a more conventional context versus looking at my own approach to my workouts and realizing that I already *do*cross-train.
…just not in the way I was thinking I had to or needed to.

What am I talking about??

Well what else could be on my mind by the marathon that’s um ohhhh a YEAR away. Yes, I can’t freakin’ stop thinking about it. I hope you guys don’t get sick of me too quickly because I have a feeling 26.2 is going to be mentioned in far too many posts in the next few months or so.

But anyway, you all know by now that I’ve been thinking about how I want to approach the marathon and training for it. I’ve already mentioned that above all else, I want this to be a fun experience and not *just* a shitton LOT of work.

But other than that, I want to approach training my way. As per the usual, I’m not a huge fan of someone else creating a training plan or regime for me. What can I say? I guess I’m not into rules (even though I’m so Type A, odd…)? And part of training for a marathon (or any big endurance activity, really) is training smartly and making sure not to overdo too much of a good thing.

So I was sitting here thinking…

…Do I need to start adding another type of cardio into the mix? Spin? Elliptical? Something else?

…But where would I fit that in? I don’t want to be doing cardio five or six days a week…especially not on top of  the miles and miles of running, and the barre n9ne classes I take each week.

…Which reminds me…barre n9ne. Hm, wait a minute. That *is* a form of cross training (in my book), duh, why didn’t I think of that?

…Ok, so maybe I don’t need to add *another* type of workout in, I just need to continue to embrace focus. On running. On barre n9ne. On rest days.

…And if my knees or joints yell at me? That might mean an extra rest day. Or one less day of running each week.  And  just being flexible.

Ok, it’s settled. This is how I’m gonna approach this marathon. Just like any other race I’ve trained for and killed run.

My way.

Enough overthinking. It’s time to trust my instinct. Stop falling into the comparison trap. Stop trying to force fit workouts into my schedule just because I feel like I *have* to incorporate spinning or the elliptical or something else low-impact. Why not just be content with the endurance, flexibility and strength I’m gaining from barre n9ne and let that do the trick? And instead of fixating on how “other people” do it…simply remember what my body is capable of. Letting my mind go, and trusting my body to do the work, all 26.2 miles of that work.

…is it time to start training yet?? 😉