Pause and reflect (thankful)

Thank you, friends. You know how to make this girl feel loads better about this knee situation of mine. I am still so blown away by all of your awesome (and sound!) advice. I somehow had a feeling ya’ll wouldn’t let me down. 🙂

…which brings me to today’s post.

On pausing and reflecting (thankful).

Once again, I’m slapped with a little bit of perspective. As I was sitting here yesterday, contemplating whether or not I should attempt to run, to rest, to walk, or to sit here and whine about it, a thought occurred to me. I’m kind of being a big baby about this little knee pain of mine.

On a small scale:
…I’ve been through two major (for me) knee injuries that literally left me sidelined for months. This achy knee will sideline me for a week or so. No big deal.
…I have access to other forms of exercise (hello, barre n9ne!) to keep me moving, regardless of if I can run or not.

On a (much) bigger scale:
…I am healthy and strong.
…I am active and a little bit of time away from running will do me nothing but good.
…I am able.

I feel like I go back to that “being able” thing a lot lately, but there’s a reason for that. I never want to take that for granted. So I hope you don’t mind that these “able” theme pops up pretty regularly here.

Another reason it’s on my mind? I read this post yesterday from Susan over at The Great Balancing Act…it was such a reality check. If you even *think* a negative body image thought after reading her post, you ought to have your head examined. For real. I won’t attempt to do the message behind her post justice – I just urge you to head on over and read it for yourself. It’s amazing and wise reading.

So the moral of this story? I’m thankful….that this appears to be nothing worse than a little achy knee that simply needs a little R&R….but more importantly, that this is such a minor “thing” in the grand scheme of things.

All this has done is reinforced to me the need to honor my body, to train smartly, and to listen to my body, above all else (and to listen to your wise words too, don’t you worry!).

The Rx: no running for a few days, lots of stretching and icing, and some strength training, barre n9ne-style. Not a bad gig, if you ask me.