Reason #5,000 why I heart my blog friends

Reason #5,000 why I heart my blog friends: 
You get me like nobody else does.  

Case in point #1: while contemplating the whole knee issue earlier this week, I tweeted about a devil on one shoulder (run, run!) and an angel on the other “rest! rest!” to which I got an immediate DM from my blog bestie, Heather:

How could I *not* obey her after that order? And she was totally right (who cares that it took about ten emails back and forth before I finally agreed with her…minor detail!). The point is – she “gets” me, how my brain works, why I am the way that I am. She rocks. ‘nuf said.

And then last night…I was sitting here contemplating (doing lots of contemplating this week!) the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon that opened today for registration. My husband is trying to get me to think practically about this race but all I want is instant gratification – I want it NOW. I want that race checked OFF my race bucket list! But my husband? He’s much more patient than I am. So we’ll see who wins this little battle. To be continued…

<but I digress, whoops. I was on a sushi high when I wrote this last night, sorry about that>

Case in point #2: While thinking about races for 2012, I got involved in an awesome twitter convo with my sis and some of our runner friends in CLE (Alicia, Heather) and down south (Lee). The topic? My sister’s awesome idea for a 6 month “challenge” for running, that takes after the barre n9ne challenge, in spirit. And gathering up various runner friends to join her (and us) “virtually” for the next six months.

Here’s how it started:

Alicia Hansen
@JessFit654 @jobo_determined @inmytummylee I could be talked into this. The @clevemarathon half is 6 months away, almost exactly to the date
Heather Mursch


@jobo_determined @poiseinparma @JessFit654 @inmytummylee@clevemarathon Don’t mind me butting in, but are you girls going to run CLE?????
<Can you sense where this is heading??>
Alicia Hansen
@heatha262 I was just going to suggest that to them!@jobo_determined @jessfit654 @inmytummylee
Heather Mursch
@jobo_determined @poiseinparma @JessFit654 U and Jess should run this! It’s a great flat course – and it’s in CLE! Whooooooo! #overexcited

@heatha262 @poiseinparma @JessFit654 well…maybe I could be convinced 😉 CLE…really flat? Promise??
Alicia Hansen
@JessFit654 @heatha262 @jobo_determined we’re pretty similar to Boston all year round. & I host one mean pasta dinner the night before
Heather Mursch

@JessFit654 @poiseinparma @jobo_determined I’m a damn good out of towner hostess, too. And I make a great cocktail! 🙂
@JessFit654@heatha262@poiseinparma you guys are the best! I’m keeping it high as a possibility 🙂 high is good!
Heather Mursch

@jobo_determined @jessfit654 @poiseinparma Don’t worry, I’ll follow up. Many times. X100

@jobo_determined @jessfit654 @heatha262 @poiseinparma it would be fun to find a race that we could all do. i’m the oddball in the south.

@jobo_determined @jessfit654 @heatha262 @poiseinparma ooh, the website says flatest and fastest courses in the country!

@inmytummylee @jessfit654 @heatha262 @poiseinparma flattest in the country? That is well, awesome.
Heather Mursch

@jobo_determined @inmytummylee @jessfit654 @poiseinparmaDuh. Told you it was awesome. 🙂
Sooo….now I’m hooked.
…on awesome blog friends who “get” me.
…on the idea of not just running with friends, but racing with them, too.
…virtually…and in-person.
Wheels. Are. Turning. 
PS. Have I mentioned how much I heart my blog friends, lately (yes, YOU)? Because I do, I really, really do.

29 thoughts on “Reason #5,000 why I heart my blog friends

    • I am REALLY leaning towards it – especially since it falls at the right time of year for me to be ready for a half (and will transition nicely into full training). AND it’ll give me another reason to book that trip to CLE I keep talking about. And now that the hubs is on board, all the better 😉

  1. You pretty much rock to you know. Gotta keep each other in check 😉 And I would LOVE to run that Sonoma race with you. Holy cow would that be fun or what???? I am looking at a race in Louisiana in Jan that is supposed to be flat and through historical parts of the city (Baton Rouge). Just sounds so cool. And I can’t even run right now – who’s crazier 😉

    I love your enthusiasm. It’s contagious.

    • Yes, thank god I have you to keep me in check, seriously. You have no idea how much our little email convos impact some of my recent running (or not running) decisions! You’re the bestest 🙂

      I know – I keep thinking about how great it would be to run through vineyards, I mean – amazing, right??

      As for a race in Jan, that would be torture for me – I’d have to be running in the snow and ice OR running on the treadmill for most of my training. ouchie. What, doesn’t CLE in May sound wonderful?? hehe

  2. Wait…Cleveland? I’ve been looking for a spring marathon and that actually looks perfect. And Cleveland isn’t too bad of a drive from here. Hmmm….

  3. Race meetups are the BEST! I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t look forward to races that I do “alone” (i.e. no friends in on the fun). 🙂 While yes, running is an individual sport, half the fun is doing it with a group of people that you want to be around, encourage and feed off of!

    • You’re right – while I totally love those races that are “just” Scott and I running them (like the wild turkey run next week!), I am getting really excited at the prospect of running with friends at some awesome races next year! It’s such fun and adds such energy to the whole experience!

    • I’ve never been either – a good reason to visit, no?
      And haha – don’t you hate when you miss half the convo on twitter and don’t even realize it until WAY later?? Glad I could catch you up 😉

  4. I wonder if the Cleveland Marathon should become a mini-Fitbloggin’ for the spring – the more bloggers, the better!

    Seriously would love to have you all join us in May. CLE is a great town for a destination race! At the VERY least, I know I plan to volunteer race morning, although I’d prefer to run the half. Would be great to virtually train with everyone! #runCLE!!!

  5. Awww, how cute! I love my blog friends too. Today one of my coworkers said, “I don’t get why people blog.” (he doesn’t know about my blog) And I was like, “Don’t even get me started.” But the other bloggers and interaction with other bloggers is definitely the BEST part.

    • Agree. Unless you blog, you really have no idea the type of connections you make as a result of it. It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey – and to be able to meet such amazing people that are JUST LIKE ME (and some that are not) along the way? Awesome.

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  7. I love this. (yep, late to reading, catching up..) 😉

    I love this because yes, you get to know people so well! Heather had awesome advice, and I am proud of HER for giving it, because I KNOW Heather well enough to know that SHE would want to be running too… 😀

  8. Ack. I’ve missed out on so much. I’ve done this terrible disappearing act.

    I love Heather and her advice. One wise chick. 😀

    So glad you’ve been having a blast planning for your marathon and really getting into it on Twitter. I really need to be more active there!

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