Can I get a fiver over here?

A fiver
…as in Five for Five
…or Five for Friday
…or a super duper blog post idea totally stolen from long-lost (but-found!) blog friend Nichole over at Live for the Run (if you don’t know Nichole, you should, she is amazing. ❤ her).

Five things you don’t know about me: 

  1.  I’ve never blogged with a glass of wine in hand. Last night was the first time and it was glorious. Must repeat this method asap.
  2. My sisters and I were once thisclose to being on TLC’s “What Not To Wear” – but not because we dressed poorly (we are quite stylish, thankyouverymuch!), but because they were doing a special on twins or triplets. The *only* reason we weren’t chosen was because they ended up with another set of triplets who just happened to be turning 30 around the time of taping. Um pshaw! They were boring-city! We would’ve been way more entertaining to watch! (not that I’m bitter) Footnote: this is the one and only time I successfully kept a secret from my sisters, I was the one in contact with the producers and it KILLED me not to tell them until after the fact.
  3. I used to have a lazy eye. Had surgery to repair it about 12 or so years ago. Best decision I ever made. (you can imagine the torment the kids at school put me through <sigh>)
  4. I have god-awful handwriting. I think I’ve literally lost the ability to write properly. Trust me on this one. You don’t want to see my attempt at a thank you note, a “just because” card or my signature on those little debit slips at the gas station. Illegible doesn’t even begin to describe it.
  5. I cannot stand when my clothes smell like food. It happened just the other day. I made dinner before a barre n9ne class and little did I know that the chicken sausage stir fry I had before class had seeped into the hoody I had on. Of course, I didn’t notice this until I got to class and then was so annoyed and hoped nobody could smell it. Yes, I’m weird.

Five things I’m good at: 

  1. Cleaning!  I LOVE to clean the house. I love the way it smells when it’s all neat and tidy.  Latest obsession – any Mr. Clean product with the scent of Gain infused. It is A-mazing. Yes, I’m weird (which we just discussed in #5 above)
  2. Friendships.  I give, give, give to my friends. I’m sure I could always do more, be a better friend. But I hope they know how much they mean to me. Sister-friends, to say the least.
  3. Being a wifey. It’s my favorite “role” to play. I love everything about it. Lately, I particularly love to pack Scott’s lunch for him in the morning, often sticking a special little treat in his lunchbag for him to find when he pulls out his lunch during  a hectic day.
  4. Writing. I love to blog for so many reasons. One reason is that it gives me a creative writing outlet. I write so much for work (which I do like, too), but it’s not for “fun.”  Blogging gives me that fun, creative writing source. I was that chick in english class that LOVED writing research reports, book reports, you name it. I rocked those papers.
  5. Motivation. I’m a great self-motivator, it’s somehow become ingrained in me. I almost don’t even need to motivate myself anymore, it just sorta happens. I never really thought about myself as being a good motivator though until my husband mentioned it the other day. Said if not for me, he’d be 5,000 lbs (which I find impossible to believe).

Five things I believe in: 

  1. God. And the power of prayer. I don’t often talk about my faith here. But trust me, I’m a huge believer.
  2. Love. The adoration I have for my husband is proof of that. Love conquers all (ups and downs, curveballs thrown, obstacles faced) <—and I mean that in the least cheesy way possible, I swear
  3. My sisters. They are both equally amazing and wonderful and beautiful women.  And together? The three of us? Well – we could take over the world if we wanted to. Never doubt the power of three-strong.
  4. Comfortable isn’t always good. Getting uncomfortable – in all areas in life – prompts growth and change and evolutions. Ridiculously important in my book.
  5. Wine. It’s good for the soul.

So there you have it – five for five; things you didn’t know about me; things I’m good at; things I believe in. 

Much harder to jot down than you’d think. Give it a shot, prove me wrong. 😉

38 thoughts on “Can I get a fiver over here?

  1. Oh I love this so much! It’s so fun getting to know things about you that we might not know. I knew about the handwriting and I remember the TLC thing from a post Jo did eons ago. And never blogged with wine? Um…obviously I do not know you at all 😉

    • I LOVE that you already knew some of these things about me, guess you really were my sister in a previous life 🙂

      Haha – I know, I can’t believe it’s taken me over two years to blog with a glass of wine in hand, it was glorious!!

  2. You can clean my house for me. I am awful at cleaning. And my handwriting is really bad too. I have to write super slowly for it to be legible at all. When I got married, I didn’t even change my signature because you couldn’t read what it said anyway!

    • Sure, I’ll clean anyone’s house that wants it – hell, I should’ve become a cleaning lady, I apparently missed my calling 😉

      I LOVE that I’m not alone with the handwriting thing – my signature is horrendous, it’s just a bunch of scribbles. Even my husband is shocked by how bad it is. LOL

  3. I love this sis!! So great. I am going to borrow it 😉 What about your hatred for vaccumming…hmmm?? I love it and while I love to clean *almost* as much as you do, I love that there is one cleaning activity you actually DO NOT like 😉 I believe in you too sis…xoxo

    • Yes, caught red-handed. There is ONE chore I really don’t like and that is vacuuming (why can I never spell that right the first time btw). I really don’t even know why I hate it, I just do. I’ll do it if I must but chances are, it’ll get assigned to Scott to do as his one chore for the weekend. hehe

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVE reading this and learning more about you! I might have to copy your idea for a post on my blog. I love what you believe in – I concur on every single one! Can’t imagine life without my amazing sisters. 🙂

  5. I knew about the obessive cleaning lol I’m married to an obessive cleaner who, and I’m not kidding, could not go to bed if something isn’t cleaned.

    This was a great post. Its kind of funny because you can see how much people have in common and its pretty cool.

    • I had to laugh at your comment – apparently your wife and I have very similar tendencies in the cleaning department, no?

      I did love writing this post and reading other similar posts, it’s so fun to realize how many commonalities we find out we share with our friends without even realizing it! Very cool, indeed

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