Run, run, run, run, ruuuuun!

Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Ruuuuun!

That’s all I’ve wanted to do for the past week. That’s it. Just run. Run, run, and run some more. I ever so impatiently patiently waited. For my knee to feel less achy. For my body to say that it was ok to run. For it to be that time. Run time.

I finally got my chance this weekend. But I didn’t just run, I ran TWICE this weekend and it was glorious.

The first test run was on Saturday and it ended up being a treadmill run. A cool 5 miles while the husband did his weight workout beside me in our home gym. Watching “Revenge” on demand (really good show, fyi). I won’t say the miles flew by but I definitely was pleased that my body was good to me and allowed a full five miles before I smartly called it quits. I wanted to go far enough that still felt good without pushing it too far and risking overdoing it right out of the gate. Test run #1: done. No pain. Lots of stretching afterwards. Success.


Then Sunday rolled around. Time for test run #2. This time, we took off outside. It was oddly a lot warmer than I anticipated. Cue overdressed and a sweaty mess about a mile in. Woops. Thankfully, I actually appreciated the occassional wind gust, kept me from overheating. 😉

We went for our ‘pretty’ run – the 7 mile loop that takes us over a bridge by the ocean and past a really pretty golf course. Hence “pretty run.” (we’re so original, huh?)

And honestly? It was pretty awesome. Despite the congestion that still lingers (making it difficult to breathe in portions). It didn’t matter that it felt “harder” than before — I totally chalked it up to the congestion and not to the running rest I’ve been taking. I didn’t let my mind try to trick me into thinking that I’d somehow lost my running fitness level or something silly. I knew the reason (congestion) and ran along, happy as ever. Test run #2: really happy 7-mile high, thankyouverymuch. No pain. Success

So guess what, kids? I’m baaaaack and ready to run, run, run ruuuun! Good timing given the Wild Turkey Run on Thursday — our favorite race of the year (fourth time running!). It’s a 5-mile loop that holds a special place in my heart as it’s part of the Wicked Half marathon loop from last fall. Always brings memories rushing right back! And I’m excited to run it this year, and yes – I’m openly admitting that I hope to PR this one. I *also* want to have some fun along the way, but the husband is really pushing for us to run this one hard, so I’m blaming him for the PR talk this time. 😉  Wish us luck. Last year we ran it in 51:28, so here’s to hoping we can beat that!

OH! And before I forget, guess what else this runner is finally a proud owner of? A FOAM ROLLER!! Only about five years too late, but hey – better late than never? (thanks sis, for my surprise treat, I can’t wait to use it!!) Heather – are you happy now?? 😉