Yup, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

A day when most sit back to give thanks for all of the blessings that surround them in their lives. They use that day to give thanks. That day. When really (and I’m guilty of it too), we should be giving thanks every single day.

There is at least ONE thing we can pick out of our day to give thanks for. Big or small, trust me – if you look hard enough, you’ll find it. I promise.

This is something that the lovely Lindsay reminded me of the other day on her blog. Now this girl? She always brings such amazing and loving perspective, I LOVE her blog (and her) for that very reason. I am thankful for her, yes I am. 🙂

So, on the eve of Thanksgiving? — I’m not going to sit back and list out what I’m thankful for. Nope.

Instead, I’m going to make a real effort to give thanks every single day. You might see it here on the blog. You might see it on twitter. Or even on Facebook (note to self…maybe time to make an FB page for this blog, hmm?). Or, you might not see it at all. But trust me on this – it’s there. I realize how ridiculously blessed I am in all areas of my life. Far too many to even list in one blog post, let alone many posts.

So today? Everyday? I’m thankful. For this thing called LIFE. It’s a rollercoaster, but it’s mine. It’s my one and only shot at this thing, and I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my all.

…Life: I am thankful for you. Today. Always.

In other Thanksgiving-related news? I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and tweets about the eating fest that is Thanksgiving (and the holiday season in general). And I’m honestly surprised at how many give in to the urge to use the holidays as a “reason” to throw away healthy, balanced eating habits in favor of a no holds barred approach.

…I used to be one of them.

But this holiday season? I’m really excited to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I’m not afraid that I’ll overdo it at the appetizer table (or dessert table). But I’m also not afraid to enjoy the food I eat either. But that’s the big difference — I’m looking forward to enjoying the food, and the experience of being surrounded by loved ones.

My one and only goal for the holidays? Choose the one “treat” you’ll never get any other time of year and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t go for the “everyday” items (think bread baskets, crackers and cheese, etc.). Go for that luxury item and savor every last bite.

On Thanksgiving that means just one thing: my father-in-law’s stuffing. He makes it using an old Italian recipe that incorporates hamburger and other goodies into the mix. Ridiculously good. Cannot wait. ❤

…happy Thanksgiving, friends.
(and for those of you racing tomorrow, run happy, I know I will be!!)