Yup, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

A day when most sit back to give thanks for all of the blessings that surround them in their lives. They use that day to give thanks. That day. When really (and I’m guilty of it too), we should be giving thanks every single day.

There is at least ONE thing we can pick out of our day to give thanks for. Big or small, trust me – if you look hard enough, you’ll find it. I promise.

This is something that the lovely Lindsay reminded me of the other day on her blog. Now this girl? She always brings such amazing and loving perspective, I LOVE her blog (and her) for that very reason. I am thankful for her, yes I am. 🙂

So, on the eve of Thanksgiving? — I’m not going to sit back and list out what I’m thankful for. Nope.

Instead, I’m going to make a real effort to give thanks every single day. You might see it here on the blog. You might see it on twitter. Or even on Facebook (note to self…maybe time to make an FB page for this blog, hmm?). Or, you might not see it at all. But trust me on this – it’s there. I realize how ridiculously blessed I am in all areas of my life. Far too many to even list in one blog post, let alone many posts.

So today? Everyday? I’m thankful. For this thing called LIFE. It’s a rollercoaster, but it’s mine. It’s my one and only shot at this thing, and I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my all.

…Life: I am thankful for you. Today. Always.

In other Thanksgiving-related news? I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and tweets about the eating fest that is Thanksgiving (and the holiday season in general). And I’m honestly surprised at how many give in to the urge to use the holidays as a “reason” to throw away healthy, balanced eating habits in favor of a no holds barred approach.

…I used to be one of them.

But this holiday season? I’m really excited to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I’m not afraid that I’ll overdo it at the appetizer table (or dessert table). But I’m also not afraid to enjoy the food I eat either. But that’s the big difference — I’m looking forward to enjoying the food, and the experience of being surrounded by loved ones.

My one and only goal for the holidays? Choose the one “treat” you’ll never get any other time of year and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t go for the “everyday” items (think bread baskets, crackers and cheese, etc.). Go for that luxury item and savor every last bite.

On Thanksgiving that means just one thing: my father-in-law’s stuffing. He makes it using an old Italian recipe that incorporates hamburger and other goodies into the mix. Ridiculously good. Cannot wait. ❤

…happy Thanksgiving, friends.
(and for those of you racing tomorrow, run happy, I know I will be!!)


39 thoughts on “Sooo….Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jess – hope it’s wonderful! Jay and I make this amazing sweet potato casserole that I can’t wait to enjoy. We only make it on Thanksgiving so it’s a real treat!

  2. So true, every day is a day to give thanks, not just once a year. I loved Lindsay’s post on that too. Makes such sense. I also am planning to enjoy my meal(s) (ugh, twice!) at Thanksgiving, but choose wisely and not focus on the food so much as the company. That’s what matters. Wish we were celebrating together. Will miss you guys.

    • I’ll miss you too sis!! We’ll make up for it this weekend, I’m sure 🙂
      As for tomorrow, like you said – it’s about balance and healthy choices, but not being perfect, nobody can be perfect anyway, right? Enjoy the experience of it all (and give gram and gramp a big hug from me!)

  3. Very well said – why save one day out of the year to list out our things we’re thankful for. We should remember those things each day – and remember to tell those we love how thankful we are for them as well.

    And I am always baffled when it comes to holiday eating as well. I just don’t understand….not even going to try.

    • Agree – it’s ridiculous how much emphasis people put on Thanksgiving as a day to just stuff yourself silly, just because it’s Thanksgiving. Just enjoy the meal as a meal – not a crazy eating fest!

      happy thanksgiving friend – I can’t wait to hear how your thanksgiving on Friday goes!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving love! The food /eating tweets are driving me crazy…even though I’m guilty of some myself! I will enjoy my grandmother’s stuffed dates and my pumpkin pie the most!

  5. Being thankful everyday for our blessings is the biggest message. Count your blessings,not your burdens.

    I like the idea of the special treat, it’s important to enjoy Thanksgiving and not feeling like the stuffed turkey.

    Cannot wait to see your race pics, that sounds like so much fun. I might have to invent my own gobble jog.

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  7. Great advice to indulge in the things that you like only. I used to eat a little bit of everything so as to not offend any aunts or grandparents. Now I just eat what I like, which means I skipped sweet potato casseroles, turkey, and stuffing. I’m glad someone else sees my point of view.

    • I used to do that very same thing – was so afraid of offending someone, or sticking out from the crowd by saying “no” to a second serving or that ooey-gooey dessert. But now I recognize that it’s ok to say to pick and choose, to say ‘no’ if I want to. And not feel badly for it. To eat like I want to eat, not like someone else wants me to eat.

  8. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We don’t celebrate it here but I’m having a mini Thanksgiving with the girls and will be enjoying all the food:)

  9. I agree—Thanksgiving is a nice day to spend with family, but gratitude should be a part of everyday life!
    In the past, I have overeaten on holidays like thanksgiving, but for any real reason except habit. This year, I had no temptation to eat halloween candy and I feel the same way about the festivities tomorrow. I don’t anticipate splurging on anything much—a glass of wine or two most likely, but mostly I look forward to the family time 🙂
    I am thankful for Lindsay too!

  10. Jess, your blog has been one of my favorites for a very good reason: you ARE thankful for your life. It’s not very often that someone can stumble across your blog (or read it every day even if she doesn’t comment every day – like me) and not see several posts a week expressing gratitude in some way. While I know this is YOUR blog, I have to say this is what draws me to you and to Jo. Joyful, grateful women. You, my friend, are someone I’me truly thankful for.

    • aww friend, you totally made me teary-eyed when I read this on Thanksgiving. You are such a wonderful and supportive friend and I love that I’ve been able to share my thankful, happy outlook on life with you. YOU are filled with gratitude and love and happiness too – which is why we have such a lovefest going on right here, hmm? 🙂 xoxo

  11. How is it that we are often in the same mindset?? I just wrote a similar post on focusing on the good! Too bad we don’t live close–I have a feeling we would get along well 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  12. I’m always a huge fan of stuffing meat with other meats (clearly I don’t show the restraint or control on holiday feasts, but that’s just me).

    You have a great perspective of what Thanksgiving should be about! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    PS if you have a FB fan page I’m gonna like it. Just a warning

    • LOL I’m glad you’re a fan of stuffing, hehe

      ALSO, love that you’d be into the Facebook fan page…I’m still on the fence about it, not even really sure why, but if I DO create one, I’d expect nothing less than you listed as one of the first fans 😉

    • Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving my dear! I thoroughly and utterly savored that stuffing I was so looking forward to. It was EXACTLY how I remembered it (and so much more, hehe). SO worth it.

  13. I love your Thanksgiving post! And your sister’s…and Lindsay’s, etc. 🙂 It’s pretty incredible that this blog world brings together so many like-minded people. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great weekend! xo

    • You’re right – it is amazing. I count myself very lucky to have met you and so many other beautiful and wonderful and inspiring ladies (and men!). It makes blogging so much more than just a hobby, you know? Happy day, my dear!

  14. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Jess!
    I definitely toss the word “moderation” in the trash when filling up my Thanksgiving plate…but I guess than I realize it’s only once a year, so am I still practicing moderation there? But I hear you – I’ll indulge greatly on mashed potatoes, but stuffing and crescents aren’t really my thing, so I’ll pass or choose small portions of them.

    • I had a great day – and it sounds like you did too!!

      So funny the things you gravitate towards vs me – that stuffing was ALL I could think about on Thanksgiving morning before our race, haha!

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