Things I’ve learned: healthy eating edition

Things I’ve learned: healthy eating edition: 

…peanut butter is the best invention ever. In oatmeal, OMG yum, perfect protein boost. On top of a trader joe’s english muffin? Practically tastes like dessert. On an apple or banana, perfect PM snack (or anytime snack, really). On freshly roasted pineapple – legit, dessert-worthy. <—this blogger may just be eating this very dessert as she writes this post…

…pureed pumpkin mixed into a box of spiced pumpkin cake mix is an awesome in-a-pinch “quasi” muffin. Or mixed into other things – oatmeal, pancakes, and lots of other things I’m not even considering at the moment (blogger friends, educate me on all things pumpkin!).

…but sometimes…only a real, freshly-made (with real butter!) toll house chocolate chip cookie will do. Moral of this story? Sometimes you just have to eat the cookie. Preferably with a cup of tea and your two sisters by your side (wait, is that specific to me? woops…)

…fruit, in all shapes, sizes and forms, truly is nature‘s candy, and yes – I really do believe that. (I never used to, in fact – I used to scoff at anyone who said that with conviction…). Watermelon this summer was my BFF (this girl shared my obsession, oh how I miss her!). And so far this winter? Roasted pineapple (see above!) or a clementine (or two, or three…) – just. can’t. stop.

…it’s ok not to stuff yourself silly on the holidays; it’s also ok to enjoy the holiday and all the yummies that come with it, without feeling deprived. On Thanksgiving, I proved that it can be done. I chose my treat – father in law’s stuffing, OMG heavenly – and filled the rest of my plate with veggies and turkey. I even had a glass (or two!) of wine. And a lowfat dessert, thanks to my sister in law. Did I feel stuffed afterwards? Nope. Did I feel satisfied, but not deprived? You betcha.

…a healthy lifestyle is just that: a lifestyle, a forever thing. And it’s best done with friends, or sisters, or husbands. Or all three.

Things I’ve learned: healthy eating edition…healthy makes me happy. How ’bout you? Keep my list going – what would you add to this list (or remove!)?