Channeling my inner speed demon

Ok, so I’ve probably said this a million times – but I truly don’t consider myself a speedy runner.  I think I do ok for myself, but I don’t really equate me as a runner to me as a speedy runner.

However, after my recent post on learning to trust myself and my abilities more, it’s time to stop assuming I’m “not fast” and start “faking it until I make it.” Because like it or not, I’ve got to channel that inner speed demon of mine and to coax her out of her shell. (What can I say, I have a shy side, who knew?)

What better way to do that than <wait for iiiiiiit> with INTERVALS.
My favorite love-to-hate running drill, as you might already know about me.

Yesterday was an “on” day, running-wise, for me. After a couple of tweets back and forth on what type of dreadmill workout I ought to conquer, my ever-so-wise friend Heather suggested this:

Heather Iacobacci

 I say combo – do 2 miles at intervals then finish out with 2-3 steady 

What a novel idea! A combination steady-state/interval style workout. I had never thought of that before. For real. I always went for either a steady-state run OR an intervals workout, but never even considered combining the two. Duh. Genius idea, my friend, GENIUS!

So without further ado, here’s how my interval/steady-state workout turned out:

2 min warm-up: 3.5 mph
2 miles, steady-state: 6.5-7 mph
1 mile, building intervals, as follows: 2.1 @7.1 mph; 2.2 @7.2 mph, 2.3 @7.3 mph, etc. until I hit mile 3.0 @8.0 mph
.5 mile active recovery: 6.0-6.5mph
1.5 mile, building intervals, as follows: 3.5 @7.1 mph; 3.6 @7.2 mph, 3.7 @7.3 mph, etc. until I hit mile 5.5 @8.5 mph
.5 active recovery: 6.0-6.5mph
5.5 miles total

Sweatastic, right?

Let me tell you – those building interval miles frickin’ FLEW on by. I’m definitely going to build this interval plan out next time, perhaps adding another segment of building intervals for another mile to make it a 6.5 or 7 mile total workout.

And another thing? I was so surprised to see myself running in the 8s and 8.5 mph range. Sure my legs were FLYING and I thought my lungs would explode, but guess what? I got through it. And felt like a total rockstar at the end. I’m legit still riding that runner’s high today, a full day later.

So I guess my “I’m not a speedy runner” thing isn’t gonna fly around these parts much longer, huh? The more I trust my body and allow it to break free to do what it’s capable of doing, the stronger I’ll become. I firmly believe that after getting through this workout yesterday. Score one for me!

PS. If you try this interval workout, I’d love to hear about it! As always, definitely tailor this to your endurance levels, starting at your comfortable running pace (which may be 5 mph, 6mph, 7mph or somewhere in between!) and build up slowly. Just because I’ve written this out using my speeds as an example, doesn’t mean that you have to run it exactly like I did it, just try out the pattern and see what works for you. My two cents, anyway.  😉