An anger-fueled workout high

Ever heard of an anger-fueled workout high? 

Neither did I.
…until last night.
(and yes, this is a totally made up “high,” coined by yours truly!)

So lemme set the stage for you. Yesterday was what I’d call a frustrating day. No one “thing” set me off, it was just a combination of things throughout the day – none of it all that earth-shattering in the grand scheme of things. But all added up? Lots of pent-up frustration and anger simmering beneath the surface.

Enter the Wednesday night mad dash driving-like-a-bat-outta-hell-you-better-get-outta-my-way-or-else commute home in time to make my favorite barre n9ne double session: 6:30 barre fusion followed by the 7:30 arms, abs and barre express class.

You can see where this is going, no? 

Barely make it to class by the skin of my teeth, scrambled in and to my mat with about 10 seconds to spare. Not a happy camper. Fuming at this point. All that “simmering” range was essentially boiling just below the surface.

Well, wouldn’t you know – that same anger and range that was right at the boiling point? Turned my barre n9ne double session into the most ridiculous, anger-fueled workout high I’ve ever experienced. 

Remember those push-ups and planks I’m batshit crazy to master? Well, I did that series proud – sure, I had to stop here and there, but I’ll be damned, I kept it together much better last night than I ever have.

Not one, but TWO trips up to the barre (once in each class)? Sure, why not – lemme have it.  Lots of plie squats, waterskiing and yes, the dreaded chair pose (done in not one, not two, but THREE ways last night). But there I was, shaking away, happy as a clam.

Suddenly that anger and frustration literally melted away and became the fuel that drove my workout into overdrive. I think I basically floated out of class last night, my entire mood transformed from one of anger and frustration to one of pride and glee.

So next time you feel like going home and curling up in a ball for a good cry? Don’t do it. Get yourself to the gym, to your favorite studio, to the streets, whatever. Get MOVING. Trust me, you’ll be a changed person afterwards.

Anger-fueled workout high? I think I kinda like you. 

33 thoughts on “An anger-fueled workout high

  1. Amen, sister!!!!!!! Tuesday I did NOT want to go to the gym and teach. But I had no choice and ended up leaving feeling FANTASTIC. I was in such a better mood, and my boys were grateful for this. 🙂

    • Isn’t that the best feeling ever? Going for it even if your heart wasn’t into it initially and walking away riding such a high? That’s why I always say – I’ll never regret a workout, but I’ll almost always regret NOT working out.

  2. 100% agree. I workout harder and better when I’m angry versus when I’m all non chalant happy. The madness does something to you….but in a good way. And the best part? It’s gone when you’re done!

    • I guess a little anger and frustration in our lives isn’t such a bad thing if it makes our workouts that much more intense, huh? Totally agree – love that my mood was about a million times improved afterwards!!

    • I love that you can get out at lunch to run or spin or lift weights – I bet my mood would be much better nine times out of ten during the week if I could break away for a quick mood-boosting workout! I love leaving it all on the gym floor (or spin floor, or running path), it’s such a freeing, cleansing feeling!

  3. Well, I didn’t know it was the anger pushing you through last night…but I could tell something was going on! You really rocked! (and I should also mention, that the commute/road rage did a number on me too…and it may or may not have made class a little bit harder!) LOVE the post!

    • The fact that you noticed a difference in me during class last night speaks volumes (and is a HUGE compliment coming from you!!). I particularly like that we were on the save “angry” wavelength last night, I took full advantage of the tougher class because of it!! I hope the double made YOU feel better after that little road rage incident too 😉

  4. Ha!!! I love this and you are NOT alone!!! When I first started getting into running I would imagine my highschool soccer coach (who I loathed because he played serious favorites and I wasn’t one of them), I would get pissed & run harder and push myself to go further 🙂

    Congrats on the AMAZING workout – it’s amazing what we can do when we channel our negative energy into positive things 🙂

    • HA! I love the idea of envisioning someone that pisses you off and using that to push harder, faster, stronger. Awesome idea!!
      You’re right – channeling negative energy into a positive thing like a killer workout feels SO GOOD doesn’t it?

  5. some of my best runs have been anger-fueled ones. sometimes i think it’s why i took up running – to release all the anger and frustration out of my life in a productive way. adrenaline is a powerful thing!

    • It is such a great way to release frustration, but also to figure things out when you have a lot going on in your head – a run can be the exact right mind clearing workout any day of the week, totally agree!

  6. I LOVE anger-infused workouts! Makes you forget about everything you were worried about in the first place and let it all out on the mat/ the pavement / whatever floats your boat. Great post, lady!

    • Exactly. When all was said and done, all those little annoying frustrations from the day didn’t matter anymore. I loved walking out like a totally changed woman, so different from that angry, pissed off chick that walked into that studio last night.

    • Is it a full moon or something?? Either way, I’m really glad yesterday is done and gone and today is a new day *and* I got to take out my frustration at the barre. I hope today is MUCH improved for you too!!

  7. Hah “crap days’ (and sometimes just plain ol ‘crap moods’) can definitely be all the fuel you need! I think we’ve all been there at some point or another – good thing we have a way to “vent”, right? 😉

    • Oh yes, a good angry workout is the best and worth the effort of sticking to the plan vs. running and hiding up in a ball to cry. I’m glad I went for it vs. backing down and letting my mood take over.

  8. I can DEFINITELY relate. Some of my best workouts have been from an anger high. I can’t way I wish they were more often, but you’re right, afterwards you feel SO good and all that frustration just melts away. And the incredible soreness the next day? Ow.

    • I know, right? Nobody wants to be going for an anger-induced workout high, but when the opportunity does strike, it’s so worth it to get all that frustration out in such a positive setting like the gym or whatever 🙂 And YES, my legs were not happy with me on my run this AM after last night’s session!

    • Barre classes ROCK! If you can find a studio near you that offers classes, it’s totally worth it. There are DVDs (Core Fusion has some good ones, and I know The Bar Method offers them too), but they don’t offer as much of a challenge as actually being in the studio. But worth trying if you aren’t lucky enough to have a studio near you!

  9. It’s so funny but I too find I sometimes have the best workout after I’ve had a shitty day at work and I just want to let off steam. I just go for with with the workout and always feel so much better afterwards.

  10. im sure we’ve all been there!! i know i have especially when training for races. some days running is like, the hardest thing ive ever done and it just pisses me off. but then i get the urge to conquer it so i push myself harder…its actually a pretty good technique haha.

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