The antonym of presence?

Just think about that for a minute. Absence.

It sounds so lonely.
So cold.
So detached.

And I’m afraid I’m gonna have to say: guilty as charged. I have been far too connected, not living enough in the moment, not being present.

So beginning at 5pm tonight and ending on Monday morning, I’m going unplugged. For the entire weekend.

Now I have to be upfront about this – it’s not entirely by choice. At first it wasn’t, anyway. You see, a certain someone lost a bet (ahem, me) and a certain husband got to choose his “prize” (this is our usual gin rummy bet we play – the very same one that got Scott into a mani/pedi situation…’nuf said).

Without hesitation, he chose presence

Talk about an eye-opener. I’ve clearly been far too absent during the very little time that we do get together, particularly during our jam packed work weeks.

So yes – going unplugged didn’t start off as my choice, but now that I’ve had time to let the concept settle in? I’m all for it.  To live in the moment, with my most favorite person on the face of this earth, totally uninterrupted, for an entire weekend?

Yes, please. 

So this is me, surrendering to presence. Ready to live the sh*t out of this weekend with the man I love.



38 thoughts on “Unplugged.

  1. OH EM GEE! If John saw this post he would start placing wagers on everything we did, just to get the opportunity to take my phone away! This is quite a little eye opener, God Bless Scott for it! John has been complaining about my phone habits a lot lately, and reminded me that when we were first together I would not even be able to tell him where my phone was at any given time! I think it is time for me to disconnect a little bit, too! Good Luck!

    • I’m thinking you and I both could use a good dose of unplugged-ness, huh? I’m thinking I need to do this on a regular basis – not just because I lost the bet, but regularly, for the health of my relationship but also for my own sake. A good dose of presence with myself isn’t such a bad idea either, right?

  2. I think he got the better deal on that mani/pedi bet…LOL. And I know you are a bit freaked out about the total unplugging, but I love that you are seeing the benefits and the necessity actually. I mean, if that’s the first thing he went for in the bet, then that says volumes.

    • It helps that this is a special weekend for us – we’re going into the city for a night for an all-dolled-up date night for Christmas – it’s our “gift” to eachother and we do it every year and LOVE it. So all the more reason to be present vs. absent this weekend in particular.

  3. Have fun with it this weekend!!! I think I’m a rare exception…I LOVE being unplugged. The world goes on with or without me. I figure I can catch up on everything Monday and just let my little world with my hubby and pooch be the center of things for a few days. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

    • I wonder if I’m just not used to being unplugged because I’ve been blogging for a couple years so I’m always checking in on all of you wonderful ladies and that’s partly why the concept of unplugging is hard for me? Either way, you’re right – it is a beautiful thing and I NEED to do it much more often, going forward.

  4. I am so guilty of this. Jason and I don’t get to spend much time together and when we do, I’m often on my computer. Granted, he’s on his or watching tv, but it’s not much as I am on mine.

    • Eye-opening when you start to add up all the time you do spend together that’s not truly being spent together – particularly for you guys where time together is already pretty limited. It’s the same for us – though I know that the main reason Scott will pick up his phone or hop online or whatever is because I’m distracted, not because he even really wants to be on Facebook or whatever.

  5. This is such a fabulous idea!! I am a big supporter of technology detox once in awhile- most of us are too caught up with TV, cell phones, and the internet to enjoy all the world has to offer. Enjoy your weekend!

    • It’s crazy how tethered we all are to our phones, to the Internet, to that “other” world and how easily it is that we forget that our “real” worlds are flying right by us because we’re so distant and distracted. I’m really looking forward to this weekend of being “turned off.”

  6. Enjoy your weekend! I tried to implement a “no electronics in bed” rule and it didn’t go over so well. I hope you have better luck this weekend and spend your time connecting with your hubby instead of the internet!

  7. I think we are all guilty of this to an extent, and it’s a lot harder when we want to be connected to all of these wonderful blog friends we have made! But I think this will be a great weekend for you guys, and I’ll miss our constant texts and emails, I must admit 😉 at least we get to meet up for a drink tomorrow night!! 🙂

    • Exactly – and it’s not like there’s something wrong with wanting to be connected, but when it starts to overtake your “IRL” time with a loved one, it’s time to pull back a bit.

      I will totally miss texting and emailing you, haha, but it’ll be good for both of us – and you’re right, I’ll actually SEE you this weekend which is way better than virtually, let’s be honest 😉

  8. oh man…good for you!! its kind of amazing that that actually sounds really difficult. it should NOT be..especially on the weekend but it totally is haha. my husband would never be able to do that…

    maybe we should do the same challenge? good luck!!

    • It’s going to be awesome, and just what we both need. The hubs deserves this from me – and not just this weekend, but ALL the time. I adore him and I think by me becoming so distracted, I’m taking for granted that my best friend is often sitting right beside me deserving my full attention.

  9. Love your post! Couldn’t agree more about the importance of presence. A huge part of finding and maintaining balance is being able to unplug and disconnect from all the techno-clutter in our lives. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you remember to take time for yourself and “unplug” more often 🙂

  10. Good for you! I need to take a page out of your book also. I’m always walking around with my smartphone and it’s starting to get exhausting. I don’t want my one-year old to feel like he’s competing with my phone for my attention, and so I am going to start doing these “time-outs” also. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  12. Love this! I hope you had an amazing weekend unplugged! Since I work through the weekends, I’m often unplugged much of Saturday and Sunday. It’s nice to take a break from it all! xo

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