How to banish self-doubt – in 3 easy steps

How to banish self-doubt — in 3 easy steps:

  1. Put on your favorite workout gear
  2. Grab your water bottle
  3. Get to your favorite gym/studio/home gym ASAP
…and watch that self-doubt disappear, right before your eyes. 

Monday night I was driving home from work, feeling a little – shall we say – puffy, for lack of a better word. I went home, grabbed my workout gear for barre n9ne and ate a quick dinner before the 7:15 barre method class (one of my favorites). I happened to have a new Lululemon top (after stalking the “we made too much section” last week like a total creeper) to test drive (note: this would be step 1, see above) so I promptly put the new top on and off I went (step 2).

All the while? I had these awful, totally illogical and very negative thoughts swirling around in my brain. Something along the lines of this:
….”Does this outfit look ok? I need a second opinion…”
“Hmm. My tummy feels puffy, bah.”
…”Maybe I didn’t need that extra glass of wine on Sunday. Did I overdo it?? (even though I know I didn’t, logically, but in this self-doubt moment, all bets were off)
…”I hate this.Why am I doubting myself???
…”Stop itttt.”

Step 3: I entered the studio, chatted with a few of the girls before class (who I must say, freakin’ best group of women you’ll ever meet…all so sweet and supportive and AWESOME), and next thing you know it’s time for the 7:15 class to start.

Almost literally before my eyes, as I watched myself in the mirror while we warmed up…and suddenly that “puffiness” I sensed earlier was nowhere to be found. My discomfort in my own skin – gone. Instead, I felt strong, confident, and sure of myself  – and I pushed it hard during class. I was in the moment, trusting my body to show me what I was refusing to see beforehand.

This was such a breakthrough for me. I was allowing my body to prove to ME that I do not need to doubt. I do not need to question. I do not need to pick myself apart. I simply need to trust myself.

Kinda like that 5 miler on Thanksgiving showed me that I am more capable than I tend to let myself to believe? This is another instance of that trust issue I’ve been battling lately.

And it’s about time: 
…to (fully) trust myself.
…to stop doubting.
…to just be me.
(in just 3 easy steps…) 


20 thoughts on “How to banish self-doubt – in 3 easy steps

  1. This is SO true! Whenever I feel icky about myself, I go to the gym!
    It’s a good reminder that there’s so much more contributing to our “worth” than just a puffy day or an extra glass of wine 🙂

    • I’m so proud of us too…I still can’t believe how far we’ve come in 7 months! Thank you a billion times over for submitting us as spokesmodels!! I owe you, like whoa 😉

  2. 3 cheers for an amazing workout…your body knew it was ready to bring it, even when your mind was unsure!!! And when we connect the 2 it’s a beautiful thing (hard to do sometimes, but it’s unfrekin believable when it happens)!!! Are damn heads are pesky little things…well done with checking it at the door 🙂

    I CANNOT WAIT to go to a Barre N9NE class with you guys! I’m thinking the 7:15 class on 12/19…are you guys going to that one?

    • Exactly. That happened to me today. I was on the treadmill and kept getting a side cramp but I kept going and eventually I pushed through it and felt GREAT by the end. So worth it!

  3. This is such a brilliant post! Whenever I finish a workout I always thank my body for how strong, capable and enduring it can be. Who wouldn’t be confident knowing they can push through and meet their goals?

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