Of chilly rundates and wise words

Here’s the scene:  It’s Sunday morning. I wake up. Scott rolls over and pretends to ignore the fact that I’m awake (which means he’s gonna have to be awake shortly…). I check the temperature on my iPhone.

It reads: 24 degrees.

…um hello, that’s cold as sh*t, people. Where did that come from?? Just last week, it was a remarkable 50 degrees outside (and yes, I was stuck at work unable to enjoy said balmy weather, *rude*), but I digress.

I was determined to get a longer run in on Sunday. I knew that 24 degrees would sting like hell. So being the stubborn wise runner that I am — I decided to have breakfast first, to wait while it warmed up a bit.  <ohh irish oatmeal with chopped apples and peanut butter, I heart you so!>

It was about 34 degrees at 11:00. After a few tweets for motivation (thanks Sam, thanks Heather!), Scott and I bundled up and headed on out. At first, it felt awful. So cold. So NOT easy to do when the house we just left was warm, smelled like chili cooking in the crockpot, and the couch was begging for some attention.

But then, I started to take in the scenery. It was gorgeous out, chilly temps aside. Bright sunshine. Brilliant blue skies. Just a slight breeze. Crisp, cool, fresh air. I felt great – my legs were just humming right along, entirely too happy to be running, I thought to myself… And then, about a mile or two in, the goofy grin appeared <—sign of runner’s high building…

And we just ran. Covering portions of an old running route, and portions of a newer one to get us to about 7.5 miles. We ran mostly in silence. Scott was lost in his own world, just slightly ahead of me. And I was in mine. Soon, my mind wandered to the marathon next fall. I started to think about what it would feel like to cross that finish line, 26.2 miles later, and the goofy grin was back, in full effect this time.

Happy as ever, we pushed through the last mile as fast as we could…high-five’ing at the end. Whoa. My entire body just felt worked after that. Much more worked than it does on the treadmill…even when I do intervals. Which reminds me why I love, love, love running outside, and why I’ll be damned if I don’t get outside as much as I can this winter on the weekends.

I mentioned how worked I felt to Scott.
…that I never quite feel so spent when I run on the treadmill, no matter how hard I push.
…that the treadmill is “more mental than anything.”

To which Scott said:

“Well, then use the treadmill during the week to build that mental toughness. You’ll need it for the marathon.”

…such wise, wise words on a chilly Sunday afternoon rundate, don’t you think? But so, so true.

Note to self: Self? Please remember this next time you try to wuss out of a chilly rundate, mmk? You’re gonna need those “worked” runs just as much as you’ll need those “mental toughness” building runs this winter. Trust the process. 


34 thoughts on “Of chilly rundates and wise words

  1. It’s so funny how our attitude can change from “Ugh, this sucks” to “that was awesome” so quickly! You never regret a workout, right?? Lol.
    It was 21 degrees on Saturday morning when I ran! I forgot what I should wear and ended up with red blotches all over my body! 🙂

    • That is my favorite motto of all time – there has never been an instance where I’ve thought to myself: “damn, I really wish I hadn’t worked out today.” Even sounds funny just typing it up, ha!

      Ohhh 21 degrees, you’re way more badass than me! I’ll get there though, I’m determined 😉

  2. You’re far more bad ass than I for running outside this time of year! I couldn’t tell you how grateful I was to be headed to hot yoga yesterday morning. I texted Hans when I got to the studio “FYI: it’s 20 degrees out. it feels like 14”. Welcome to December in the North!!

    • Ha! I think Heather is more badass than either one of us – she braved 21 degrees to my 34 degrees yesterday!!

      I saw your check-in at the yoga studio yesterday and thought to myself – “man, hot yoga would feel so good right now…” – as I was bundling up to face the cold. Ha!!

  3. Awesome job sis. I hope to be able to start channeling that physical toughness outside, and use the dreadmill for mental toughness. Such a good comparison, and point!

    • YES! You can definitely build up that mental toughness this winter, sis – I firmly believe that now that you’re getting your confidence up running-wise, that mental toughness piece will soon follow. I’m so proud of your progress already sis, you are doing awesome!!

  4. I love running with my husband. And no matter what pace we are hitting for the day and no matter if we totally ignore each other, I feel so happy when I am out there with him. Loved this post. I am jealous of your run date. 🙂

    • It’s the best when we get to run together – lately, it’s only been on weekends, but I’ll take it. Though – today, we got up at 5 so he could get his weight work done while I ran on the treadmill, so even though we weren’t running together, at least we were working out together which was such a treat!

  5. So glad you got out there and had a great run. I knew you would!! I’ll suggest that if you’re running from the house, do some warm up routine inside first – like high knees, kickbutts, that sort of thing. It’ll get the blood pumping and you won’t be nearly so cold to start. That’s the only downfall of driving to the river to run – no chance to warm up inside first – which really helps.

    • I knew you’d love that we conquered the chilly run!!

      We actually do a 5-minute warm-up to our starting point so we don’t just start immediately running the second we walk outside which helps. I don’t think my body would like me very much if I stepped outside and immediately started running in those temps, ha!

  6. Way to get out there on a VERY cold morning. We have been so spoiled this winter. One of my favorite parts of winter running is the ability to relax a little around the house before heading out 🙂 I love the idea of the treadmill runs for mental toughness & outside runs for endurance – go Scott!

    • I know…I keep reminding myself how spoiled we’ve been. The fact that yesterday was the first time I really had to bundle up when I got out there is huge! Usually there’s already snow on the ground (knock on wood…)!

      Scott’s a smart guy huh? I loved his comparison too, so so true!

  7. I love that you’re already picturing the marathon finish line–that is what got me through soo many tough runs. There would be times that i would literally be tearing up thinking about it–and it really is all that you imagine and even more 🙂

    • You’re right…anytime I do envision that finish line, I get a little emotional about it…and I haven’t even started training yet! I can only imagine how I’ll feel the closer I get to October 7th! Amazing 🙂

    • YES!! Getting out the door was the hardest part!! Once out there, after all the work it took to get bundled up and out the door, I figured – may as well make all this effort worth it, right??

  8. “Scott rolls over and pretends to ignore the fact that I’m awake (which means he’s gonna have to be awake shortly…)”

    See what I mean about you women! haha. Why do we need to be awake cause you are 😉 Nice run Jess, nice way to power through a little cold and get a great run in. Winter running is fine, as long as its not really windy and cold, that just sucks. But ya runnign in 30’s is great, warm right up quick. Its just hard to get started and step out in the cold. I still have problems with long longs , like 20’s in the winter, cause I get sweaty and then cold. Cant seem to dial it in, lemme know if you find any tricks to that as you train for the long one.

    • I know – WOMEN, we’re such pains in the ass sometimes, aren’t we? 😉

      You’re right – the fact that it wasn’t windy and TOO cold out made it a treat to be out in the fresh air. Plus the fact that it was BRIGHT and sunny made it much more inviting than if it was dreary, windy and wicked cold out. I have no idea how you run 20 miles in those conditions though – you are my running idol, swear to god.

  9. Someone told me, and I don’t know if it’s true, that it takes 7 minutes of running before you warm up. Sounds about right to me. Good job for getting out there.

  10. I love that tip, and the fact that y’all high-fived at the end of your run! Adorable. I miss running with Billy – he just pretty much hates it even though he busted out a 2:10 half marathon just over a year ago…

    So a few days ago, he rode his bike with me while I ran! He went slowly, of course, and looped around me, but it was fun to be outside enjoying the day together. 🙂

    • Yup – it’s our tradition. The kiss for luck at the start and a high-five at the end. The little dorky things we do. 🙂

      LOVE that you two got to run/bike together – even if not entirely “together” the whole time, it must have been such a treat!! Love that.

  11. I know that feeling—-the dread of doing the run…and then the re-realizing (every time!) that runs on cold days are awesome! It’s the starting out that’s the hard part 🙂

    • It’s so funny how predictable we can be. Dread the run. Get out there and do it. Get back to the house. High five yourself and wonder why you dreaded it in the first place. Duh. 😉

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