Race musings, the 2012 edition

Race musings…that’s what I like to call these…vs. calling this my 2012 race ‘schedule’ or something. Mostly because this list may change…and very likely will. I mean, just look at my last attempt at a race ‘schedule’ for 2012 – it’s already changed since I wrote that post just a couple of months ago!

However, I will say that these musings for 2012 races feels very doable, approachable, very “me.”  Sure – there are other races and things I’d like to tack onto this list (hello, Cleveland half marathon with these fab ladies; or the Little Rock half marathon…purely to race with blog bestie Heather!), but I’m trying to be realistic with this list. Not just physically realistic, but financially realistic too, hehe. Plus, I’m not the type of runner that likes to race constantly. I race for a purpose. I run because I love it. Big difference in my book.

So, without further ado – my 2012 race musings

Black Cat 10/20 miler (March 4): This is the race I alluded to in my previous post. I’m using this as a “reach” race. A race that I can tuck away in the back of my mind as one I’d like to go for this winter if I can keep that run-durance up where I’d like it to be.  It would feel damn good to kill 10 miles in March. To know that I can still hit those double-digits despite lots of treadmill runs and chilly rundates this winter. So, we shall see. It’s practically in my back yard, so barring a major snow/ice storm, I’d like to nail this one.

Boston’s Run to Remember (May 27): This half marathon is just one week before I officially start training for my first full marathon (whoa). My strategy is to start full marathon training with a 13 mile base under me. This race will give me that base. Plus, it’ll give me (and Scott, my running partner in crime!) a chance to race in Boston, something I’ve always wanted to do. Total bucket list item…

Wicked Half – a return (Sept 22): This race holds such sentimental value to me. It was my first half marathon. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It tested me physically but way more so mentally. I’d love nothing more than to return to this race a stronger, happier, more confident runner. The one iffy factor? This race is just three weeks before the Chicago marathon. That doesn’t take it off the table entirely, it just might require me to take a different approach to this race – as in running this race vs. racing this race.  We shall see.

Chicago Marathon (October 7): 26.2. My first. ‘nuf said.

Green Strides half marathon (October TBD): This is by far my favorite half marathon. My proudest moment of 2011. I’d love to return to Newburyport to run this one again. But, it all depends on when this race is. If it’s the week after Chicago? Probably a no-go. So let’s hope it’s late-October next year, mmk? Plus, then I can run this one with my sis, officially or unofficially, whatever she wants. 😉

Wild Turkey Run (5th time running! Nov 22): My favorite race of the year. Even if it’s freezing out. It brings back so many running memories…it’s a race that usually ends up being just Scott and I. And I love that. ❤

30 thoughts on “Race musings, the 2012 edition

  1. Still thinking the LR Half for you LOL. It’s 2 weekends after you visit though darn it. So close. At least you can run with me and I can show you the route. I love how strategic you’re being with the races. I think that’s smart. we really don’t have many half marathons in this area. Kind of crazy but I’d have to travel if I wanted to run more than a couple.

    • Haha, I love the way you think, my dear. At least when I’m there visiting, I’ll have no choice but to do some sort of crazy long run with you while I’m there. I have to support your half marathon goals while I’m there afterall, right?? 😉

      You can always travel to me if you want more half marathons in your life, hehe. Just sayin.

  2. Great list sis! I’d love to run the Green Strides…ya know, if I opt for it, unofficially or officially 😉 The Run to Remember is also interesting to me…let’s put it in the ‘never say never’ category hehe

    • I’m usually not even one to formulate such a solid year-long race calendar but once I start doing some research, and plotting my 26.2 plan out, it all kind of just came together for me, and was SO MUCH FUN to create! 🙂

      PS. YAY on 26.2…

    • I know – I REALLY wish I got to sign up for that half in wine country, darn thing filled up SO FAST that I didn’t even get a chance to *try* to register for it! It’s still on the race bucket list and when I do cross it off, you WILL be there running it with me. Convinced. 🙂

  3. I just made my race schedule for 2012, too!!
    Also, I had signed up for a half marathon 3 weeks after NYC and it was a big mistake. Huge waste of my money. You may want to wait to register for that one after you run Chicago. (just my $.02 – do with it what you will) 🙂

  4. Love this race schedule!! I’ll see you at the Black Cat in March – yay!! I might also do the Wicked Half as prep for my fall ‘thon as well. Looks like our schedules are similar for 2012! Awesome!

    • Why thank you, my dear 🙂

      I’d love it if you joined me in March – it would motivate me not to wuss out and to stick to running this on in March (and yes, praying that it’s not brutal that time of year…will be so hit or miss I think)

  5. That’s a pretty hefty schedule! I say go for it!!! If you’d like a little advice, which you may already be following: don’t try to PR every single one of those races! You don’t want to get injured.

    Good luck and happy training!!

    • Oh yes – I do not plan to PR most of these races, nor do I want to. I just want to spice up my marathon training schedule and knock off a few bucket list races while I’m at it. 🙂 And, like I said – some of these are “maybe’s” vs. “definites” – especially the Wicked Half and Green Strides, both depend on how I feel, given when they are taking place in relation to Chicago!

    • Absolutely friend – rest, rest, rest is definitely in the game plan. In fact, during marathon training, I’m aiming for two rest days per week vs. one to avoid burnout and injury!

      I know…CLE is soooo tempting!!!!

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