Speedastic Intervals (or: intervals inspired by crazy fast running friends)

I was torn on what to title this post today.
…for two reasons:

1 – the intervals I managed to eek out in the wee hours of Tuesday morning were entirely speedtastic.

2 – those very intervals were inspired by some crazy fast running friends of mine (you two know who you are!)

I have to say – the one thing that building intervals into my running regimen this fall (and yes, winter) has taught me? I am far faster than I give myself credit for. I know, I know – you’re all shaking your heads at me…especially since I vowed not to question my abilities the other day in this post. Woopsie. I did it again. (I promise, I’ll learn…)

So there you have it. I admit it. I’m getting faster. And I kinda like it.

And it’s about time I get that thought straight in my head, I have lots of running fun planned for 2012, afterall. Plus, I’m loving the intervals mixed in with my steady-state running plans for the winter. Keeps these legs guessing (and hurtin’!), that’s fo sho!

So anyway, the speedtastic interval work I did on Tuesday? Looks very, very similar to Sam’s intervals from the other day – with one exception, I’m not *quite* as speedy as she is. Damn girlfriend! The other difference – I’m listing my speeds in “mph” vs. “pace” since I’m the cool kid that avoids Garmins and numbers and all that jazz like the plague. 😉

One thing that remains the same between her workout and mine? This was damn hard. But I kind of loved it. Suuuuch runner’s high afterwards (on the treadmill, no less!).

Speedtastic Intervals (Sam-spired!)

Warm-up: 1 mile @6.5 mph

Interval #1: mile 1-2 @7.5 mph
Recovery: mile 2-2.15 @3.5 mph (walk)

Interval #2: 2.15-3.15 @7.5mph
Recovery: mile 3.15-3.40 @3.5 mph (walk)

Interval #3: 3.40-4.40 @7.5mph
Recovery: mile 4.40-4.60 @3.5 mph (walk)

Interval #3: mile 4.6-5.6 @7.5 / 7.6 mph
Recovery: mile 5.6-6.0

…and then, tweet like hell that you’re done and damn proud of yourself:


Annnd done. Four rounds of intervals, 6 miles later. Wiped, but psyched! Thanks to @runcupcake and her crazy interval plan ;-p


22 thoughts on “Speedastic Intervals (or: intervals inspired by crazy fast running friends)

    • The fact that you guys are saying I’m speedy and I still sit here shaking my head that I’m not the speedy one, it’s all those “other” runners out there that are speedy. haha, some things will never change.

    • you are the sweetest, seriously! I only speak the truth my dear – your 30s will be amazing. Just you wait. I’m only 2 years into my 30s and have never felt more sure of myself. It’s the best 🙂

    • I used to think they were the WORST but I’ve recently grown to LOVE the longer interval sessions and am finding myself looking forward to them when I see them on my schedule for the week. They’re on tap for tomorrow and I can hardly wait!

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