And this is how my brain works.

So, some of you may already know this (let’s be honest, you all know this by now), but I’m a serious Type-A personality. I overthink. I overschedule. I overplan.

My. Brain. Does. Not.Shut.Off.

And with the holidays coming up this weekend and Scott and I playing host on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (*and* New Years Eve), I’m a wee bit…crazy.

To that end, I thought we could play a little game, a game I like to call:
“And this is how my brain works.”

In thinking through my workout schedule for this week (like I said, I like to maintain consistency during the holidays as best as I can)…
Let’s see, I’m going to barre n9ne on Monday, Wednesday night for a double session and Thursday night for a double session.

But wait, maybe I’ll do the earlier double session on Wednesday so I can get home earlier for dinner with Scott…he’ll be done with his final exam by then, I think.

<logs in to the  barre n9ne schedule>
…darn it, on the wait list for barre cardio…but in first position. Ok, I’ll probably get into that one. Sweet.

Hmm. But if I double on Thursday, I won’t get my run in that morning (I may be crazy and do the occasional double, but a three-a-day?? Overboard!).  Ok so maybe I’ll nix the second class so I can run in the morning.

Speaking of running, what days will I run next week. Hm. Monday – 6 miles steady. Tuesday – interval day (wee). Thursday – 6 miles recovery. Friday – longer rundate with Jo and Steph.  Saturday – rundate with Scott before all hell breaks loose at the party. Perfect. (at least that was pretty seamless…pats self on back) 

In thinking through my to-do and to-buy lists for the holidays next weekend (yes, there is a “to do” *and* “to buy” list, and it’s growing by the second…neatly typed up in Word, mind you)…

Ok so payday is Wednesday. Shoot. No time to tick things off the “to buy” list that day. Hm.

Thursday, bah- my list is long. Let’s see. I can get up early, get that run in first thing. Quickly shower and eat breakfast. Hit the grocery store and target at least before I start my work day (thank god it’s a work from home day…).

Friday. Longer, much longer list. Oy. Let’s break it down:
– Get up and clean like a fiend (shouldn’t take me long since my house is never “messy” – but there is a method to how I clean and what I clean and how often I clean…as in every single week the whole house is cleaned, floors too).
– Put on run gear and rundate it up with Jo and Steph.
– Quick shower before our cookie baking party begins.
– Finish cookie baking and start ticking off that errand list…liquor store, candy store (last minute gifts), butcher (for Christmas Day goodies), Home Depot (we need new toilet seats…don’t ask), toy store (another last minute gift stop).
– Come home. Clean up the mess that the hubs and father-in-law probably made while prepping the sauce and meatballs and baked ziti for Christmas Eve.
– Wrap presents (least favorite task EVER)
– Bake one final batch of cookies – black and whites, Scott’s fave and a cookie recipe only he and I can make together, by his insistence…
– Flop on the couch with a glass of wine. (or three)

…but wait…I should probably also set up the tables and chairs, get all the serving ware out and organized, set up the plates, cups and wine glasses too…

<gets up off the couch, sets wine glass on the table…>

<end scene>


23 thoughts on “And this is how my brain works.

  1. LOL! The funniest part of this string? Is that we would probably have been IMing about this on Skype at work at the same time as it’s flitting through your brain! And clearly, this is how my brain works too (and ps I probably log into the b9 web site a zillion times a week…that’s normal right?!) ;-P

  2. LOL – I absolutely understand this, every single bit of it. Jason will look at me sometimes and say, “You’re just thinking aren’t you.” (and not like thinking being reflective either, it’s planning and plotting he’s referring to of course) Um, yep. That’s how I operate.

    • HA!! Scott does the same thing to me. He knows when I’m restless at night that it’s because I’m working and reworking some sort of plan in my head – whether it be my workout ‘plan’ for the next day or my cleaning ‘plan’ for the weekend or whatever. he just knows. LOL

    • LOL yes, I had a feeling this post might resonate with you 😉

      Speaking of 6 mile runs – my workout schedule is already off since I couldn’t peel myself out of bed at 5am to save my life. Now my whole workout schedule is ENTIRELY thrown off. Now what am I gonna do? Trust me…brain has been working and reworking my workout schedule in my head all morning just to make sure I get that missed run in somewhere this week.

  3. I totally get this…trying to fit it all in is so hard!!! My hubs threw me into a tailspin when he told me he wanted to be at our in-laws before the Pats kickoff on Christmas Eve – totally not apart of my plan. But be kind to both your body and mind over the next few days. Consistency is important, but so is your sanity and energy levels!!!

    • I knowww…you are so right. Um hi, I’m like the freakin’ energizer bunny. I just can’t stop. Its truly an issue, clearly based on this post, haha. I do need to step back and breathe more. Seems so obvious but here I am still thinking about my plans for this week and trying to jam it all in!!

    • I know, I guess I’m a glutton for punishment…but really, I LOVE to host parties and it just happens to work out that our house is fairly central for family and stuff so we end up hosting both holidays lately…and NYE has been an annual tradition since we moved into our place six years ago. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love it!!

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