A run-barre-rundate for one

Remember that fitastic workout from a few weeks ago? The genius idea of combining a rundate with a barredate into one fitastic run-barre-rundate? 

Well,  this past Saturday marked my return to the run-barre-rundate concept.
…with one slight tweak.

I ran the rundate portion all by myself. 

No big whoop for most of you runners out there, right? But this runner? She rarely runs alone. As in, practically never.

For some reason, I’ve always run outside with a running companion…usually Scott. Or my sis. Or my friend Steph.  But this Saturday I was left solo. Jo had a long run planned (which she killed btw, go sis, go!). And Steph was meeting me at barre n9ne for a double session she had planned.

So, instead of scrapping the run entirely, I went with it. I bundled up. I gave Scott a quick kiss and out the door I went.

The first sign that I made the right decision? The weather was far less chilly than I had braced myself for. Probably mid-30s, with little-to-no wind and lots of sunshine. Perfect winter running weather. 

The run itself was fairly uneventful. It’s 2.7 miles to the studio and the time went by quickly. I was psyched to be heading to the barre for one of my favorite barre n9ne classes – barre n9ne method – with Julianna teaching the class. So my mind was on getting “in the game” for what would be a killer session at the barre (for some reason, Julianna is always on fire on Saturdays and this past Saturday was no different!).

Pleased with how much of a shake I got at the barre, I left the studio riding high. I bundled back up and hit the road to head home. I got almost to the turning point that would take me home when I thought to myself how great I was feeling and that maybe I should push it just a little bit farther. So instead of the shorter loop home, I chose the longer route (by .3 miles, big whoop, hah) and rounded out the run-barre-rundate having covered just under 6 miles. Whew. 

But the best part of this run-barre-rundate for one? The giant run/barre high I was riding *and* the pride I felt in sticking to my guns and getting out there to run even though it was out of my norm, out of my running comfort zone.

…as it turns out, I kinda like running solo, too — who knew?

Note to self: Rotate in as many run-barre-rundates as you can this winter, you’ll never regret it and the high you’ll ride afterwards? Worth. It.

17 thoughts on “A run-barre-rundate for one

  1. Isn’t it funny how our comfort zones are all so different? I’m used to running solo and when I finally join a run with the running crew I just met up with that will be out of my comfort zone. Always fun to do something different, though!

  2. Yes – sometimes running solo is really good for you. Shows you that you have it in you, that it’s not just because someone else is pushing you along you know? I mean, having company is great, but I have really grown to love solo running actually. It’s great reflection/me time. I just get out there and go. So for me, getting out of comfort would be running with a group. EEK

    • That’s exactly what I realized on my solo run on Saturday – that it IS good for me to run alone more often (other than on the treadmill) so I can know and trust myself and my ability to push myself with or without a running buddy / coach (i.e. Scott). I always use my runs as reflection/me time even when I’m with other people – we don’t even talk all that much on our runs (usually), its just nice to have that company yet “alone” time all rolled into one (if that makes any sense, ha)

  3. That’s awesome sis! I run mostly with M, and sometimes by myself (or with you or Steph) and when I run alone, I am struck by how much I do like it…I need to do more of that (outside obvs, not treadmill, that doesn’t ‘count!’ LOL). Can’t wait for our rundate tomorrow!!

  4. I’m glad that you found some satisfaction in running alone…it’s always interesting to see how we react to little tweaks. I never run with anyone…I’ve always enjoyed the solitude & time to think. My sis and I will “run together” but we keep our own paces, she waits for me at the end, then we grab breakfast. I love group settings – Core Fusion & spin, but for some reason running has always been different.

    • It is interesting what the slightest of tweaks will do, huh? I was so surprised that I actually really liked to run alone…that’s not to say I don’t cherish those rundates with the hubs (or my sis) but a solo run now and then? I think I’ll be adding those in more often!

  5. That is awesome! I typically run alone…or at least I used to. Lately I have been lacking in motivation, therefore only been running with other people because I’ve needed to push. However, I do enjoy my time alone with the pavement when I can just be “in my head”.

  6. I’m stuck on the part where you say mid 30s is perfect running weather! I guess there’s a reason that I live in the south!

    I like running alone sometimes.

  7. The rundate alone …hmmm, I can relate. I don’t go alone usually, but when I do I realize it’s not so bad after all!
    Also…in my book, choosing the longer route (regardless of the magnitude of that choice) is very indicative of how you felt—you weren’t just dying to get done as quickly as possible! So…success 🙂

  8. Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone! I almost always run alone—for me it would be a challenge subjecting someone else to just. how. slow. I am 😉

    You’ve inspired me to consider it, though!

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