Moving with intention (another proud moment)

At the barre on Monday night, I looked in the mirror and watched as I moved with intention
…the up and down of the bicep curl, making sure to extend all the way to straight and back up, squeezing that bicep in tightly at the top.
…the tuck of my hips, the gentle bend at the knees, shoulders pressing up and down, up and down. Tiny moves. Intentional moves.
…feet in a ‘piece of pie,’ heels connected and lifted high, knees pushing down and out, hips tucked (yet again). Down and hold. Down and hold.  
…glancing over at my sister, beside me at the barre; watching her move with such focus, such strength, such intention.
…remembering how far we’ve come in this barre n9ne journey together.

Yes. These were the thoughts that flooded my brain during class on Monday (remember: brain. It was as if I was on the outside, looking in. Watching myself from afar, almost as if in one of those retrospectives you see in the movies sometimes. Surreal almost.

But really? This entire journey has been surreal. I feel ridiculously lucky, blessed to have found my passion – a passion that has instilled such confidence in me and my sis, and a true sense of self. Finally. After 32 years I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I like who I’ve become.

In fact, I kinda love her. I love how strong she is. I love how happy she is.  And yes, I love how fit she is. But most of all? I love how “me” she is. 

And that makes me so very proud

I used to refer to this barre n9ne challenge and subsequent journey as a total transformation. But then I stopped and thought about it: a transformation almost makes it sound like I’ve become somebody else...but that’s not quite right.
…I’m still me.
…I’m even MORE me.
…Just as I was intended to be all along. 

Moving with intention (another proud moment)… 2012, bring it on, barre-style. 


24 thoughts on “Moving with intention (another proud moment)

  1. I love her too! 🙂 I love both of us, we have come so far, and in such a brief time, when you really think about it. So funny, because I was really focusing on intention on Monday too. I miss having class together, we must do it more often 🙂

    • mwah 😉

      I am constantly amazed by how far we’ve come in a relatively short timeframe – and doing it together has been SUCH a gift. Wouldn’t trade it for a bajillion dollars.

  2. “I’m even more me”…I love that!!! Being happy with the person you’ve become is so important! What a way to end 2011! I love your commentary on barre n9ne….those are the same thoughts that go through my head at core fusion during each move 🙂 Have you thought about training to be an instructor?

    • ahhh I love that you have these very same thoughts during core fusion, SO COOL! Love that someone else “gets” what I mean when I start rambling on and on about barre n9ne. Makes me feel *slightly* less crazy. 😉

      And yes, I *have* thought about it…hmmmmm, um, to be continued?

  3. I adore the way you talk about the barre. I hope to experience it someday. They way you talk about it makes me believe that you’d be a wonderful barre instructor, too!

  4. such a beautiful post! I love that you found your passion in barre classes. My dear friend is an instructor at Bar Method here in Dallas. She loves it. I feel that way about Pilates (on the megaformer) – it’s my favorite type of exercise I’ve ever found…paired with running, of course. 🙂 Cheers to 2012!

    • It is such a passion of mine – I honestly have no idea what I’d do without it at this point, it fills such a huge spot in my life now, and I love everything about it, especially how much more confident I feel today than I ever ever did before!

      Cheers, girl!

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