(almost) Wordless Wednesday – Christmas edition

Well friends, I took my own advice.

I went a little Type B on ya’ll while I enjoyed the holidays with my family and friends. Which meant (and means) a little hiatus from blogging, minimal tweeting and hardly any blog reading (sorry friends…this might be the only time I’ll ever hit “mark all as read” in Google Reader…we’ll see if I can actually go through with it or not).

So, while I take a little more “me” time while I’m off from work this week, I’ll leave you with some scenes from the holidays. It was an incredible three-day celebration….and I loved every minute of it. And best of all? It felt so balanced. I stuck to every workout I had planned (including a Christmas Eve visit to barre n9ne! <3). I didn’t overindulge…I indulged just enough. And I took a minute or two during each day we celebrated and I looked around, taking the sights and sounds in. And just breathed.

Cookie party 2011:

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day/Day After!



29 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday – Christmas edition

  1. Isn’t the break wonderful?? Type B in full force! 🙂

    Beautiful pics – you and your sister look SO MUCH alike!

    Happy holidays!

    • The break HAS been wonderful…a little too wonderful as getting back into it has been a lot harder than I thought!
      Ha, I know – the older we get, the more and more alike we become. Crazy!
      Happy new year!

  2. glad you had a nice unplugged holiday – looks wonderful, and that break is necessary. I’m finding it difficult to get back to regular posting, so… I’m letting it be for now! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • I’m feeling the same way, actually. I even considered stopping blogging altogether…for about five mins, and then I quickly remembered how much I still love it 🙂 Happy new year my dear!

    • I know, I’m such a bad blogger when it comes to pics! I need to get better at that next year 😉
      PS. Type B feels pretty good, who knew?? (even though we know ‘she’ won’t stick around for long, I’ll keep her here as long as I can, haha)

  3. so glad you took some time off from online life to spend more time with your family and really enjoying the Christmas holiday! I’m sure you feel refreshed. 🙂

  4. What cute photos – you look GREAT!!!!!
    I’ve been taking time “off”, too. It’s nice to get away from the computer, FB, twitter, etc, once in awhile. 🙂

  5. I loved seeing all those photos (well most of them) pop up on Facebook. I think I actually put a status up about the one thing I’m loving this Christmas is seeing everyone’s beautiful family photos hitting my feed. That includes yours. 🙂

    PS: Love your polka-dot shirt. I’ve always been a fan of that neckline on women with incredible shoulders. 🙂

    • I loved seeing everyone’s holiday pics too – full of smiles, joy and lots of love. Your pics of your daughters are SO adorable, everytime I see one, it makes my heart smile 🙂

      I LOVE the shirt too – I got it for a steal at White House Black Market, it’s super comfy too and has a really cute triangle cut-out at the top in the back that I dig. I love little details like that!

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