Friday random’s

It’s Friday! Which means the weekend is thisclose! Can I get a “weeeeee” on that??

But this also means that today marks the last day at my current job. Whoa.
Ch-ch-changes are a’comin’, ready or not! (ready!)

Rather than focus on that though (since I’ve been spending an awful lot of time talking about change, un-routines and my focus for 2012), I thought ya’ll could use a little fun up in EatDrinkBreatheSweat land today.

So I bring you “Friday random’s” – no real theme here other than some random thoughts or musings I’ve been meaning to mention!

  1. I can’t wait until February 1st. Chicago  Marathon registration opens at 1pm ET and I’ll be damned if Scott and I aren’t among the first to register (boo-ya!!)
  2. I’m *loving* the FitFluential Ambassadors team. I’ve already learned a TON from you all (and especially from you, Kelly Olexa!) – absolutely the best decision!
  3. I have a rediscovered love of chai tea. I picked up some ruby red chai from Trader Joe’s last weekend. So warm and toasty on a chilly day. ❤
  4. I’m Little Rock-bound in February. Yes, Little Rock. And no, that’s not random AT ALL. It’s a long overdue trip to visit the one, the only, Heather! I haven’t seen her since our first meet-up over two years ago at the Cathe Road Trip and am DYING to see her again!! It’s going to be a frickin’ blast of a weekeend — lots of pics and stories to be shared after the fact, I’m sure. 😉
  5. I heart running buddies – both the IRL variety and bloggy. You guys have been SO MUCH FUN getting to know (for you newer running buds of mine – like this guy, a total frickin’ riot!). Plus, the running buddies I have around here IRL -like my sis, Steph and the b9 rundate ladies! Running is way more fun in a group, I have to say. 🙂
  6. I also heart blog friends who may as well be IRL friends – like this girl…who wrote such a beautiful post the other day that was inspired by me. ME?! To think that I inspire her when she inspires ME everyday? So amazing. I heart her. And so should you (if you don’t already).
  7. (speaking of blog friends who may as well be IRL friends) I met a certain someone for the first time on NYE and I’m pretty sure we were besties in a previous lifetime. Yes, that would be YOU, Sam!! Here’s a picture as proof that this little meet-up totally happened (and totally and legit last-minute planned!). Best last-minute plans everrrr.

(sorry Jo, totally stole this one from you!)

Tag! You’re it – give me a Friday Random riiiiight now. 3, 2, 1 – GO! 


33 thoughts on “Friday random’s

  1. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
    Random Friday? I am in love with the Harry Potter books. My friend lent them to me and I can’t put them down! I feel like such a nerd. But they’re awesome! 🙂
    Have a great weekend, girl!

  2. Yay!! I love your randoms!! And I am so sad I can’t go to Little Rock with you guys. Sniff 😦 Can we maybe skype that night so we can cheers together??? That would be fun, right?? And then Maine next summer together?? Loved meeting Sam too!! <3!! Hmm random…what don't you know about me that is random?? I hate soups that taste like mushrooms…like broth-y soups that have a lot of fresh mushrooms in it, too mushroom-y for me. how's that??

    • Ok so with this comment you’ve proven to be even more random than I thought you were – soup that’s too “Mushroom-y”?? Do you have an example other than cream of mushroom soup (bc let’s be honest, who really eats that anyway)?? haha what a riot.

      PS. Sad you won’t be in Little Rock with us either but YES let’s skype chat one night over a glass of wine!!!

    • LOVE. IT. I also love the order you put it in – wine, food, fun, and oh yeah, some rundates thrown in for good measure (bc let’s be honest, we can’t go an entire weekend without working out a few times, can we??). Can’t freakin’ wait!

  3. OMG You are SO NOT KIDDING about best last minute plans ever! And you my dear are most certainly the hostest with the mostest, talk about a blast!

    Friday random – I plan on eating a large sweet potato with greek yogurt, honey, and raisins for lunch. Weird, no?

    • Best last minute plans everrrrrr. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Um, that doesn’t sound weird, it sounds YUMMY! I’m totally gonna make that once I get into my home office routine, that sounds delish!!

  4. I heart you. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out, my friend. YES you inspire me!!! And we’ll be “official” IRL friends the second I get up there to visit. I mean…wait….doesn’t it count that I at least “know” YOU from high school? lol

    Friday random…my feet are in some serious need of affection. So I think I might treat myself to a pedicure.

  5. First random: I asked my husband if we could go to Chicago in October. He said “sure” without really listening to what I had said. I think I should take that as a go-ahead to register for the Chicago marathon-yes?
    Second random: I am sore from carrying my new textbooks across campus.
    Third random: I’m so glad it’s Friday. I also kind of excited that it’s Friday and I’m going to watch several more episodes of Friday Night Lights today. Ridiculousness.

    • Um. I. Will. Die. if you sign up for the Chicago Marathon too!! DO IT pleeeeease!!! I would LOVE to meet you *and* to experience my first marathon with you – since you were one of the friends that inspired me to commit to 26.2 to begin with!! Ahhhh!!!

      PS. That is SO funny about the textbooks – I saw the pics on your blog, I’m NOT surprised!!

  6. Wow, today is a big day. Endings aren’t always easy. Although, I gave my last company the middle finger as I was walking out the door…well, not really, but I was doing it in my head as I left 🙂

    My randoms…I cannot sit in a chair that has a coat hanging from the back of it. Drives me batty. Other random fact…I must crack my lower back EVERY night before going to bed (this girl needs a chiro). I literally cannot fall asleep unless I do it…I can’t get comfy.

    Happy Friday!

    Happy Friday!

    • HAHA I love your randoms – esp the one about the coat on the back of your chair! I read this while sitting in my cube on my last day with my coat on my chair and it made me giggle 😉

      Hope you’re having a fanfrickintastic weekend, friend!

  7. RANDOM: I got my brows done for the first time since March yesterday and they look so good, I can’t stop admiring them.

  8. Great post! Something random about me, I’m kind of enjoying running outdoors right now. Also, though I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now, I haven’t met any bloggers yet. I’m shy, what can i say?

    • I think you and the hubs ought to come to Chicago with us this fall – to participate, or at the very least, to cheer your favorite bloggy friend on. Whatcha say?? 😉 mwah!

  9. Love the randomness!
    Hmmm, something random about me. I tend to eat the same thing every single day until I hate it, and then either never eat it again or wait…years to have it again. I have trouble with variety! That’s a boring fact…I should have come up with something better. lol

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