Minor tweaks

Minor tweaks.

That’s the name of the game lately, especially for this week and next. This is me learning to roll with the punches just a little bit more in 2012 – Type A and all.

A few examples…

Big plans to nail the remainder of my workouts this week, including a killer double session at barre n9ne I had on the schedule for last night. That is, until about halfway through the day on Thursday when my neck started to ache. Hello late-breaking pains from the car accident on Monday night, where did you come from? Please kindly go away.
Minor tweak: skip the latter half of my planned double at barre n9ne – the fusion class which includes a fair amount of upper body work – in favor of just taking the legs class followed by an impromptu (and much-needed) date night-in with the hubs.

“Scheduling” into my calendar for next week – while in Cali – my workouts, to make sure I fit them in despite a very hectic week planned. They include:

– a final barre n9ne method class on Sunday;
– an early-AM run on the ‘mill on Monday before my flight; and a possible PM workout with co-workers (Details TBD, but lemme just say, it’ll take me WAY WAY WAY out of my comfort zone!)
– an early-AM date with the treadmill on Tuesday at my hotel followed by stretching
– an early-AM date with the treadmill on Wednesday at my hotel, hopefully a Core Fusion DVD in my room that night (or after I run if I’m up early given the time difference!)
– either a quick run on the treadmill at my hotel OR a Core Fusion DVD in my room before spending a few hours in the office on Thursday prior to heading to the airport

Once I’m home? It’ll be back to barre n9ne I go, and VERY happily so. I’m going to miss it a TON while I’m gone.

Minor tweaks: Since this is my first trip to Cali for work, I will not be venturing far from my hotel/office quite yet. I want to immerse myself into the company, get to know my coworkers, etc. so I won’t be heading off to try out a new barre studio or anything until the next trip. I want to keep my nights free for socializing with co-workers, a must-do item on my list, even if it may take me out of my comfort zone now and then (like the aforementioned “workout with coworkers” above).

And finally, another minor tweak worth mentioning: my race calendar. I laid it out all nice and perty for you here. And then I revised it again and laid it out for real this time, here.
Minor tweaks: Racing with friends is much more fun. And this time around will include racing with super crazy, super awesome running friends like Sam and “Coachy(who I am pretty sure I’m gonna love when I meet him, crazy guy and all). So rather than run the Race to Remember in May, Scott and I have opted to run the Cox Rhode Race Half Marathon on May 6 in Providence. It’s supposed to be a super fast course. And there *may* be a PR goal lurking in my mind…but I’m not giving that one up quite  yet. For now I’m just excited to race with friends…and to officially kick off half marathon (#4!) training in March (is it time yet)??


29 thoughts on “Minor tweaks

  1. I think that once you get into a groove with your job, you’ll be able to fit everything in, but it’s definitely hard when you first start somewhere new, so minor tweaks make sense.

  2. Being flexible. It is a hard, but rewarding lesson isn’t it? I feel that God is sharpening me in this area. I, like you, am very type A and hate when things do not go as planned. In fact, I tend to get REALLY upset. Lately, my life is throwing me curve balls left and right. I have learned to roll with the punches. Getting upset or flustered does not help the situation. When learning to be flexible you alleviate so much unnecessary stress. You are doing an amazing job at this friend, and tweaking as you go seems to be working in your favor. It’s amazing how things end up working out in the end anyways:-) Hope that your neck starts feeling better soon!

    • VERY rewarding lesson, indeed. I’m learning that more and more and MORE even just this week with all that’s happened (and then some) this week and learning to continue to ease up on my Type A-ness when its needed (which seems to be more and more lately). I fall into that REALLY UPSET camp too, I’m glad you can totally relate!!

      And you are SO right, it IS amazing how things tend to work out, even if they work out differently than we expected them too, they always work out in the end.

  3. Love the tweaks and your willingness to adjust. I still could learn to do that more, since I tend to be really stubborn once I have a plan in my head! Excited for your half sis 🙂

    • I’m trying to be willing to adjust anyway. We’ll see how it plays out next week, it ought to be quite an experience, to say the least 😉

      I’m excited for the half too – especially since I’m pretty convinced that you’ll be running it too. hehe

  4. Damn girl, you are dedicated! That’s so great you’re stepping outside your comfort zone a little bit to get that exercise in you know will make you feel so good : )

    P.S. awesome half marathon news! I’m debating between Boston or Gloucester (both in May) for my #3 — we have almost the same PRs, we’d be perfect running buds!

  5. Going with the flow, tweaks are a way of life. All look good though. I think you’re doing the smart thing about your trip, planning as best you can knowing life happens.

    PRing like crazy aren’t you!! I have total faith. However me and a race after Cinco De Mayo might not agree with each other, lol.

    • Thank you, I’m trying! Though, as this week has already proven – life indeed HAPPENS and sometimes you just gotta roll with it, even if you don’t want to.

      We’ll see about the PR – I’d love to PR this one and spend the rest of my energy and focus on getting myself marathon-ready where my only goal will be to cross that finish line with a smile on my face, no time goal in mind whatsoever.

  6. Great post! Love your attitude. You might consider swapping out one of those treadmill runs for an outdoor run. I find it’s a great way to get to know (and feel comfortable in) a new location. If you want to save it for next time, that’s great too. I just know I always want to get out and about when I go to a new place 🙂

    Your Providence half sounds like great fun!

    • I’d love to run outside while I’m in Cali – just not sure if I can make that happen this time around. I need to explore the area a bit to figure out some routes that will be doable for me. Totally on the list for my next trip out there fo sho!

      And yes, I’m really excited about Providence!!

  7. You are going to rock it next week & your time away from the barre will only make you love it more. Distance makes the heart grow fonder 🙂 And I love that you already have a potential workout date with your new coworkers. I can’t wait to hear all about it & don’t forget to give yourself time for some ZZZ’s 🙂

    • That’s a good point – the time away from the barre will only make for a killer, shake-inducing return to the barre next weekend. Very good way to look at it. 🙂

      Thanks for all of your support, you and Jo have been great examples for me to follow next week, you two are traveling fiends and do it SO WELL! 🙂

  8. I guess you can have DOMS for car wrecks huh? Do any of the coworkers run? Maybe they’d know some trails or safe routes vs the treadmill. I’m imagining the weather will make you want to be outside…

    Can’t wait to hear about this comfort zone breaking workout 😉

    • Yes, I suppose you *can* have DOMS for a car accident. Oy!

      I don’t know if any of my coworkers run but a few teach classes and stuff so we’ll see how it goes (that was a hint, btw). hehe.

  9. Yes! Definitely imerse yourself in work when you’re in Cali! You don’t want to miss out on making new friends and making connections with new co-workers. Enjoy the trip!

  10. Tweaking plans along the way is essential to long-term happiness and success! It appears that being very organized about it in the first place is serving you well.
    I think your approach to getting to know your colleagues is great! It could be kinda easy to let yourself off the hook a bit on that, but in the long run it sounds best to put in the effort! New jobs are often have that clunky beginning feeling, but before you know it, it won’t be a new job anymore!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Yup, I’m the very organized type, you got that right. I’m excited to really get to know my colleagues and to invest the time it takes to get comfortable in my new role and learn a ton along the way. Because like you said, I can’t wait for it not to feel like a new job anymore! Happy weekend to you too!

  11. yay for signing up for the provi race!!! will that kick off your chicago training??? 🙂

    run to remember is a good race, but a disaster for me last year. it was 100 degrees with 100% humidity. wanted to be done at mile 3! gah! think i still want to run it this year though. couldn’t be worse than last year 🙂

    enjoy cali i am jelly!

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