That very word elicits visions of sandy beaches, carefree afternoons and a life where worry doesn’t exist.

Daydreams can be an escape, sure.
...but do they have to be?
…need to be?
…can daydreams be about realistic ‘dreams’ too?

These were the thoughts that started streaming through my head when I opened this little dove chocolate message the other night. Somehow I always end up unwrapping the exact right message at the exact right time with this little dove chocolate obsession of mine. This was one of those instances.

So…can daydreams be about realistic dreams, and not just fantasy?

I think so.

My daydreams lately revolve around the following:
…date nights in with Scott. Picnics in the living room. Skating on the frog pond in Boston. ’24’ marathons on the couch on a Sunday afternoon.
…crossing the finish line in Chicago. With pure joy spread across my face. (and a little pain)
…cookie and tea “sister nights” with little Isabel in tow. Now that Jen lives closer to me and Jo, sister nights need to become the norm. ❤
…loving the flexibility of my new job, and yes – embracing the un-routine that comes with travel (this week kicks that off – I’m in Cali as we speak!).

What I’m trying not to center my daydreams around lately?
...envisioning worry-free days. It’s just not realistic. Life includes moments, days, weeks of worry sometimes. It’s how you handle those moments of worry that matter most.
“can’t waiting” for the future. Staying present is the name of the game lately. I don’t want to rush through this thing called life – we only have one shot at it, and I don’t want to miss it.
perfection. You’ve seen an awful lot of posts on balance and learning to be less Type-A. Perfection comes hand-in-hand with that. It’s a fantasy to think that anything in life can or should be perfect. If life were perfect, we’d all be in our dream jobs, making zillions of dollars, traveling the world, and drinking the best bottles of wine every single day of the week (ok, that last one may just apply to my own personal fantasy lol)

You see where I’m going here? Dare to daydream. But realize that daydreams don’t have to only revolve around fantasies that may never come to fruition. Daydreams can revolve around little joys in life, too.

…like unwrapping a dove chocolate and finding the perfect message at the exact right time.


25 thoughts on “Daydream.

  1. Could not agree more that striving for a worry-free day is just plain impossible. It’s something that I’m working on since I tend to always think that everything I do I should be confident and cool as a cucumber.

    • Right – I tend to do that too. But it’s just not realistic is it? Nobody is always calm and cool and collected ALL the time. I wish it were that simple but life throws way too many curveballs for a constant state of ooolness so why worry about those things you can’t control? It won’t get you very far (just really stressed). Easier said than done, though, I know!

  2. That is perfect, sis. I am glad you wrote this and felt so centered, focused and content…I could just feel those vibes! And I agree, there is no such thing as a worry free day, just depends on how we cope with the worry that makes the day better or worse!

    • This was a very cleansing post for me to write, I wrote it while in a fairly emotional state and the words just needed to get down on paper for me to believe them. Funny how that works sometimes, huh?

    • I LOVE that you love this, Tina!! I especially loved reading about your goals and trips planned for this year – they include some pretty big goals but you are so confident and strong and ready to knock each one off your list. I can’t wait to knock Chicago off our list together. SO AWESOME!!!

  3. What a breath of fresh air.

    It’s just not realistic — amen! you are fantastic at laying out goals, not taking on too much and challenging yourself. It’s a hard balance but you definitely give me hope!

    Awesome stuff!

    And I daydream about the beach, boring but relaxing!

    • You are so good for my confidence – everytime I read your comments, you make me smile so big! I heart you!! I say it ALL the time, I know, but it’s so true 🙂 mwah!

      Daydreaming about the beach isn’t boring, I do it ALL the time and its glorious up there in my brain when I do 😉

  4. I have a very hard time not worrying about the future. Worrying might be the wrong word, but thinking about it. I need to focus on enjoying the present more.

    • No, I totally know what you mean – it’s so easy to get caught up in the “what ifs” in life and forgetting about the blessing that is the present moments in life. I’ve been trying so hard to be more present and to embrace my life right now versus thinking/worrying/can’t-waiting for the future.

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  7. I’m day dreaming about a big hug from the hubs on Friday night, cuddles with my pooch, Core Fusion on Saturday AM followed by coffee & the dog park.

    Oh, and I’m daydreaming about my first ever hot power yoga session that’s about to occur in an hour!!!

    It’s truly about the little things & enjoying the moment 🙂

    • The big hug from the hubs I got last night was so worth the wait — I KNOW it’ll be quite the same for you when you get home tonight, yipee!!!

      PS Can’t wait to hear how the hot yoga experience went!!

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