“If want to do it, all you have to do is do it.”

On the first leg of my flight to Santa Clara on Monday for work, I was thumbing through an issue of Runner’s World I had been meaning to read for weeks. It was the December issue and was filled with reader’s stories, the whole issue dedicated to inspirational words of wisdom and running tales by everyday runners like me who read Runner’s World for motivation, inspiration and new ideas. 

I was struck by a phrase I read in a feature on Runner’s World reader and blogger Ben Davis, who actually inspired Runner’s World editor’s to dedicate the entire December issue to its readers. His story (which I urge you to read if you haven’t already) is one of weight loss (120+ lost) but more so of inspiration and triumph, no matter the odds.  His advice?

“If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it.” 

How simple is that? I mean – why do we have to set goals, think about them for months on end, plan, plan, plan some more and then maybe, just maybe, finally decide to commit to that goal. Why not just do it?

Now I’m not suggesting that you choose a goal and not plan for it (like running your first race without proper training). What I’m really suggesting is that if you want something, don’t lust after it. Go for it. Do it. Just like my blog post yesterday on daydreams – I’m all about not just the lofty “fantasy” goals, but the real ones too.

An example…

If you want a job that fulfills you more – go for it. Stop waiting for the perfect time to do it. One could argue that I should have waited before making the leap into a new job just a year into my previous job. But did I look before leaping in this case? Nope. I went with my gut. I wanted a new beginning. I wanted a job that would challenge me. I wanted it. So I did it.

Another example…

If you want to feel better about yourself, physically and mentally – choose a path that will get you there, and a path that works for you. Don’t just think about it, wish for it and hope it magically lands in your lap. Be ready for the hard work that comes with making wholesome lifestyle changes that will lead to a happier, fitter you. Don’t just lust for it. Do it.

I was hit with the reality of just “doing it” this past weekend at barre n9ne. My sister and I filmed a video testimonial that talks about our 60-day challenge and how it has since evolved into a brand new life for each of us (in addition to totally refined bodies). We spent a few minutes before filming to take our “after” pics in the same sports bra and running shorts we wore on that fateful day, May 12, 2011, the first day of our challenge. It hadn’t really hit me just how changed I’ve become from that experience until I saw the “after” side-by-side with the “before” pictures. What was I  most struck by? Not the physical changes I spied (which I loved, let’s be honest), but the very visible change in my emotional state. The way my eyes glinted for the camera – revealing pure joy and pride. The way I stood taller, in full ownership of who I am today. Confident and so very sure of myself. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll share those before/after shots here or not. If I do choose to share them, it’ll be simply a proof point that feeling good in your own skin is in fact possible (even if it did take me 32 years to get there).

So, what’s my point in all of this?

Do. It.

I readily admit it – I used to be the girl that was ok with letting life get a little stagnant. Going through the motions. Sticking with routine. Afraid to just do it. But after experiencing the change that comes with getting outside comfort zones, and leaping without looking, I am totally and utterly in love with change. Even the scary kind of change that gives you butterflies. Especially that kind. Those butterflies make you feel a little bit more alive. And let’s be honest – couldn’t we all get used to feeling a little bit more alive everyday?

Now, don’t mind me – I’ll be getting back to my last full day of meetings at the new gig before flying home tomorrow. I’m getting homesick and really, really looking forward to putting aside this week’s “un-routine” in favor of some of my most favorite routines. Routines that include irish oats with chopped apples and pb, barre n9ne and rundates, and lots, and lots of snuggling with the hubs.  I miss his face. ❤

23 thoughts on ““If want to do it, all you have to do is do it.”

  1. “Do it Now!” = one of the most powerful quotes I’ve come across in the past year or so, no question. When you give things a second thought, you let doubt creep right in and it happily takes over any other emotion or motivation. Ben’s quote is great (and that article was inspiring for people / runners of all types!), too 🙂

  2. Totally agree sis! I felt so proud on Saturday, and I think this concept, as simple as it sounds, is so hard to commit to, even for us, before this challenge. But now, the sky truly is the limit! (btw don’t forget to save me runners’ world when you are done!) 😉

    • I loved feeling so proud on Saturday, it was such a crowning moment, wasn’t it?
      But I agree, the whole concept of changing and just DOING it is hard to grasp and even harder to commit to, but now that I see what doing it now can do for me? I’m all over it. Let’s do it!!

  3. Really great post. Sometimes the simplicity of change can be daunting, but looking backwards, was it really that hard? (yes.) Was it really worth it (Yes.) Usually anyways.

    Thanks for the thought!

    • YES. always hard. Always worth it IMHO. Change and challenges breed evolutions in life, right? Never a bad thing in my opinion…but then, this took years for me to finally embrace, too, I must say.

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